100+ Catchy Dove Instagram Captions to make your own

Doves can represent loyalty with holiness and peace. If you are a dove and in love and want your posts to fly all over your favorite social media platforms, then here are some captions that you can attach to your posts to make them more special.

Dove Captions for Facebook

Just like some doves, I want to be the one with the only one for all my days. #one

I am the Sun that is always loyal to his Moon as I come down so that we both can shine. #shine

The world is deceptive, but I will always be true to you. #true

No matter how cruel or mean my world gets, I will never stop loving you. #loving

I will hold your hand in the darkest hour, and I will never leave you. #hold

I do not know if our love is divine, but I know that for me, you are greater than any God. #God

If you are the Earth, then I am your Moon; I will always revolve around you. #revolve

If I have to search the entire planet for you, I will.

I know there are billions of people, but my heart only calls for one. #heart

You taught me how to live, and please stay to keep reminding me. #taught

Let’s fly in the air and get lost in the vastness of the sky, not to be found but for love. #sky

Just you keep breathing; the air will keep conveying love. #convey

You are that dream of mine that not even leaves me in the day.

I will not fly you to the Moon, for one is enough to light up the sky; the other is to be in my life.

Rain must not forget to water the crops, and I must not forget to visit my dove of love. #dove

Short dove captions for social media

If our love story was written, then it must end with… 

For a day may the Moon fail the night, but I will never betray you. #never

We were born to fly together. #together

I will keep discovering the sky with you, no matter if the wind is gentle or turns into a storm.

My feathers turn vibrant when I see your smile. #feathers

My heart is fragile like glass; handle it with care. #glass

Dove is our symbol of love. #symbol

Yes, I get jealous of you, but it is only for you. #jealous

The only requirement for me to smile is your happiness. #happiness

I will love you until the very last drop of blood flows through my veins. #drop

I hope that we have been doves and flee as high as we can. #hope

You are the star of my solar system named life.

Dove Captions for Instagram

How will the Earth get light without its Sun? How will I get life without you?

If you are the body, then I am your shadow; I will always walk with you.

Sun guides my day, moon guides night, and you dear guide me throughout my life.

My love for you only grows, no matter what you do, no matter the distance. #grows

May the tree of our love have deeper roots and keep blossoming in every season. #deeper

If I am the pen, then you are its refill, without which I am of no use. #pen

In times of danger, I will be your shield, and in times of joy, I will smile behind your shoulder.

Never think that you are alone; my love is always with you.

When I wake up, I want to see you, and when I close my eyes, I want your hand on mine.

We are physically distant, but mentally and spiritually, we are very near. #mentally

Do you know why my nights are the best? For you enter my dreams. #best

Currently, our love is the thing I want to be positive about. #positive

Spread positivity, spread love.

The waves of my love are too high in the ocean of my life. #waves

Love is simple but yet too complex, although whatever it is, it is good. #good

Dove Captions for Twitter

If I could be a bird, then I would have been a dove, the symbol of love.

Whenever I close my eyes, I am amid darkness, and there I see the light, yes, it is you. #light

Fill my void with love so that I can fly high. #void

My heart is happier with us than me alone. #happier

If I was wrong about anything negative about us, then I am in the joy of being wrong. #wrong

With the change in time, our love will not exactly change; it will evolve. #evolve

The sky of my life was once bright with the Moon of love, but now how can I adjust? #once

I will love you with all my heart, and you can return as you want. #return

We do not trade love for we cannot decide the quantity, so we just give. #trade

Even if the sky is starry with billions of stars, I am in search of the Moon that stole my heart.

Whenever you walk out, I move on, but my heart lingers. #lingers

If you are struggling in love, then it is not the end but just the beginning of your love story.

I do not know where my love is lost; probably, it never existed. #probably

I fell many times in my pursuit of love, but finally, I found it when someone lent me their hand.

The sky of my life is feeling lonely, for the Moon too bright it up is now missing. #missing

Let’s start it all over again; why always end it? #again

Life is all about moving on, but love is always worth remembering. #remembering

I want to put all my love in you, but what is the surety that you will not change?

The rain is pouring your thoughts into my mind again, and I miss you. #pouring

No matter if I inhale a thousand breaths or a million, I will love you till the last one.

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