13+ Proven Ways to Create Brand Havoc in Market ( Examples)

It is a known fact and very obvious that consumer’s behavior towards a brand influences its decision-making process to a great extent. It is a very important aspect of any business, whether big or small, to know and keep a track of how customers are responding to your products and services.

The more buzz you create about your brand, the more attention you get, and the more likely it is for you to become a word of mouth. In order to be more noticed by a wide range of customers and to gain worldwide recognition, it is important for your brand to create havoc in the market.

Suppose, you are going to launch a new product or you are going to introduce some new features in your existing products, you can create a buzz amongst the consumers and make them talk about your business as much as possible.

This will eventually earn more and more attention and help you generate traffic and drive your sales up.

Some important reasons why you need to create havoc:

  1. It earns you more and more potential attention.
  2. It makes people discuss your business with their acquaintances.
  3. You can be recognized by more number of people.
  4. You are more likely to get referred to many customers by your existing customers.
  5. It will also help to build more trust amongst the consumers.

All the above reasons can be considered before you decide to invest in your business in order to create a buzz amongst the public out there.

Another important aspect that you should remember is that not all methods are expensive and you should not be worried about the money you would be investing in your business for that cause.

What does it mean by creating havoc?

In simple words, creating havoc in the market means to create a massive buzz amongst the public regarding your brand, business or products. It can be anything about your brand. Be it,  the features of your products, the price, the services or the discounts.

Always try to think out of the box to remain there in the buzz and to bring about havoc in the market.

For that, you might need to follow some full-proof strategies, some dos and don’ts, and some know-hows. If u succeed to bring that on, there will be no looking back and your business is definitely going to experience a hike in its sales and profits. 

Several Effective Ways To Create Havoc Amongst The Public Are:

Target The Frustrated Zone And Bring A Remedy:

People around you seem to remain frustrated for various reasons out there. You can create havoc in the marketplace by identifying the various pain points of the customers and providing them with an effective remedy.

There is no lack of frustrated people and nor there is a lack of troubles out there. So, you can do an in-depth research and find out the major most reasons behind the frustrated folks. Sometimes, it is really irritating if you have to stand in the long queues for a long time, or if you have to wait for a vehicle for longer than expected.

Example Google has developed which can track public vehicles and show the time when they are going to arrive at a particular place. This helps in minimizing the waiting time for the passersby out there for their respective means of transport.

consumer behavior is important

Help Those Who Are In Need:

This point and the previous point has a very fine line between the concept. There are many people out there who lack some skills and are not able to come up with productive results in what they are doing.

If they are businessmen, there might be some fields where they lack skills. You can figure it out for them by providing them with their respective requirements and you are sure to turn some heads towards you by this strategy.

Also, this can be a very lucrative way as you can ask them for some commission in return for your services.

You can consider Shopify as an example. It helps out the people who do not have web development skills by connecting them directly to the consumers.

Keep The Suspense: Do Not Reveal It All:

The best way by which your brand can create havoc is by keeping a mystery. Suppose, you are going to launch a new product in the market. You must not reveal everything about it before it launches. It is important to keep secrets as this can cause people to discuss about your brand.

The more your brand is talked about, the more you are likely to get attention and the more you buzz you create about the new launching of the product.

For Example, you might remember when Apple was going to launch its iphoneX, it created massive havoc amongst the consumers out there. Its features were not known and as a result, it gave rise to too many questions in the minds of people regarding what it is going to provide.

how to win as brand

Play The Psychology Game:

When it comes to generating buzz by keeping secrets and creating mysteries in the minds of people, there is a catch. You can play the psychology game here. You can half reveal the features of your new product and keep the price secret.

It is obvious that your customers are the most concerned about the price of the products.

You can first highlight the important features of your product and promote them, but keep the price secret. The more you promote your products the more the public would think how much might the product cost.

And at last, when you reveal the price you are more likely to convince the customers to buy your product.

For instance, when Microsoft partnered with Nokia, and when the first Lumia phones were launched in the market, the only question that was swirling in the minds of people was how costly the product would be. As Microsoft is a pioneering brand, it was expected to be available at an amazing price and the Lumia series was able to grab a huge number of customers by creating havoc about their price.

Make Wise Use Of Crowdfunding:

Most of the people out there may think that crowdfunding can be a great way to raise money. But in reality, it is much more than that. It is indeed an amazing way of building a bunch of powerful and enthusiastic supporters.

They will eventually go and tell their friends, relatives, family, and colleagues about your brand, products, and services. They will let other people know what you are doing and it is more like creating a free sales force.

For Example, when Kickstar was launched, the business set out a wonderful mission empowering creative projects and artists in order to gather potential support for their ideas. Many such businesses find equity crowdfunding interesting.

Brand Repositioning:

In order to create havoc by your brand in the marketplace, one of the most effective idea is to reposition your brand and start a new mission to attract more attention. You can simply change the traditional and monotonous ideology and can come up with something new.

Bringing some significant change to your brand and then representing it in a whole new manner to the audience is called brand repositioning.

As an example, you can consider Microsoft. Previously, it used to make windows phones, and now it has started to make android phones. Implementing some effective changes in your brand can create a massive buzz amongst the consumers. 

Marketing And Digitization:

If you really want to turn a number of heads towards your business, then the prime thing that comes to play is the powerful marketing of your business. And when marketing is being talked about, social media is the first thing that strikes.

By making your brand viral in social media, you can grab more and more attention of some ready-to-buy customers. For making your brand,  a word of mouth, you must digitize your business.

As long as your business is not available online, you can’t do effective marketing. Digitization of any brand is the much needed thing in this fast paced world of today.

The main aspect and the first of Digitization of your business is to create a strong and powerful website.

why organize brand offering

Organizing Contests And Announcing Exciting Prize:

No matter what,  people are always up for games,  contests or events. They may or may not win the prize.  Sometimes, participation is just for fun. And this is where you do your business.

Calling for fun contests can bring in some people and make them acquainted with the various aspects of your business. Also keeping an exciting prize can allure the people out there to participate more in those contests.

For Example, you might have seen that when a movie airs on a National Television for the first time, it asks the audience several questions regarding the movie, and they set an exciting prize for one of the lucky winners. This makes the audience watch the whole movie, which in return,  earns profit to the business. 

Video Advertising And Hiring Brand Ambassadors:

When it comes to advertise your business or products, video advertising can be a great way to attract the eyes. It is more effective than any poster,  banner or audio advertise as it contains visual contents and holds more transparency.

Also, if you have enough funds, you can go for hiring a celebrity as a brand ambassador of your business.

Hiring a known face and making them promote your brand is a very lucrative way to popularize a business and has been creating havoc on the market for decades.

For Example, Nike is an American brand, producing various sports accessories like Shoes, cates, sneakers, jerseys, shorts, etc. It has recently hired Kendrick Lamar for promoting the brand. 

Announcing A Price Drop For A Limited Period:

You can suddenly lower the prices of the most wanted products of your business for a limited period. This is also termed as “flash sales”. This makes people hurry to buy those products at the decreased price and also your products are more likely to get recommended to a number of potential customers.

This idea has been working for many businesses out there and people often go crazy during flash sales.

For Example, Starbucks often announces a drastic price drops in its special drinks and beverages for a very limited period in a particular season for a particular occasion. People used to eagerly wait for the flash sale to start and the company earns a huge profit.

Targeting A Season And Allowing Discounts On The Respective Products:

If you want to make your brand go viral and want to make your business name a word of mouth, you must know which product are highly on demand and when. Suppose you own a clothing business. You can offer special discounts on the winter wears during appearing winter. This will definitely make people talk about your business and products. 

For Example, make my trip allows special discounts on the most visited places during a particular season for a limited period.

This offers enable the customer to plan a trip, even if they were not already. Seasonal offers often create havoc amongst the consumers out there. 

Make Life Easier For People:

In today’s fastoving world, almost everybody is having a hectic schedule. So, you must need to figure out how you can make busy people’s lives easier and cut short their process of doing a particular thing. In this way, you will be more popular amongst the public and of course,  would also be recommended by a number of them.

You can consider the Example of Amazon’s smart speaker Alexa. It understands the needs of the people and does all kinds of jobs. Starting from playing the music of your choice, to telling you the recipe of a dish, you can ask Alexa about anything.

This makes people’s lives easier and so this is one of the most popular and one of the most widely used one. 

You can follow any of the above tips to popularize your business. If you use those with the perfect planning and strategies, your brand is sure to create havoc in the market.

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