Top 51+ Best Cookie Brands of the World

How often do cookies change your mood? It is hard to find someone who does not like cookies. Remember when the milk tasted so better with the cookies. A cookie is something that everybody urges to be a child or someone elderly of your family. Cookies have the power to fill your stomach easily no matter what time it is or where you are. Here we bring to you a list of the top brand cookies in the world.

Top Cookie Brands of the World


Country: United States

This brand is known for manufacturing cookies and snacks in America. About 121 years ago in the year 1898, this brand was founded by William Moore, John G.Zeller, and Adolphus Green. Nabisco stands for the term was national biscuit company. It has the largest bakery plant in the world.


Country: United States

This company is American biggest company which manufactures cookies and cracker. The company moves with the slogan of “uncommonly good” and “a little elfin magic”. Godfrey tabla founded this company in the year 1853 with its headquarter in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA. Cheez-It, Chips Deluxe, Club Cracker are the various brand names by which Keebler has marketed. 

Pepperidge Farm

Country: United States

The company started its baking process in the home just with the idea of producing the highest quality food product. At present, our Baker is for the next generation. The company at present incorporates more than 1 billion by selling it holds rank among the top 2% of France worldwide when it comes to brand equity. 

Whole food market 

Country: United States

The company believes in the proverb that living well begins when you eat well. When it comes to taking care of your health and choosing the right cookie whole foods market comes first and the man hydrogenated fat hi propose corn syrup artificial sweeteners and more than a hundred flavors colors and preservatives.


Country: United States

In 1912 the company was founded. They manufacture sandwich cookies with sweet dream feelings since their birth, especially in the United States. At present, the company serves its cookies in 100 countries. They are the highest-selling cookie brand in the United States.  Six pack of Oreo has almost a calorie content of 270.

Chips Ahoy! 

Country: United States

This company was founded in the year 1963 under its parent company Nabisco. The name chips ahoy means a ship filled with chips this symbolizes that the cooky has lots of chips incorporated into it. Chips Ahoy cookies are mainly manufactured in Indonesia. Chips Ahoy cookies are not at all vegan as they contain animal-based ingredients.  


Country: Switzerland 

The company was founded in 1866 by Henry Nestle with its headquarter in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. A total of 33 9000 people work under this company within 447 factories which are operated in almost 190 countries. Apart from producing the finest cookies these organization also manufactures medical food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee, confectionery, dairy products, Frozen food, and ice cream. 

Famous Amos 

Country: Malaysia

This is a Malaysian based company founded in the year 1983. The organization had it’s very fast hot baked store inaugurated by its founder in Sungei Wang Plaza. At present they are almost 64 hot baked stores operated throughout the country where they bake throughout the day to serve fresh to their customers.


Country: United States

This is an age-old company that started in the year 1869 just beside the river Mississippi. The company moves with the belief that it can help families by allowing them to make memories with the help of food. They have a group of kitchen expert, designers, editors’ who work day and night to make their quality products


Country: United States

This brand was founded almost 52 years ago in the year 1967 under its parent company Nabisco. Neela is famous throughout the world for its vanilla-flavored wafers style cookies. On Staten island a German American confectioner named Gustave. Mayer was the inventor of the recipe of these vanilla wafers, Nabisco brought the recipe from Mayer and marketed Nilla.

Little Debbie 

Country: United States

The journey of little Debbie started by O.D. McKee when he used to sell cakes from the back of his car which cost only five cents. This baking brand produces cookies that are really low cost but are healthy for you.  The family business of little Dubai is at present a member of America’s household. 


Country: United States

This brand provides the customer with some tasty variety of homemade memories. In the year 1980 Grandma cookie was acquired by Frito-Lay. The company bakes each of their cookie with a lot of love and passion. Peanut butter lemon pie chocolate is some of the famous syllabi that grandma’s cookie master’s in. 

Mrs. Fields Original Cookies

Country: United States

The organization was founded by Debbie Fields in the year 1977 in Broomfield Colorado United States.  Mrs field and TCBY together is the franchise of Mrs fields original cookies Inc. they provide their customers with freshly baked cookies in their retail stores. The famous from the United States for their tasty cookies and brownies.

Fig Newtons

Country: United States

Newtons also were known as Newtons are famous for their cookies which are filled with fig paste. Several flavors of figs are available some of the well known Fig newtons flavors are Apple, cinnamon, strawberry, mix berry and raspberry. Cookies also good for your health as a specially made factory e and contain 100% whole grain. 


Country: United States

The cookie manufacturing brand established itself 100 years ago in a corner of a street. The company runs with the tagline that there is a memory in every bite. The brand has exceptional cookies in various flavors. They produce cookies which still carries the traditional flavor this allows their customer to walk back down their memory lane.


Country: United States

This brand of cookie manufacturer focuses mainly on producing cookies that will allow you to escape your hunger as well as keep you healthy. Quaker cookies mainly use oatmeal as their main ingredients. They allow their customers to enjoy oats by discovering a delicious and funny way that is by infusing them into a cookie. 

Costco cookies

Country: United States

Costco makes their cooking and supplies them in the form of fresh-baked cookies to their customers. These cookies are available in the form of small packets and also inform of cookie trays with a cost from 6.99 dollars to 18 dollars. The tray cookies contain 70 cookies whereas the small chocolate chip cookies are available in a 24 pack.  

Girl Scout Cookies

Country: Georgia

Girl scout cookies are extremely tasty cookies that are sold through online and retail stores.  They sell their cookies in six different flavors with a cost ranging from 5 to 6 dollars of each packet. If you are interested in buying a girl scout cookies then the mints flavor is something you must try. 

Archway Cookies 

Country: United States

It is an American based company that has mastered the art of cookie manufacturing since the year 1936. Harold and Ruth Swanson founded this organization in the year 1936. Lanc Inc is the parent of Archway Cookies from the year 2008. This organization is famous throughout the country for its highly tasty oatmeal cookies.  

Walkers Shortbread 

Country: Scotland

The company was founded in the year 1898 by Joseph Walker with its headquarter in Aberlour on Spey, Scotland, UKThey is a company from Scotland manufacturing cookies, biscuits, crackers. They are the largest exporter of food in Scotland. The shortbread cookies that are manufactured in Arberlour a village are Walkers Shortbreads’ most famous Cookie.  

Ducan Hines 

Country: United States

Almost 50 years ago traveling salesman founded Ducan Hines. For the past 50 years, the company has delivered its customer with a delicious and inspiring baking solution to the highest quality. The company runs with the mission of providing sweet moments twitch customers every day. The recipes that are been used for making their cookies are shared through their online website.

Voortman Cookies 

Country: Canada

The brand was founded by William and Harry woodman who opened the first Voortman cookie retail shop. This brand is well known for producing healthy cookies. Do not add sugar to the cookies but still, their cookies are added with lots of taste. They are highly focused on making the best quality cookies to them quality comes before anything.  

Dad’s cookie 

Country: United States

This cookie brand is famous for its crunchy oatmeal cookies.  The last cookie company was opened at Saint Louis in the US and they use the original recipe of Dad’s Cookies. The original Scott oatmeal cookie has a perfect size which is of 3 inches within it you will get wholesome rolled oats.


Country: Germany

Krueger started his journey from a single cookies Store and is now 50 million US dollar company. They assure their customers are buying the finest cookies of the world by their high standard of customer service. They use fresh premium ingredients to make their cookies. The Company is highly focused on quality to them quality comes before anything. 


Country: Great Britain

Michael Spedding started their company in 1853 and after few years they were cookie suppliers to traders, shops, and shows. More than 6 billion biscuits are back in their bakery firm. Fox’,s Crinkle Crunch, Fox’,s Chocolate shortcake rounds are some of the signature cookies of these brand that has attracted a lot of customers.


Country: United States

Lance is known throughout the globe for its special sandwich Cookies. Their cookies are not only good in taste but also good for your health.  Their cookies are different from the daily cookies that you eat with your tea or in your tiffin and that is what makes them different.


Country: United States

The company was founded in the year 1992 from then till now they have worked tirelessly to deliver their customers with the delicious snacks that make them feel good. Play the signature cookie of this brand is the vanilla cream sandwich cookies. The company runs with a tagline of “helping you to live well”.  

Maryland Cookies

Country: United Kingdom

Burton’s foods are a parent company formal and cookies. The recipe of Marilyn cookies was invented in the United States and it was brought to the UK in the year 1956. This company produces cooking of different flavors which are sold almost throughout the world. The company holds the record of selling 2 billion Maryland cookies just within Europe every year.

Great Value Cookies

Country: United States

Great value cookies produce cookies that are crunchy to taste. The brand produces cookies in various flavors, their chocolate chip cookies has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. This cookie is only available to its customers through Walmart. These are sold by the private level of Walmart. 

Anna’s cookies 

Country: Sweden

They are Danish cookies serving their customers for over 75 years. They are well known for their classic buttery taste which attracts their customers. This brand makes cookies with great love by using fresh real ingredients and the recipe they use is their traditional patented recipe. They usually serve the market with 5 different flavors.


Country: United States

This brand is famous for its chocolate chip cookies which are available in different flavors. If you are searching for those old handmade chocolate chip cookies from your mum then William Sonoma is the perfect place to buy your cookie from. The famous camel chocolate chip cookies of this brand are something worth trying.


Country: United States

Mariam Nana diamond is the founder of this company who started his journey in the year 1992.  After a lot of research with the cookies, the founder came up with four different levels and started marketing them. The gluten-free cookies of this brand had been special to its customer as it has no such ingredients that can cause you food allergy. 


Country: Germany

For more than 130 years, the ages of the Bahlsen family have made European scones to be appreciated by ages of bread lovers. Glad to be known as the biggest family-run bread maker on the planet, the Bahlsens keep up the twin gauges that their granddad set up of conventional quality and imaginative enhancements.

Pamela’s cookies

Country: United States

Pamela’s Products was established by Pamela Giusto-Sorrells in 1988. Naturally introduced to a group of pastry specialists, Pamela invested energy working in her family’s bread shop, getting together soy and rice treats for clients with uncommon dietary limitations. Today, Pamela’s Products give without gluten heating blends, bites, treats, and the sky is the limit from there. 


Country: United States

Following 34 years they kept on investing wholeheartedly in serving our boss new heated treats to our steadfast treat buyers. They utilize just the best fixings accessible including Guittard chocolate, new entire sanitized eggs, unadulterated vanilla concentrate, unadulterated pure sweetener, and unbleached flour to make treats that suggest a flavor like they just jumped out of the broiler in your mom’s kitchen. Presently that is uncommon!

Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies

Country: Great Britain

The staggering national approval and genuine tributes from our numerous clients keep on moving us.  Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies doesn’t stop at just heating treats that taste stunning. They have gifted treat specialists that hand brighten custom treats to satisfy any group and intrigue each visitor. You can contact their neighborly client support group at whatever point you need to make adaptable treats.


Country: France

In France, Roland Foods was established in 1934 by a German couple. They have kept on organizing the Scheidt’s’ establishing rule: to make and support associations with families and makers around the world. They demand to get the most excellent ingredients from educated providers, whom they consider and care for as valuable assets.


Country: United States

In 2006, established Klara’s Gourmet Cookies was established – and it was her fantasy come true. Klara and her significant other, presently work their craftsman treat business in the little clamoring town of Lee, Mass., where they live with their young girl. With a little and proficient staff, they hand to prepare a huge number of treats every week, for retail and discount clients around the nation, utilizing normal, natural, non-GMO fixings at every possible opportunity.


Country: Mexico

Three sisters namely Alberto, Manuel Santoz, and Gonzalez formed the organisation named Lara in the year 1921 after working for some years, they changed the name and collaborated with different organisations and gave birth to Gamesa. At present they are the largest manufacturer of cookie in Mexico. They also sell cookies in Central and South America and also in the Caribbean.

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