110+ Catchy Duck Captions For All Social Media

Social media helps boost your posts across the internet. And to strike the right note, adding captions to your posts is a great factor. Here’s a list of captions for your posts on Peking duck.

Duck Captions

You can leave me now. I have this duck to finish. #leave

After the Peking duck last night, I went to the fridge looking for more again in the morning.

You shouldn’t judge me just because I love this dish.

A legacy that the Chinese shared with the world to enjoy.

Peking duck is for the Uber cool people only. #pekingduck

The Chinese imperial delicacy that the world loves.

I fell in love with two ducks – Donald and Peking.

Concentrating on the duck more than anything else.

It is always Peking duck for me. #alwayspekingduck

Never count the number of ducks I have had.

Not too close, please. We are eating that famous duck.

Here is where you get the most authentic version of the Peking duck.

What a rich aroma this one has.

Why judge me? I love this duck. You love something less.

The secret to maintaining a true relationship with me is to keep letting me have Peking duck.

Eat more natural stuff. Duck is one. #natural

The skin is super. The meat is simply soft and juicy. #skin

It is just different – in a very pleasant way of course. #different

My superpower is that it doesn’t take me much time finishing off Peking duck.

If you love me, you must make me Peking duck.

The crisp skin and meat are too nice to deny.

It is a super cool meat dish that I just love. #supercool

Why try taking away the good vibes of this duck dish?

Try beating this one. #beatit

If you like this you and I can be good friends.

Eat it once and you will simply come back for more. #eatmore

Oh! You are just too late. I finished off the Peking duck. #toolate

It is filling and yet so snack-like.

It is good as a snack. And also as a main course. #snack

My Peking duck has made me a hit overnight in the neighborhood.

Never deprive yourself of any happiness. #deprive

Simply put it is a majestic dish to serve. #majesty

Good food is the best diet. #goodfood

The savory that one cannot afford to miss out on.

If I share this with you, it means I love you most. #loveyoumost

The duck dish that the Chinese spread across the world.

Peking duck is my first choice. Always.

It is just too good to let go. #toogood

Just treat me to a good dinner of Peking duck, and then watch me forgive everyone.

The crispy skin is just too tasty.

I am loving it more than anything. #lovingit

Not ready to share this with anyone. #share

An experience that is simply out of this world.

Imperialist dishes taste just this way. #imperialist

Words won’t do it any justice. Try some to know better. #tryit

Duck. Duck. Go the whole way till nothing’s left.

You should try this one. It is just so amazing.

The Pekin variety is the best for the Peking duck that I make. #pekin

I will share anything with anyone. Just not Peking duck. #peking

If you want me to attend you must treat me to this duck dish.

A dine-out without a Peking duck is like kissing without hugging.

No use trying to not eat this dish. #eat

Ducks and geese are consumed mostly by the Chinese. So their dishes must also be really good.

Wherever there is Peking duck you will find me. #wherever

One of the best experiences your tongue could ask for.

No one can eat just one helping. #eatone

Whatever you classify it as this duck is just healthy and must be a part of your diet. #healthy

Trying to understand how some just say no to Peking duck without even having tasted it at all.

Duck Hunting Captions

Why share when there is so much to go on?

A little sugar, a little spice. Well-cooked, it just feels so nice.

Tender, moist, crispy. That’s what this duck is. #tenderandmosit

A delectably lovely experience is what this duck recipe is all about.

Just love it the most. #loveit

It’s so nice when we have Peking duck for dinner. #dinner

Every bite is so yummy. #yummy

Any gastronome will just fall for it. #fallinlove

The flavor itself is an experience that is out of this world.

The spice and the crispy skin. The soft juicy flesh that’s cut up thin. #spice

It has the healthiest animal fat. So go ahead and have it.

Such a unique preparation. #unique

It has been proven that Peking duck can lower your cholesterol.

Peking duck is just a name. The dish is an international sensation.

Don’t confuse Peking duck with roast duck. Both are marvelous though. #

Simply loving the Chinese duck delicacy. #delicacy

What a pleasant surprise for the discerning palate.

This is an oriental with whom I have a very passionate affair. #passionate

I am just not ready to share with anyone. #notready

A foodie’s delight, that’s for sure. #delight

Want a bite? Buy yourself one. #abite

The way I look at this duck has been the talk of the town.

That’s me gorging away on that lovely Peking duck mom made for us.

Imperial dining at its best. #best

I will work out and do away with all the ducks that I am having today. #workout

I know that this duck looks at me and wants me to gobble it up. Every time it is the same story.

With this platter in front of you, it’s hard to remember that you are on a diet.

A royal treat is what this dish is all about. #royal

I don’t care for the calories. The dish is just too good. #calories

I just love Peking duck. It is so lovely. I seem to regard it as my first love. #firstlove

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