List of 101+ Best Daikin Brand Slogans

Daikin is a Japanese company. This multinational giant is one amongst the top air conditioners brand. This company was founded by Akira Yamada. This company was established in the year 1924.

This giant company is headquartered in Osaka, situated in Japan. Currently, Masanori Togawa is the Chief Executive Officer of this company. 


Taglines of Daikin Brand

Experience air that’s free of Airborne viruses and bacteria. 

For complete air conditioning 

The newest Daikin solution plaza 

Fill the air with goodness 

Feel the chill 

Innovating for goodness 

Comfort for life. 

Ab India ke har ghar hoga AC. 

Integrating advanced technologies 

World class comfort 

Breathe in fresh, wake up fresh 

Touch of home 

Experience the goodness of sound sleep with Daikin. 

Steal – a – Deal offer. 

Stay cool. Stay comfort. 

Beat the heat. 

The future feels good. 

Cool with Daikin. 

Double the savings. This summer with inverter splits. 

Summers and winters at your command. 

Conquer the extreme. 

India’s most energy efficient air conditioners. 

2 cool to be true. 

For VRV, the world trusts Daikin. 

You deserve better cooling comfort. 

Creating the coolest movie theatre at home. 

Decoding the efficacy of a JTKJ. 

Streams the cleanest air by filtering out airborne viruses. 

Cools instantly while filtering out airborne viruses 

Double chill offer 

Cooler and safer every day. 

Chill with us and stay safe. 

Follow a cool indoor fitness routine. 

Be cool. Be responsible. 

Your breath of fresh air. 

Yeh Daikin ki Duniya hai. 

Breathe better. Feel healthier. 

Keep your house safe and comfy. 

It’s time for the JTKJ

Our technology. Your health. 

No airborne allergens. No respiratory issues. 

The perfect air sanitiser. 

Making in India for more than a decade 

Stay fit and healthy at home 

Home is where comfort and safety is. 

Quarantine is all about quality time. 

Your safest workout zone 

It’s time to choose holistic air conditioning 

Stay indoors. Stay active. 

The luxury of spending quality time with family. 

Boosting immunity by improving indoor air quality. 

Pursue hobbies you couldn’t before. 

Time to discover things you love. 

Your partner in quarantine. 

Four stage filtration. 

Controls the growth of air borne viruses 

Be like your Daikin AC. It always stays in 

21 days of cooling. No outdoor fooling 

Cooling every part of your life. 

Chill all day long. 

Cooler home. Happy home. 

Making comfort a norm. 

Cooling you down. Throughout the day. 

Nothing gets cooler than this. 

Keep calm and thand Rakho. 

Keeping it cool 

It’s always ready. 

Eliminating the heat. 

Make one your habit. 

Let the chill carnival begin. 

Be summer ready. 

Advanced living for an advanced family 

There’s one for every one. 

We care about your home décor. 

Do not loose your cool. 

Make summers comfortably healthy. 

Best matches coupled with the best air. 

Breathe healthy. Stay strong. 

Purifying every experience. 

Feel the warmth. Feel the power. 

A prized possession across ages. 

In your safe space. 

Always got your back. 

Say yes to the best in class human comfort 

Always protecting your family.

Their habitat. Our responsibility. 

Breathe in. Pure air. 

Compliments your interiors. 

Warm up your comfort zone. 

Making in India and making a better India. 

Clean air needs utmost care. 

Healthy choice for a healthy life. 

Healthy air for a healthy household. 

Make purity a necessity. 

A healthier you awaits. 

Change what you breathe 

We believe in putting our customers first 

The cleaner. The better. 

Let’s fix. The air. 

This is called loving your family. 

Comfort breeds productivity 

Works what ever the weather 

The freshest air at home. 

Feel like summer again 

Your complete air care plan. 

Clean air every where 

A whole new freshness of air. 

No entry for pollutants 

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