List of 80+ Best Colgate Brand Slogans

Colgate is basically an American brand name is which manufactures the products for dealing with oral hygiene, these products are like toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, and mouthwashes.

The products of this company began to be sold way back in the year 1873. This brand is thus named after its founder, William Colgate. 


Taglines of Colgate Brand   

Smile karo aur shuru ho jaao 

A perfect love story. You and your smile. 

Makes teeth strong from within 

Spread the power of knowledge with a smile 

Starts with a smile 

Colgate Candy Trophees: Don’t play with sugar – chocolate rabbit, ginger bread, gummy bear 

A Colgate smile never ages 

Let’s make Kerala smile again 

Style that makes you smile. Colgate Neo. 

Your smile is the best Eidi you can gift someone 

Colgate Facebook 

Send her a Colgate smile 

Muskarane ke bahane masti with friends. 

Muskurane ke bahane. An unexpected smile. 

Free Magical Jungle Safari. Just cut, play and learn. 

Keep India smiling. 

#Trusted Smiles 

Colgate. Who bites who? 

Natural calcium is found in saliva 

Colgate water savers 

Taazgi ka Dhamaka 

1 shade whiter teeth in 1 week 

Power of salt and lemon removes yellowness from teeth 

1st cavity protection toothpaste 

Nothing is more important than white teeth 

Discover the perfect sangam of traditional and modern

Colgate totally ready for this 

Does your toothpaste have salt and neem? 

Whiter plus shinier teeth in 1 week 

Colgate visible white angels 

Have you tried optic white 

A whiter smile instantly 

Worlds no. 1 dentist recommended toothbrush brand 

Dazzle with all around brilliant whiteness 

Whiter teeth in 5 days 

Active salt fight germs for healthy gums and teeth 

Neem and salt keep Pyorrhoea away 

Dental problems no chance 

Kya aapke toothpaste me namak hai? 

Celebrate this Durga Puja with worry free smile 

Powered with new break through cooling technology 

Max fresh spicy red 

There’s some thing on your tweet 

Colgate smile strong 

Colgate 21 forever 

Save water mirror 

Know your calcium facts and win exciting prizes 

Colgate when your teeth are too strong 

Don’t make it a 10 year challenge. 

#Change your tooth brush. 

Do something about cavities now. Get Colgate the big one. 

Stop bad breath with Colgate. Fight tooth decay all day. 

Mighty mouth 

Sensitive teeth 

Advanced whitening 

For stronger teeth 

Leader in reducing new cavities 

How to use comic future trash machine 

Make your smile your best accessory 

Banaye daant andar se strong 

Muskurane ke bahane. A smile holiday. 

Padhoongi aur badhoongi. Colgate scholarship offer 

Magical space adventure 

Keep India smiling 

Visible white presents the Shining Song

Magical sea world 

Tooth pain? Get express relief. 

Chhote kad oonche armaan. Padho aur badho.

Wake up to a gold morning with a golden standard of whole mouth cleaning

Colgate oral health month 

Your dazzling white smile is all you need to make an impression.  

Colgate Don’t forget ice cream 

Don’t forget lollipop 

Colgate strawberry thread 

Colgate broccoli thread 

Colgate corn thread

New Colgate total Charcoal deep clean. 

Protects 100% of your mouth 

Colgate slim soft. Superior deep clean. 

Fight sugar acids. #1 cause of cavities. 

Give your family a chance to be cavity free.

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