Top 41+ Best Cutlery Brands in the World

Nothing says celebration or loveliness totally like a dinner gathering; it’s an opportunity to show off a chic set of brand new cutlery to friends and family. Given below is a list of top cutlery brands in the world.

Top Cutlery Brands in the World


Country: Germany

It is a factory of knives founded in Solingen, Germany. Henckels is one of the oldest and biggest factories of flatware, cookware, scissors, and kitchen knives. Peter Henckels established this brand in 1731.


Country: Germany

It is a knife-maker corporation, located in Solingen, Germany. Household acquired for 7 generations, the corporation’s primary stocks are high-end to mid-priced knives for professional and household use.


Country: United States

It is previously known as Alcas Corporation. Cutco is a U.S.-based corporation that retails knives, especially through multi-level trading or direct exchanges. Cutko is the parent corporation of Schilling Forge, Ka-Bar Knives, and CUTCO Cutlery company’s Vector Marketing.

Joseph Joseph

Country: United Kingdom

It is an English factory of houseware, mainly popular for its design-led stocks. Twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph established this brand of cutlery.


Country: United States 

Based in Perrysburg, Ohio, it is a top manufacturer of premium-quality appliances, cutlery, bakeware, and cookware for the residence culinary industry. Ronald M. Kasperzak established this brand in 1963. It mainly distributes the eatery business and other proficient food assistance. While hard-anodized, high-performance it was exuberantly adopted by the competent cook community.


Country: United States

It is an American brand of home equipment. Conair Corporation owns this brand. Carl Sontheimer started this corporation in 1971 to generate an electric nutriment processor. 


Country: United States

It is an American brand of home equipment. Whirlpool Corporation owns this brand. The Hobart Manufacturing Company started this corporation in 1919 to generate stand mixers. 


Country: United States

It is a company of direct retailed knives that was made famous in America by being traded on TV utilizing infomercials defined by hard and hawker retail pitch methods.


Country: United Kingdom

Viners is a brand of dinnerware, kitchenware, and cutlery stocks in England. Adolphe Viener and his children established this brand in Sheffield, England in 1901.

Crate and Barrel

Country: United States

It is a line of 122 commercial shops in Canada, the USA, and 8 other nations, located in Northbrook, Illinois, working in home accessories, furniture, and housewares. Euromarket Designs, Inc. is the corporate title of this brand. The corporation is entirely acquired by Otto GmbH, situated in Germany.

Kuhn Rikon

Country: Switzerland

It is a Swiss factory of cookware located in Rikon in Tösstal, Zell, Switzerland. Kuhn Rikon is mainly recognized for pressure cookers retailed under the trademark Duromatic. The corporation is a household acquired municipal limited corporation.


Country: England

It is a Swiss factory of cooking and kitchen stocks. Presently, Diethelm Keller Brands AG acquires and manages this manufacturer. The first product of this company was the onion chopper and it was introduced with the tagline “Zig-Zig Zyliss”. 


Country: Russia

It is a line of youth fashion, managed in former Soviet nations and Russia. Oggi works in the improvement and presentation of apparel and the supply through an extensive system of brand stores.


Country: United States

It is an American corporation that trades collectible products, software, and tabletop under the Gorham, Reed & Barton, Dansk and Lenox brand.


Country: Brazil

With a head office in the hamlet of Carlos Barbosa, Rio Grande do Sul, this Brazilian corporation produces home appliances, cutlery, and cookware. Presently, the corporation manufactures over 17 thousand commodities aimed at several segments. The corporation has a strong existence also in global retail, shipping to more than 120 nations.

Whitehill Silver Cutlery

Country: United Kingdom 

It is globally popular for its cutlery designs in England.  Utilizing professional craftsmanship it produces its incredible Stainless Steel Cutlery and Silver Cutlery designs.

Laguiole Andre Verdier Cutlery

Country: France

Since 1859, it is an absolutely French brand of cutlery products with a long inheritance. Their French designs are mainly dedicated to longevity, satisfaction, and style. Their range is inexpensive and popular and is accessible in an extensive variety of colors. It is an excellent option for both formal entertaining and everyday dining.

Royal Doulton Cutlery

Country: England

It has been an English ceramic production corporation since 1815. From the beginning, the determination of the industry was an extensive range of stonewares, and utilitarian wares, including the like, tankards, and storage jars, and later broadening to bathroom ceramics, and pipes for lavatories and drains.

Stanley Rogers cutlery

Country: Australia 

The company was launched in 1930 in Melbourne back. The corporation soon rose to be Australia’s leading Quality Cutlery brand. Stanley Rogers Cutlery has a wonderful expanse of Quality Steak Cutlery.

Cutipol Cutlery

Country: Australia 

The most expensive cutlery is brought by Cutipol Cutlery in Australia. A stunning statement is created by their award-winning designs. Contemporary styling, with cutlery, finishes options including stainless steel, copper, and gold.

Arthur Price

Country: United Kingdom 

Located in the United Kingdom, it mainly focuses on traditional looking cutlery. Arthur Price was founded in 1902. The company has positively stabilized itself as one of the top brands of cutlery.

Villeroy & Boch

Country: United Kingdom 

It is a corporation of homeware and bathroom in Europe and it has become progressively prominent in England in the last five years. Their modern, practical cutlery flawlessly matches their colorful ceramics.

Robert Welch

Country: United Kingdom 

Titled after the popular designer of England, Sir Robert Welch MBE, this brand of cutlery is extremely modest. They use high standard stainless steel and tapering handles which is a trademark of the Robert Welch cutlery expanse from Arden Bright.

John Lewis

Country: United Kingdom 

This unit shop is compatible with user-friendly quality. It was established in 1800. Inexpensive and yet classy, the cutlery of this brand has a modern feel and look.


Country: United Kingdom

Inexpensive and glowing, the cutlery of this brand also has a particular quirkiness.

Russell Hobbs

Country: United Kingdom 

Functional, smooth, absolutely dishwasher safe: it is high standard kitchenware, manufactured to be utilized regularly. Russel Hobbs cutlery aims to manufacture cutlery that has a matte appearance.


Country: Canada

It was founded in 1972. The corporation produces cabinetwork for bathrooms and kitchens. The corporation has nearly 1300 employees. They have many commercial galleries situated in Western Canada. The head office of this company is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Yaxell Corporation

Country: Japan

It has been manufacturing proficient kitchen cutlery since the corporation’s creation in 1932. Yaxell company keeps going to follow new choices for kitchen knives to specialize in pursuing and increasing their production technologies to manufacturing outstanding quality stocks.

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