List of 101+ Best Cremica Biscuits Brand Slogans

Cremica is basically a food production as well as a distribution company. This brand is mainly inspired by a lady Mrs. Rajni Bector, who actually started her enterprise in the year 1978.

This giant company brings a huge variety of products which include different types of sauces, biscuits, and so on. 


Taglines of Cremica Brand 

Wholesome bite with Tasty and healthy goodness 

Snack well live healthy 

Baked with love just for you 

Start every day on a healthy note with Cremica’s digestive cookies 

Perfection in every bite 

We treat. We boost. We fuel the day. 

Cookie for a happy tummy 

More malt more milk. 

Taste that suits every one 

Love at first taste 

Add the magic of flavours to your new year party with Cremica 

Nothing tastes as good as freedom 

So hot that you won’t be able to say it all! Sau…. 

Running out of Ketchup

Much room for tomatoes 

Sweet. Smoky. Savoury. 

Tantalising veggies. Peri peri sauce. 

Time to go Mayo licious! 

Delicious veggies aren’t a thing unless it’s with Cremica 

Even chips want thick Cremica just like you 

Holidays taste yummier with Cremica ask any kid 

Your new year looks delicious with Cremica 

Every thing is better with Cremica even Christmas 

Super sauce for your Potato Chaat 

Pick. Dip. Repeat. 

It tastes even better than it looks. We promise. 

Sweet, sour, butter, salty, four times the fun. 

What are you dipping in today 

Never too tired for Mayo 

The best friend to your break fast now matter what 

Overwhelm your taste buds with a mouthful of Cremica. 

Time to rewrite your diet charts 

Jazz up veggies 

Leftovers are made for Barbecue 

Some times, a little honey is all you need 

No guest can resist a chipotle salad 

The missing piece to a perfect mathri 

Make that masala papad look cremically irresistible 

A world without ketchup isn’t worth living in 

Sticks and stones. I eat alone 

Rock crushes paper. Paper sweeps mayo. Mayo swallows rock. 

Cremica Mayo. Thick enough. 

No tomato. No party. 

  1. I. E. T. Did I Eat That. 

For every nacho. A memory. 

Where there is food. There is ketchup. 

A tale of Stale bread and spicy spread 

A season to celebrate the legend of mangoes 

Jam and bread are roasting in the kitchen 

Suit up, salad. 

Mayo mayo every where, but not a single drop to spare. 

Fountain in your mouth 

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a breakfast full of love 

Shake with a twist 

It’s a sandwich overdose day 

Any time. Any place. Any meal. 

Do it right. 

Great mornings start with great foods 

The love for health 

Simplest pleasures in life

Let’s catch up again, again and again. 

Daily spreads of joy

Breakfast goals be like 

Fries, my best mate. 

Indulge or detox. Choice is yours. 

Summer won’t settle with just one. 

Tasty, yummy, healthy. All in one plate 

Make all days flavorful 

When tasty touches your tongue 

Bursting with great flavour don’t just taste savor. 

More jam on every thing 

Sneeze no more. Just squeeze 

Taste buds, brought to life by Thai sweet chilli 

Teach your hot dogs some new tricks 

What do you call a funny sauce? LMAYP 

FRI – yay feels 

Jam packed with love 

Fall in love at first taste at POPxo love fest 

100% guilt free. Cremica Mayo. 

All set for winter? With Cremica. Yes 

The ultimate creamier experience 

So tempting, you will want to keep it all to yourself 

Sweeten the Christmas celebrations 

Savor the Christmas with flavour 

Green is goals, said mayo 

One scoop of smile! One scoop of mayo, with a dip of love 

Serve some mayo 

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