189+ Catchy Crazy Captions for All Social Media

When you’re in love with someone, everything feels out of the world, and there’s a craze that you have and possess about the other person. Here are some ‘crazy for you’ captions to make your social media posts this Valentine’s Day look crazier and more fun and adventurous.

Crazy Captions for Instagram

If only you could see yourself through my eyes!

You’re definitely precious in every way possible. 

You are the sunshine in my life.

You fill my being with love and joy.

I’m simply crazy for you. 

My soul craves for you.

You’re the love of my life. #loveoflife

Every little moment that I spend with you matters the most to me.

It takes a king and queen to be in love and build a home.

I’m truly lucky to be so much in love with you.

I was crazy to have fallen in love with you. But I am glad I did.

If I have to walk away from you, I just want to die.

Ours is a true love story. It will simply never end.

I may be a beast, but I am a beast in love.

I’m like a broken crayon, still ready to paint your soul in love.

You hurt me like mad, but I still love you like crazy. #crazylove

I know I’m crazy to bear you even now. But I’m crazy in love with you.

You are that one special person whose nerves I’d love to get on.

Money helps you bargain for love and yet not be able to buy it.

I keep kissing you because a minute of kissing burns 26 calories.

Treat each other like royalty. #royalty

Treat your love as a game, and they might teach you how to play it.

I sincerely love you. That’s why I can’t close my heart to you.

I can choose not to see crazy things. But I can’t stop those crazy thoughts.

Your smile is what lights up my life and soul. #smile

I must say I don’t care for you, but you know I’m stupid and crazy.

I have to let you be free only because I love you.

It is only when I’m drunk that I gather the courage to call you up.

You have made me stronger, but you are still my weakness.

I don’t know how I fell in love with you. I just did.

Why I love you so much is way beyond my understanding. But I just do.

I guess you mean more to me than anyone else does.

You are exactly the person I’ve always dreamed of.

Everything that I want, I’ve found in you. #valentine

You are everything that I need, everything I could hope for.

I’d rather love and lose than live with a psycho.

Would you care to fail or not try at all?

Just go ahead and try figuring out my heart.

You’ll always be in my life because I’ll have you in my memory.

Even if I’m not with you, you know where you can find me.

Each time I catch your eye, my soul is on fire.

Why do I love you? I don’t know. I just do.

There is something mesmerizing I feel when you are near. #mesmerize

I don’t love you because of anything you have. I love you because you don’t.

Whenever I’m near you, I feel something special happening.

You are the one who still thinks that I’m completely amazing.

I know your mistakes and your shortcomings, but I still love you so much.

The moment you smiled at me for the first time, I fell in love.

I fell crazy in love with you the moment I saw you.

I find the world wonderful when I have you by my side.

I just go crazy over you.

We are all a little crazy, just like the world itself. #crazy

Trying to find someone weird enough to accept my weirdness.

What is love to one may be something weird to another.

As soon as I completed my first fairy tale, I began looking for you.

I make up only half of us. You are the one who makes us whole.

It is not I but my soul that loves you so madly.

My life became yours the moment I gave you my heart.

Funny Crazy Captions

My future became crystal clear the moment I saw you.

The happiest moment of my life is when you say you love me too.

I just love waking up and kissing you good morning. #kiss

We’re still writing the best fairy tale yet – our life together.

Love lives on even after our lives are done.

You are the soul; I am the mate. Together we make soul mates.

I just simply can’t seem to get enough of you.

You are the only one who has ever said that I don’t need to change.

You are the reason why I’m going mad in love with you. 

The moment I found you, I lost myself to you forever.

If you think I’m crazy or mad, remember your love is the reason why.

I definitely have ended up with the one I had to love.

One of us is in the wrong bed. #valentine

You light up the whole world with that sweet smile.

You have colored the black and white life of mine.

You are the reality that I’ve always dreamed of.

There is an avalanche of feelings erupting within me whenever you are around.

I’m thankful that I took the chance to choose you.

I never looked for love. I somehow landed up with you.

One lifetime seems too short to spend with you.

I just simply don’t care. I only wish to give you my time.

I can never imagine giving up on you. #crazy

Follow your mind, and you’ll definitely find your heart.

I may be old school, but I love you seriously.

I’ve always found our love story to be the best love story ever.

Believe it or not, our love story is truly a fairy tale. #fairytale

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