75+ Best Doritos Slogans

Doritos is basically an American company that makes tortilla chips of various flavors. The parent company of this huge brand is Frito-Lay. It holds the international market.

This brand was first started in the year 1964. The very first flavor that it made was Toasted Corn, which was released in 1966. further, it made Tacos in 1967. 

Doritos Brand Slogans

Jaws Bite one. 

The only love triangle you need in your life. 

Award winning Flavor. 

Flamin’ Hot Limon

Titanic. Sink one in the dip. 

Super chip. Doritos. 

If it’s all the same to you, try something different. 

Crunch all you want, we will make more 

Jumping jack Cheese 

A Doritos Nacho Cheesier tortilla chip. A reduced for Doritos Nacho Cheesier tortilla chip. See if you can taste the difference. 

I knew angels were pretty but you are the first I have seen with hot wings. 

Cheesy and hot new Doritos Collisions – 2 great flavors in 1 bag. 

Your bag or mine? Bold and mild new Doritos Collisions – 2 great flavours in 1 bag. 

Why I use Subtitles? 

Where there is Dorito, there is a friend 

My bag or yours? 

I am the perfectly equilateral triangle. 

I am all you need 

A unique crispy crunch in every bite. 3D shape. Crispy Crunch. Bold Flavour. 

When two bold flavours Collide….

Light a fire under your taste buds. With new Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho. 

Doritos. Kicked up A Nacho. 

Hot streaks. Hotter prizes. You could instantly win cash. 

The stakes are hotter than ever. 

Nacho just got hot. 

Doritos. Wonderous little chips. 

Try new Doritos Jacked. Bigger. Bolder. Thicker. 

For the bold. 

Will your Doritos Tweet win $50,000? 

Rock the party with Doritos. 

New spicy Chicken cool ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. 

Bold expressions of love 

Are you bold enough to try? 

Crash the super bowl final edition. 

Now you can add crazy to awesome. 

Sin Doritos No Hay Paraiso. 

Chip so iconic, we don’t need to name it. 

The crunch that moves you. 

Born, a chip. Identifies as a meal. 

Cheesy has never been so edgy. 

Appropriates Cheesy Cultures. 

Beware. They are not all the same. Doritos Roulette. 

No over compensation. Always Doritos. 

Doritos. The loudest taste on the Earth. 

New Mexican Hot flavour Doritos. 

Doritos…..it’s something else. 

Extreme taste for extreme people. 

At least you could finish this and be completely satisfied. 

It’s open if you are. 

Go big earn more. 

Caution. Extreme heat. 

The secret behind the Chinese Noodle

Yes they are real. 

Are you ready to go #for the bold? 

Calling all widow fans 

Calling all Iron Strong 

Calling all Amazonians 

Hey, X- fans

Calling all Trekkies 

Crash the Comic Con India. 

There’s nothing bolder than being yourself. 

Keeps you afloat. 

Press and hold. 

World’s No. 1 Nacho. 

Choose wisely. 

Bold day out. 

Igniting the bold flavour since forever 

In a galaxy far, far away…. Bold wars. 

House Bold. Winter is coming. But the bold is already here. 

I will take what is mine with fire and bold 

Ours is the bold 

Target the boldest 

Ignite your inner ninja 

Indulge in the bold 

The bold has arrived 

Bold approved. 

Packing in some bold 

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