192+ Best Crush Captions For All Social Media

Having a crush is often the first step to falling in love with someone, and more often than not, we crush on people almost every other time. Here are some captions that you can use for your crush on your social media posts this Valentine’s Day. 

Crush Captions for Instagram

I really need to pinch you to see whether you’re real. #real

Love is actually kind of gambling with your heart.

Once you give your heart, it’s quite impossible to get it back.

My head says no about you, but my heart says yes.

I crave to be with you. I yearn for us to be together.

Do you know you gave me a disease called love?

Your love is contagious for sure. I got it too. #crush

I’m never in myself when I see you staring at me.

I seem to lose myself the moment you come near me.

I can never understand why I smile when I see you.

When it comes to loving you, I seem to have too little of it.

I seem to have fallen for your personality.

You just need to tell me when to begin to love you.

I only stare at you when you aren’t staring back.

You never stop running around within my dreams.

I’m sure I like you. I’m surer that I love you.

I want to feel your lips with mine. #lips

Do you even know that I exist at all?

I’m always so excited whenever I see you.

I wish I could tell you how much I really like you.

I don’t even know if you’re OK with my loving you.

I wish I could run up to you and kiss you and tell you I love you.

I just only want to hold your hand in mine.

I just cannot live without breathing and loving you.

Whenever I see you, I become so restless.

I can’t find a reason why I have a crush on you. I just have it.

If love is a game, I’d like to play that with you. #love

I’ll always have a crush on you.

Love always feels like it’s too little or too much.

I guess I think about you a little too much.

My life just changed the moment I saw you.

Nothing has been the same since the time we met.

I seem to be drawing hearts all around you and your name.

I’d love to love you forever.

Just tell me when to start loving you.

I’m yours forever. Will you be mine too? #crush

I think I’ll be fine so long as I know I have a chance with you.

Please remain single till I can marry you.

I don’t know when I began loving you. I just do.

I want to tell you about my feelings for you. I just can’t.

I thought I knew you from way past when I saw you first.

Just thinking about you has made me a millionaire.

I just cannot bear the thought of staying away from you.

I want to see you every moment of my life.

I felt like I died the moment you said hello to me. #love

I always seem to be looking around to see whether you’re there.

You don’t know that you’ve stolen my heart.

I’m only scared about how you’ll react when I propose.

If love is a crime, I would rather be proud to be the most wanted criminal.

I only told myself about whether I could keep loving you even more.

I don’t know why I’m afraid to lose you even when you’re not mine.

Your smile seems to brighten up every corner of this world.

I know you’ll never be mine, but I still have a strong crush on you.

You look at me staring at you, and you smile and look away.

I feel so weak when I see you looking at me. #valentine

You are my only crush. Will you ever be mine?

There’s something about you that keeps haunting me in a good way.

I’m so scared to tell you that I love you.

Funny Crush Captions

Rather than have an affair with you, I would opt to have a crush on you.

I act like an idiot the moment you come into the room.

No responsibility, no worry, no commitment? You have a crush.

You are the one best friend I am in love with.

I can love whoever I wish, but it hurts to know that you can love anyone too.

I began smiling ever since you came into my life. #crush

I go weak in the knees when you look into my eyes.

Look into my eyes, and you’ll see what you mean to me.

Search your heart and soul. You won’t search anymore when you find me there.

I definitely have a raging crush on you.

I love every aspect of yours. How beautiful you are is only just a bonus.

I shouldn’t be jealous, but I am. I know not why.

I want to have numerous lives to be able to love you fully.

One lifetime is too little to be able to love you well.

I want her fingertips to touch softly. #softly

Imagine the soft kisses our lips would exchange!

Please fill the spaces between my fingers with yours.

All I need to brighten my day is to see you for only a moment.

Just a glimpse of you makes my heart skip a beat.

My heart has left me since the moment I saw you.

May I touch your mouth with mine?

Will you actually be OK to know that I love you?

I lost myself the moment I found you.

I am crushed to know you don’t reciprocate the crush I have for you.

You aren’t real, are you? I just could not believe my eyes. #real

Just thinking about you makes my whole being brighten up.

Both my mind and heart are always thinking about you.

I know what’s between us. I don’t need brains to know that.

I only wish you knew you are the object of my love.

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