List of 75+ Best Dukes Brand Slogans

Dukes is basically an Indian brand. It is food products brand. This company was established in the year 1995 in the city of Hyderabad, in India. This company mainly manufactures confectionery items like biscuits, wafers as well as chocolates.

This giant company also exports in various countries like USA, The Netherlands, Australia and so on. 


Taglines of Dukes brand 

Yours healthfully 

Dukes. Energy unlimited. 

Layers of fun. Dukes Waffy. 

Dukes Waffy now in butter flavour too. 

Sassy snacks. Dukes. 

Simply fantastic. 

Don’t worry be Waffy. 

Eat healthy while you quarantine. Dukes. 

Chai pe chaar baat ho jaaye 

For the ultimate safari experience 

Dukes trucks. Delivering yumminess, right to your residence. 

More cream and crunch in every bite. 

It’s mission happiness at Dukes. 

A filling of sensational chocolate. 

More cream in every bite. 

Don’t just feel good. Feel magical. 

Made with pride. Made in India. 

A delight for weight watchers. 

Stock more. Feel lighter. 

Don’t panic. Take precautions. Be Waffy. 

Start each morning with the perfect blend of taste and fibre. 

But Dukes. Get lucky. 

Happy tasty Swadeshi. 

Dukes. Never stop exploring. 

They are hard to replace. Dukes. 

Make your heart feel a little better every day. 

Duke. Because all you need is love. 

If it’s digestive. It’s healthy. 

Swing through the fun filled chocolate experience 

An exceptional taste from the wild. 

Who said you can not bite some milk. 

Be the reason of someone smiles today 

It’s not magic until you take the first bite 

Today your reward comes in the form of Sweet load. 

The more pieces the better. 

Mother Earth deserves a taste of responsibility 

When you don’t have any thing NICE to say. 

Dukes India brings some light relief to the heroes of the hour 

Turn every bite into a thrilling adventure. 

Get on this ride for a delightful experience in the wild. 

It’s a great day to go nuts over our cashew ice offering. 

Time to celebrate your inner child. 

Some times a peace of offering is all it takes. 

New and more chocolaty. 

For those with a great taste in gifting 

Iss Diwali, Banao har ek pal utsav 

A sweet celebration of three flavours in one pack of pure goodness 

Spread the festive cheer with pure, handcrafted buttery happiness 

Enjoy best of both worlds when the richness of dry fruits meets creamy chocolate 

The joy of gifting 

Make your taste buds tingle with the richness of butter, chocolate and lots of love. 

Spread kindness by sharing a cookie and your bright big smile 

Fun hai hum. Cream 4 fun. 

Hungry for some thing light? Nibbles will make you feel alright. 

What’s your after workout snack? 

Which time of the day you generally feel like snacking? 

Craving for a quick snack? Grab your nibbles pack. 

Delectable corporate gifts. Dukes rich dry fruit collection. 

Delight your teacher with a thoughtful gift 

An auspicious day to kill all cravings 

Goodness packed return gifts for your kid’s birthday 

Gift happiness for every occasion. 

Yummiest gifts for the adorable birthday parties. 

What a Dreamful creamful chocolaty delight 

Fibre never lies. It makes you a priority. 

Keep your immune system in the best shape. 

May the force be with you. Awaken the power of your taste buds. 

Lockdown with sweet moments. 

For a perfect balance of your taste buds 

More flavours the merrier. 

What’s Christmas without the cookies? 

Divided by blood. Bonded by love. 

Soak yourself in the rhythm monsoon. 

Monsoon ka asli saathi

A quick snack to munch on this monsoon. 

Fight the hunger pangs with our tasty and crunchy nibbles. 

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