List of 15+ Best Costco Brand Slogans

Launched in 1976, the Washington State-based Costco operates a membership-only warehouse club chain. As of last year, Costco made it to the first twenty lists of the Fortune 500 companies of the US organizations in terms of total revenue.

It is serving North America and the Far East.


Costco Brand Slogans

  • Do the right thing


  • Online – only members saving

Costco Brand Slogans

  • Reaching America’s smartest shoppers


  • No more clipping coupons


  • Cyber Monday – online savings


  • Holiday photo gifts from the heart


  • Break through with a new look

Best Costco Brand Slogans

  • Costco Black Friday


  • What we buy at Costco Wholesale


  • Panic at the Costco


  • Keep calm and shop at Costco

Slogans of Costco Brand

  • Keep calm and hate Costco


  • Get the party started


  • Let King Tut be King Tut


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