100+ Catchy Cross Country Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Social media is a great place to show off your achievements and also the adventures that you have and experience in life. But more often than not, most credible and good-quality posts do not get the reach that they deserve. Here are some captions that might inspire you with your cross-country skiing pics!

Cross Country Captions for Instagram

A pair of skis and miles of snow is my ultimate destination to freedom #freedom

To me, skiing is a dance in an auditorium

Nothing can buy happiness except skiing

Relax and cruise — feel the snow, feel the mountain

The height of outdoor fun — cross country skiing 

There is nothing more entertaining than cross country skiing #entertainment

Be around the snow dance around the mountain and trees

Cross country skiing and life have many traits in common

Skiis are a tool of escape to the countryside 

Even if it is freezing and snowing we will still go skiing #freezingandsnowing

Cross country skiing – the best exercise in the world

I feel sliding downhill is the most valuable experience in life

Skiing can also be the easiest way of catching an awful cold

Skiing up and down  on sloping terrain is much better than watching movies #betterthanmovie

For me, cross country skiing is the best therapy ever

Cross country skiing is one of the best forms of winter sports

Cross country skiing is even better than car racing or bike racing

If you want to excel in life you have to take the risk at some point in time

Cross country skiing is an easier part of alpinism 

To most adventure-loving people skiing is a physical necessity #physicalnecessity

Down the hill on a slippery slope is just mind-blowing

Even if the various types of skiing tools and equipment are costly, people will still go for it.

Practicing cross country skiing is working very hard

For me, real freedom is the slope of cross country skiing

The wonderful memories of cross country skiing will last longer than usual 

Imagine that you have wings when you go cross country skiing, you will excel #imaginarywings

Cross country skiing gives me positive vibes

Every season I have to go cross country skiing —- I cannot live without it.

Looks like you do have wings when you go cross country skiing

Be like a bullet while coming down the slope

I am 100% always for cross country skiing as a unique sport

You will feel like an astronaut as you come down the slope #feellikeastronaut

Enjoy the slope fully, but ensure that you do not hurt yourself

I like skiing which is my first love and I do not want to lose in the downhill slope

I am born to ski and I adore the snow-white powder 

There is nothing more thrilling than enjoying ski-in ungroomed trails 

Going for cross country skiing is like participating in the Winter Olympics #winterolympics

Be nice with the snow and other fellow sportsmen

Cross country skiing needs that great determination in you.

I cannot sit at home and  watch some TV during the cross country ski season

For me, every day in the winter is cross country skiing season #skiingseason

The snowflakes look like awesome white powders

Try to reach your limits and go further beyond in cross country skiing

Rise and glide see the slope and then pace downhill

We are champions of the gradients, the slopes, and the snow powder #championoftheslopes

Cross country skiing is the favorite pastime of many people

Imagine cross country skiing is a dance and the slopes of the mountains your stage

If the mountains and the snowflakes call — I will go

I am in love with the slope

Even if I am injured or suffer a fracture, the show must go on 

At any point in time, skiing is the best exercise in the world #bestexercise

You need to be at the top of the mind when you are going cross country skiing

Be careful while landing — it might make you or break you

After this downhill jump, I am stronger than I was yesterday

Before the start of skiing, you must know where you are going

Cross country skiing is not easier but with your expertise, you will get better 

If you want to participate in cross country skiing come out of your comfort zone #outofcomfortzone

This skiing is for self-motivated people only   — no brain therefore no pain

Climb jump throw land —- but in the end be careful

Cross country skiing is nothing but freedom

Funny Cross Country Skiing Captions

Feel the beauty and the majesty of nature when you are doing skiing

Cross country skiing is not for those who want to cuddle up in the winters #outofcomfortzone

Cross country skiing is the best exercise for losing weight

Skiing will make your heart racing #heartracing

Cross country skiing is the best way to spend time with your beloved #besttime

We all adore cross country skiing

The liking for cross country skiing is a liking forever

A day in the winters without cross country skiing is like a day without sunshine 

Share with your loved ones your favorite moments of cross country skiing

Feel the magic of the cross country skiing

Cross country skiing — fun for the whole family #entertainment

People learn from experience but cross country skiing is  forever 

Nothing works better than a cross country skiing

Cross country skiing outshines all the rest in the adventure sports segment 

If you are a real pro. no need to worry about cross country skiing

Today is Saturday — the cross country skiing day — let us forget the rest #betterthanmovie

Be good at it. Jump better. Land better. Run faster and live in it. 

The globe’s only endurance testing route. Run faster — better than the rest.

Cross country skiing  —  we build smiles and passion.

You need not be a star to fly safely. Just   fly and land #freedom

The ultimate in a running exercise 

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