200+ Catchy Earth Day Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Earth is the planet where we live a happy life. The environment of the earth allowed us to live here and gave us life. It is our duty to protect the Earth and the environment. Every year on April 22; Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

Earth Day Instagram Captions

-Earth is like our mother – in her lap we are growing – let’s celebrate earth day. #earth

-Earth nourishes us – we should not harm it & make it polluted – wishing a happy earth day.

-Earth need us – we have to take care & fight with enemies – a very happy earth day.

-On this earth day let’s make promises to save our planet. #promise

-It’s our duty to protect our mother earth & keep the environment suitable for our next generations.

-The inhuman acts are the reason of destruction of our earth – stop it &let nature be beautiful in its own way.

-Earth provides every essential thing whatever we need – wishing a very happy earth day to all.

-Earth makes our life peaceful by providing wonderful greenery – let’s protect it – happy earth day.

-Nature never harms us – we, human beings do it–from today let’s start saving it.

-Each elements of this earth are precious –let’s conserve it for our lives – happy earth day. #precious

-Earth day reminds our moral duties to our motherland –we should love our nature – wishing a very happy earth day.

-Earth pours its colors and smell into flowers – feel the essence – wishing a very happy earth’s day.

-On this earth day let’s spread awareness among people about importance of protecting our valuable planet – happy earth day.

-Our Earth is more beautiful beyond your imagination – explore it – wishing a very happy earth day.

-Earth reflects the all colors of life through rainbows – feel the essence and become colorful – happy earth day. #colors

-You won’t feel lonely as long as the sounds of stream fill the heart with warmth – it is the gift from earth – happy earth day.

-You will be lost yourself in the beautiful designs of butterfly’s wings & being spell bound stare at them – happy earths day.

-As long as mountain will stand you will learn the lessons of having strength in your life – save them by saving earth – warm greetings on earth day.

-May the tranquillity of nature spread calmness in your life – wishing you a very happy earth day. #nature

-Let’s come together to protect our earth as a son & daughter protect their old parents – happy earth day.

-If you feel stressed go and take rest beneath the trees of a quiet forest –convey thanks to the nature with a relaxed mind. #happyearthday

-Let’s save our planet from being polluted – let’s protect its each element from being damaged – wishing a very happy earth day.

-Breath in fresh air –understand the importance of pollution free air & take initiative against polluting the earth.

-Our planet needs green children – let’s come together and join in tree plantation programs on the occasion of happy earth’s day.

-Knowing the harmful impact of global warming let’s take initiative to stop it – on this earth day.

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