177+ Catchy Deep-fried turkey Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Most Thanksgiving dinners are characterized by turkeys, and who doesn’t love to have deep-fried turkeys? It is one of the best things about Thanksgiving, and you must be wanting to post-turkey pics on social media for Thanksgiving. To add a little more flavor to your posts, here are some captions!

Deep-fried turkey Captions for Instagram

I am ever so thankful for a family, for what I have, and for all the deep-fried turkey.

The deep-fried turducken that my mother makes is all turkey stuffed with duck, stuffed with chicken.

Deep-fried turkeys over anything else on Thanksgiving.

Why should you put gravy in the corner? It shows you aren’t really confident about your turkey either.

I just came in here like a butterball and went off all stuffed with turkey.

My god! That deep-fried turkey is one grand whopper.

Here’s giving thanks to plates full of deep-fried turkey and glasses full of wine.

Deep-fried turkey is eaten together, but it is the gravy that glues the family together.

I am so blessed to have deep-fried turkey for Thanksgiving. #blessed

I am looking for a friend to help me clean up the platter that has a deep-fried turkey on it.

Thanksgiving is the best season. It is actually deep-fried turkey season for us.

Is it really time to think of leftovers? I am only starting.

Thanksgiving feels more divine when there’s deep-fried turkey and some wine.

Does it matter what gravy is when we have it with deep-fried turkey?

This deep-fried turkey is the sizzler at any thanksgiving.

Family, deep-fried turkey, and football? Nothing can ever beat this Thanksgiving.

Our deep-fried turkey is an absolute hit at every thanksgiving dinner.

After all that deep-fried turkey, it is almost impossible to move.

The crispy crust of a deep-fried turkey will melt your heart away. #heart

Giving thanks for all the plates full of deep-fried turkey. May your hearts be equally full as well.

Turkeys are too good deep-fried. That’s why we never keep any live turkey at home.

All that we have to do is give thanks. Then the deep-fried turkey is all ours.

Fried turkey will always get a high five from me.

I am game for all the deep-fried turkey you have made.

Give thanks to him, and praise his name. He will bless you with all things wonderful.

When at Thanksgiving you find clear plates, full bellies, and wide smiles, you know it was a success.

I can’t cook Thanksgiving dinner. I can only make a deep-fried turkey.

We are so stuffed with this stuffed deep-fried turkey. #stuffed

Carry a thankful heart at all times, and you will be bestowed with the best of everything.

Fitness actually is fitting this deep-fried turkey in our mouths.

Together is a wonderful place. Deep-fried turkey makes that even better.

Raise your deep-fried gobble-let for a thanksgiving toast.

Choose to be grateful, and you will be blessed forever.

Sincerely hope you have stuffed your deep-fried turkey and braised it well.

Every day is Thanksgiving at our home. We keep having some thanksgiving dish at every meal.

Good vibes are emoted by your deep-fried turkey at Thanksgiving.

There is always something that we all are thankful for – like deep-fried turkey. #thankful

May your deep-fried turkey be moist, and may nobody use that word at all when eating it.

Give thanks for a little, and you will be blessed with a lot more.

Let’s smother this deep-fried turkey with cranberry sauce.

Eat all the deep-fried turkey that you can, and then give thanks for such a lovely meal.

Deep-fried turkey leftovers are for quitters, not for me.

A happy heart is a thankful heart. A deep-fried turkey ensures that.

I am blessed to have a family that is as serious about deep-fried turkey as I am.

Food tastes so much better when you eat it with your near and dear ones.

Thanksgiving is all about bringing out the best in us and our deep-fried turkey.

That’s us eating deep-fried turkey like hogs on Thanksgiving. #thanksgiving

I can’t eat another bite. Deep-fried turkey? Well, that’s a whole other matter.

Funny Deep-fried turkey Captions

You are bound to miss 100% of the leftover turkey that you don’t eat at Thanksgiving.

Let us eat this deep-fried turkey with all the sides. They said there is more of it.

A Butterball turkey deep-fried goes a long way to express our gratitude on Thanksgiving. 

There can be nothing better than turkey, except when it is deep-fried.

On Thanksgiving, I am stuffed up with a whole lot of deep-fried turkey.

I am absolutely obsessed with deep-fried turkey, believe it or not.

I am so grateful for the elastic waistbands and the deep-fried turkeys. #turkey

If you don’t love deep-fried turkey, you cannot expect to be my good buddy ever.

Whoa! Look at that feats. Now let’s dive into it.

A lot goes into making a deep-fried turkey. No wonder we are so grateful for it.

Can you think of anything better than a deep-fried turkey?

Keep them deep-fried turkey stuffed with lots of stuffing.

Deep-fried turkey tastes so much better when had with your family and friends.

My mommy makes the best casseroles and deep-fried turkey for thanksgiving dinner.

I realized how lucky I was when I had the deep-fried turkey that my mother made.

I am all about the best deep-fried turkey on Thanksgiving. #thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time to be happy, thankful, and all stuffed with deep-fried turkey.

Thankful, blessed, and deep-fried turkey obsessed.

When you have a deep-fried turkey for a blessing, hem it with gratitude.

Keep your composure, but gobble and gobble and gobble.

I am thankful for the friends, the food, and the love.

If you don’t gobble well, you will never wobble well.

It is only on this night that we go and gobble, gobble, gobble, and gobble.

Eat, drink, give thanks to deep-fried turkey, and wear stretchy pants. #deepfriedturkey

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