130+ Catchy Dog Captions For All Social Media

We know you love dogs, more so your own pet. No need to hound yourself for those captions you are having a ruff-n-tuff time searching for. We have done it up for you to use with your snaps and pics of your doggy so that you get loud howling followers across all social media.

Dog Captions for Instagram

Fur that really furry friendship. #dogcoat

Woofing you up always. #woofwoof

That wagging tail reassures you love me. #lovedogs

He took my heart and now my bed. #pets101

The only man I love – my dawggy dude. #doggo

You snuggled into my heart as soon as I took you in my lap. #dogparent

You may not be my whole life, but you do make my life whole.

You are my most favorite person. #favehooman

The only to love you more than himself.

I hate it when you hound me. #IloveDogs

My pup’s my life. #puppylove

That sloppy kiss, wet nose, and wagging tail are what make it worth living. #dogworld

To him, life is an ocean of love, joy, and caring.

Stop pug-ging me. #happypaws

A leash that actually connects two hearts and souls.

Try escaping the pup-arazzi. #dogcoat

He drives me mutts.

Why do they live so short a life? #woofwoof

You are leading an empty life if you don’t have dog hair.

It is you who makes this house a home. #lovedogs

We don’t speak the same language but we still understand each other so well.

Your love is the most precious thing I will ever possess.

The purest shadow that love can have. #woofwoof

Your welfare is my top priority. #dogcoat

Those slobbery kisses make me feel so wanted. #lovedogs

Those little paws make their mark on our hearts. #dogcoat

You are the most precious thing I have. #woofwoof

You are a love gift wrapped in a furry coat.

You came and filled up the empty spaces in my heart.

You will be my love forever. #lovedogs

This friendship is good. #woofwoof

That assuring ‘woof!’ #dogcoat

Keep retrieving always.

You ought to know to listen when he speaks.

A wet nose I love kissing.

The only one I would be with always.

The place where you find dog hair everywhere – home.

You are so hot with the ladies it makes you a hot dog.

Life’s way of making up for the relatives it gave you – a dog. #lovedogs

he is the heartbeat at my feet. #dogcoat

I know she still loves me when she cuddles up in my lap.

So much warmth in this relationship. #woofwoof

You are such a beautiful person. #puppyface

You make me understand what love is.

If I could keep you forever, I would give up everything for it.

A pet is just as a child is in our lives.

Having you in my life is what matters. #lovedogs

He understands my pain far better than anyone else.

I only wish my best friend would live forever. #doglover

Loyalty unmatched. #doggo

Because there is so little time, there isn’t time to be unhappy. #woofwoof 

The best and most enduring friendship. #dogcoat

There is always a reason to smile – you. #dogcoat

The best thing life has to offer is the love of your dog. #lovedogs

Without you, I wouldn’t get as far as I have come. #woofwoof

Loving what you have means that you have everything. #dogowner

Just can’t think of living without you here by my side.

The little moments with him are what make life mean so much.

Funny Dog Captions

There’s no love like puppy love. #puppy

I’ll go to heaven only if there are dogs there.

You really are a ruff and tuff guy.

Everything is paw-sible with him here. #dogcoat

You make everything so lick-able.

You really are a hush puppy, seldom do you bark.

What a husky guy. #happypaws

Dawg’s such a great dog. #dogcoat

Why have a best friend when I have one already? #lovedogs

Live up to your dog’s expectations.

If you have a dog you are rich. #woofwoof

She is my love on four legs. #dogwalk

A dog’s love is really the truest love you can have.

How can such a big heart have such a short life? #lovedogs

The best anti-stress item is with four legs.

You are my mental stimulus. #puppylove

You are the right guy if you agree to raise my dog together.

My best friend never says a word. #dogcoat

Without you, my world would be a lonely emptiness.

He mended my broken heart. I just can’t let go of him. #woofwoof

His presence is so assuring. #playmate

You will always be my soul mutt. #dogcoat

I know for sure that you will never leave my side ever.

You are that perfect love that everyone seeks all life. #bestfriend

You are my baby. #loveyou

I can get through anything knowing you are by my side and with me. #dogworld

I know that you will love me unto death, and perhaps beyond.

…….And God made dogs to fill those empty spaces. #newfoundfam

I am not at all cranky when my dog’s with me. #ilovemydog

Comb them, feed them, and love them. #lovedogs

A happy dog means a happy house. #dogpet

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