List of 85+ Best Diesel Brand Slogans

Diesel is basically a clothing brand. This brand is based in Breganze, in Italy. It mainly manufactures and sells denim, as well as other footwear, along with accessories.

The parent organisation of this brand is OTB Group. This company was established in the year 1978. The founders of this company are Adriano Goldschmied and Renzo Rosso. 


Taglines of Diesel Brand 

Smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls. 

Smart sees what there is. Stupid sees what there could be. 

Smart had one good idea and that idea was stupid. 

Think less. Stupid more. 

Enjoy before returning. 

Smart listens to the head. Stupid listens to the heart. 

Influencers only write on social media. Be a follower. 

You will make more friends. 

Throw away your ugly wool sweater. 

Long live stupid. 

Go with the Flaw 

Smart says no. Stupid says yes. 

There’s no wrong way to do it. 

Share stupid. 

Jogg jeans. Made to run away. 

Governments will hate you. 

Influencers always need to stand out. Be a follower. 

Good bye Inhibitions. 

Influencers care about what others think. Be a follower. 

You will have more sex. 

Sin. Confess. Sin again. 

It takes two to stupid. 

Stupid is trial and error. Mostly error. 

Make love not walls. 

Smart is in the shade. Stupid is in the spot light. 

You will eat better. 

We are connected #Diesel reboot 

Smart may have the answers, but stupid has all the interesting questions. 

A go with a flaw story. 

Smart is Goodnight. Stupid is Good Night. 

Stupid is spreading. 

Smart listens to the head. Stupid listens to the heart. 

Trust stupid. 

This is the right shoe all I have left 

Diesel for successful living 

Flaws always win. 

Diesel Supperman 

Diesel Visible woman 

No eye can escape new attraction field. 

Fresh super heroes Miss Dismiss 

Her lips say No, but her eyes say Hell No 

Dr. Score. Always has extra balls. 

La la lady. The girl who just wanna have fans. 

Iron boy. Only he can solve the creases. 

Mr. Naked. Undressed any woman in his mind. 

Mistress de Puppies is pulling your G – Strings 

Neither a bird, nor a plane. It’s the supper. 

Here we go again, Miami, 1980. 

A giant step for mankind, London. 

Land of the stupid. Home of the brave. 

Help Vintage victims. 

Help selfie addicts. 

Help Hipsters. 

Diesel. Denim Division. 

Save yourself. Avoid the sun. 

Influencers can’t eat messy meals. Be a follower. 

Save yourself. Breathe less. 

Imaginee. Better than Realitee. 

Save yourself. Don’t work. 

Ready to unwear. 

Save yourself. Acupuncture. 

Touch me and don’t let go 

Save yourself. Hypnotism. 

Nature. Love it while it lasts. 

Escape in to my dream at 

The luxury of dirt. 

We are with stupid. 

Stupid might fail. Smart doesn’t even try. 

Smart plans. Stupid improvises. 

Smart has the plans. Stupid has the stories. 

Only the stupid can be truly brilliant. 

There’s no cure for stupid. 

Smart Critiques. Stupid creates. 

Thanks Diesel for making us so very beautiful 

If we didn’t have stupid thoughts we’d have no interesting thoughts at all 

Birth of the modern  

A significant contribution to world peace. 

Diesel jeans and mental power. 

Say no to uncool wool. 

The jeans of your dreams 


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