201+ Detergent slogans and Taglines

Detergent brands can be marketed best when you ensure that you are using all the ideal marketing slogans. A marketing slogan can act as the amplifier to your brand’s success.

Take a look at the top marketing slogans for your detergent brand.

Detergent Slogans

Easy to use, Easy to Wash

Gives instant results from the very first wash.

Smooth on clothes.

Removes tough dirt and stains.

Happier, cleaner life.

The peace you need at home.

Bringing the clothes to life.

The essence of a spotless life.

Not a single shadow of stain.

A single scoop to drive away the stain.

Gives you a good look.

Making you and your clothes shine.

A quality that is guaranteed by experts.

Solving the tougher days.

A money saving product.

Available in all leading stores.

Available in small sachets for quick cleaning.

Laundry day done right.

The powder that makes even the machine smile.

Home is incomplete without it.

For an easier and smarter life.

Cleaning done right.

Makes the old look new.

No more smelling bad again.

Cleaning key right in your hands.

An effective helping hand.

Committed to clean.

Now it’s easier to wash clothes.

No other detergent like this.

Protecting your clothes always.

The secret of white in your hands.

Let it do all the washing while you relax.

Faster than the other.

Fighting the germs and dirt.

Saving your clothes from getting faded.

Gentle on the hands.

Helping you keep your washing basket empty.

The detergent powder that you’ll never regret buying.

Always here for you.

Already yours.

Free from the dirty laundry.

Fragrance of flowers now in your clothes.

Cleaning is more fun with this powder.

Dusts off all the tiredness away.

Increasing the lifeline of your clothes.

The cleaning that surprises.

A single wash to eliminate all the dust and dirt.

Makes you look fresh again.

Do you have the power of this detergent?

Show off in style.

A never ending story of cleanliness.

Making your clothes look like new.

The magic of cleaning like a mother’s hands.

The best day ends finishing all your dirty clothes.

Your weekend friend.

No more tough scrubbing.

Wash and clean easy.

The do it yourself detergent powder.

Time to wash your clothes.

Keeps your weekend free.

Keeps your wardrobe clean and tidy.

Removes the toughest stains with ease.

This detergent is like knowledge. It clears the picture.

For clothes that look whiter than snow.

The purity of cleanliness.

Meant for your clothes.

Added with beautiful fragrances.

Say goodbye to the dirt.

Turns you into a super person.

The need of the hour.

A single wash to bring them to life.

Detergent Taglines

Show the true love for your clothes.

W build trust with our formulas.

Always a successful formula.

It’s the clean clothes that make the world go round.

For the hygiene and healthy life.

No more germs.

Turning your clothes to a lovelier version.

Building relationships.

Why throw your clothes to stains?

Gives you an amazing look.


For your clothes which are for you.

The one stop solution for all the stains.

Take the burden off your back.

Brings the freshness back in life.

Hard to find a detergent so good.

So have you used it today?

Come home to a smart choice.

Try it to believe it.

A part of your hygiene.

Good times definitely come back.

Make clean clothes your right.

Easier to wash even with your hands.

Washing at home is now easier than before.

The cleanliness that makes eyes turn.

The detergent that’s like a conditioner for clothes.

Impress the crowd.

Make your presence felt.

Bring in the world’s favorite detergent powder in a budget.

For a crystal clear life.

You would want to wear your clothes again and again.

For a day’s worth of sleep.

Come home to a stress free life.

No more hard work.

Now bring home the happiness.

A promise of perfect hygiene.

Laundry like quality at home.

You can’t say no to it.

Keeping the family happy and smiling.

Fall in love with your clothes again.

No problem in getting dirty.

We work with love.

Excellence in every scoop.

The strongest detergent formula ever made.

You’re never fully complete without it.

Shows the true colors of your dress.

Happily relieved.

For the perfect makeover.

Just like a professional cleaning service.

Home friendly products.

Keeping your clothes bright and beautiful.

Bring some brightness in your life.

For a quick washing experience.

For a cleaner life ahead.

Spotless clothes in the very first wash.

Let it do all the hard work.

A reason to clean.

World’s best clothes cleaning powder now in your hands.

A detergent powder that’s reliable.

Gives your wardrobe a new makeover.

An intense freshness.

The natural way to clean clothes.

The best in the business.

The finest detergent powder around.

Nothing compares to it.

A little is enough.

The better kind of laundry service.

Gives your clothes glow.

Kicks the odor out.

Kind with the hands.

Giving your clothes the smell of nature.

Caring better for your clothes.

Manufactured by experts.

Uplift your attitude.

Helps you meet your needs.

Keeping the tradition alive.

Clears away all kinds of dirt.

Magical formula for cleaning clothes.

Never set boundaries again.

Now eat with ease.

Flaunt your new freshness.

Assuring your happiness.

Redefining the cleaning process.

Rediscover your freshness.

Let’s do it.

The next level of cleaning clothes.

The quality that speaks for itself.

Giving you the power of cleaning.

The highest quality of cleaning.

Bring a cleaner life into existence.

Go out tension free.

A spotless world.

The right thing for bad clothes.

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