201+ Cough Syrup Slogans and Taglines

Cold and cough are common conditions of the human body that may arise due to improper immunity or are just symptoms of viral fever. Constant coughing may be signs of an underlying disease, but most people suffer from milder forms of it at some point in time or other. Cough syrups, therefore, are very handy in this situation and also are always in huge demand.

Starting a cough syrup brand that offers high medicinal utility and, at the same time, is affordable can be a profitable business. Here are some slogans to help in the marketing process of your own brand of cough syrup. 

Cough Syrup Slogans

For a quick action relief.

Making a short work for the worst coughs.

Multipurpose syrup that acts fast on the cough.

Say no to coughing.

For a long-lasting impact.

Let nothing ruin your day.

Give yourself a fresh and healthy start.

Sleep well with peace.

Instant action on the cough causing bacteria.

An instant solution to an irritated throat.

Getting you rid of every kind of cough.

Works in minutes.

The formula with zero side effects.

Patented with a purpose.

Used by people who want to be efficient.

Recommended by doctors.

The choice most people make.

Nothing brings you down anymore.

The cough syrup with a difference.

Make the most of today.

Let nothing hold you back.

Wake up to a fresher morning.

Head to head with the cough.

Drives away the germs from the first use itself.

The difference that speaks for itself.

The syrup for a healthier future.

Making it worth your while.

Nothing does a better job than this.

Work to your very best.

A commitment to drive away from the cough.

Passionate for better solutions.

Advanced healthcare for you.

Welcome to the right path.

Trusted by the health care staff world over.

Every persistent cough is a matter of concern.

Your health is in your hands.

The little cough care expert you need.

We care for the living.

Choose with confidence.

Especially excellent.

Believing in a quick recovery. Every single time.

The joy of quick relief.

Better caring for you.

Fastest delivery right at your doorstep.

The best cough syrup out there.

Making an impact.

Giving you a new lift of life.

We aim to keep you fit and fine.

Chemicals with no adulteration.

The cough syrup you can rely on.

Your trusted care.

Cough syrups needn’t be costly.

Giving you just what you need.

Making it easier for you.

Much more than ordinary.

Creative and simple solutions.

Take in the taste of health that works best for you.

Flavored cough syrups for easier doses.

The best prescription for cold and cough.

Serving you for your happiness.

Meet the new cough expert in town.

The medication that works best for you.

Recommended by health care professionals.

The progress we are proud of.

Your well-being is our priority.

The brand with a difference.

Not just any cough syrup. It’s the best.

The ideal cough syrup.

Coughing is a matter of concern.

Treating you with traditional solutions.

Traditionally renowned ingredients for quick relief.

Serving the planet.

Trusted by millions.

Creating a stronger impact.

Exceptionally fast and effective.

More than just cough syrup.

The right choice for families.

Rough on the cough.

A purchase you will never regret.

Cough Syrup Taglines

Offering global expertise in everything cough related.

We understand your health better than the rest.

Light formulas for an effective solution.

Health comes first.

Feeling good within.

The purest formulas for you.

The ones you can trust.

Nothing feels better than this.

The king of cough syrups.

Creating happy customers. Healthier people.

Instant cure for common cold and cough.

We take pride in our innovations.

The healthier part of you.

Expect the best in health care.

Feel good formulas.

Always by your side.

Let no cough persist.

Your kind of health corner.

Making use of perfect chemistry.

Invest in a healthier you.

Building your immunity better.

We understand your needs.

The cough syrup is worth every penny.

Choose a better way for medicines.

Ayurvedic formulas for a long-lasting impact.

Keeping your joy intact.

We are the leaders in health care.

The purest form of cough syrup.

Nothing but natural.

Bringing natural remedies for your use.

We’re here to save you from diseases.

Caring for your health.

Crafting a healthier future with you.

The one-stop answer you need.

Keeping you safe from germs.

What matters the most.

Goes tough on the cough.

The 5-star care in health.

Building on the legacy of excellence.

Passionate for better medicines.

Healing done right.

The transformation you need.

Devoted to getting you rid of the cough.

Your life matters.

The breakthrough in cough syrup formulas is here.

Prepared by health experts for a quicker recovery from cough.

Working for a healthy recovery.

Giving you the right kind of care you need.

Believing in progress.

The amazing formula that fights back the cough.

Makes your throat feel relaxed.

Soothing from the very first dose.

A dose of health.

Make an excellent choice today.

When it comes to cough syrup, it comes to us.

If instant recovery had a definition, this would be it.

Chosen to lead.

Paving the way with better formulas.

We excel in treating your cough away.

Boosts your immunity from cold and cough.

You’re always the center of our focus.

Take it to believe it.

Effective from the very first dose.

Chemically proven with efficiency.

Say hello to the good life.

Improving the quality of living.

Inspired by you.

The intensive care you need.

Make coughing a thing of the past.

Our only aim is to keep you well.

The cough eradicating miracle.

Just the very best out there.

Powerful cough syrup for instant relief.

Anything but ordinary.

Your guide to steady improvement.

Made with progressive ideology.

The powerful way of healing.

The answer to every cough is here.

Bringing a healthier change in cough syrups.

Working on the culture of care.

The result of patience and research.

The effective future of cough syrups.

Let’s thrive together.

The experience you need.

Here for you.

Standing in it together.

The wisdom of effective healing.

Our mission is to keep you protected.

Giving you an all-round circle of care.

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