100+ Catchy Drifting Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Vroom, and screech – that’s what you love doing with your bad boy machine. If you are a drifter and love drifting, you must want to show off your skills to the world. Here are some captions that are fast and furious enough to drive the audience and drift them towards your social media handles.

Drifting Captions for Instagram

Cars make me happier #cars

Fast cars and drifting is my way of life

Do not get distracted

Keep everything under control

Drifting is like flashing lights and fireworks

Capitalize on your greatest strength

Drift like today is the last day 

Do not make simple choices in your life and do not look back #dontlookback

Happiness and adventure is only in the corner and not around it

Only a racing track can make a skillful driver

One should know that the thrill of the skill should overcome the fear of death

Do not fear about crashing, it is drifting 

The smell of burning tires and the sound of screech is too good #soundofscreech

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it

Eat sleep race and drift

The more curves and corners the better and more real the driving

Whenever you drift, drift with all your heart

Take up drifting as fun only

One should drive and drift the car as if this is the ultimate #ultimate

Whenever and wherever you drift, drift with all your heart

You will always win provided you shed your fear

Racing and drifting are two of the most amusing things of life — that is what I feel

At first tune,   then race it and drift it, ultimately break it

Car racing and drifting, the perfect example of the ultimate speed

I feel drift work is the best form of art #driftingisart

One should live one’s life at full throttle

Racing is my drug, I go for racing and drifting

Enjoy speed to the fullest

Drive and go for drifting and then just chill

The harder the drift, the louder the screech the more visible is the mark

Always drive as if you are in the Grand Prix #grandprix

The winner is always the one who can drift his car the best

Hold the steering with two hands and drift away to glory

Car racing and drifting is my blood, my life

Fit yourself into a racing car and race to win

Drifting is the most exciting way around the corner that I know of #mostexciting

Do not stop at any obstacle — race it till the end

Love the sight of the brand new tires and the sound of the great screech

Ambition is the key to success and I know you will achieve it

Choose a career as  a car racer and drifter and never look back #neverlookback

Racing and drifting are the two of man’s most expensive hobbies

The racing tracks were made for fun and crash not journeys

Do you ever know that clouds are created by racing car tires?

Car racing and drifting — both are my stress reliefs #stressreliefs

There are no second chances in a drifter’s life

Feel like a savage driver when you are driving

Stay focussed on your dream and act

Winning is winning – it does not matter how you win but at the end of the road you win.

When the going gets tough – the tough get going #borntough

One drifts not because of the quickest way around but because of the most exciting corner

If you love drifting and car racing, you must always be in the mood for success

A life without car racing and   drifting is sheer nonsense

Any car can be a racing car but any man cannot be a drifter 

Drifting in the corners is better than the real thing —- car racing #therealthing

Drift your racing car so hard that ultimately everybody gets stunned

Whatever you are be a good car racer and drifter

Brand new car tires can be finished in a flash of a second

We are more interested in the way of the car drive — more on drifting

My best stress reliever – car drifting

What you see is not crashing — it is my way of life #wayoflife

Money will not always bring in peace and happiness —— car racing and car drifting can

Do not get demotivated by the fear of an accident or anything else

Funny Drifting Captions

My only motto in car racing — the height of success and nothing else

This is not for the weak-hearted and the timid ones

Stay focussed on your dreams — even if they look to be unachievable

For the supermen, the corners of the racing tracks are the favorites

See that your racing car remains a love story and never a hate story

It is a never-ending battle to excel and you will win surely 

Never be satisfied unless you get what you deserve

If you have a big dream, you have to think big, drive big and be bolder #bebolder

You are not driving a car, it seems like you are flying an airplane 

Challenge your limits — you will come out with flying colors

The fast, the furious, and the aggressive will always win the race 

Drifting is the best path to avoid depression

Car racing and drifting will not change your life, but surely it will change your attitude

I consider myself a fighter pilot when I drive the racing car

There is only one love in life for me — car racing and drifting

Enjoy that glorious moment when you come out unscathed from the corner #glorious

Racing cars are simply nearer to my heart

Everyone who loves drifting has got two wives – one the real one and another – drifting

I know I am crazy about car racing – I call my garage an airplane hangar #cars

The cars and drifting tell a lot about the guy who handles it

Great cars and great people can do a lot in drifting #soundofscreech

My ultimate aim — be the top one of the track

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