101+ Coconut Oil Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Coconut oil has been serving the need of the realm for centuries and will continue to do so for centuries to come. If you plan to market the age old coconut oil, you need to have time-tested social strategy in place. Compiled below are some of the “go to” marketing captions for this “go to” product.

Coconut oil captions for social media

Coconut oil captions for Facebook

Technically, coconut oil is the ‘solution’.

The more you put, the more they grow. #oil_massage

Are you looking for longer, thicker and shinier hair? Coconut oil is the answer.

The secret of long-lasting shine? Coconut oil! #shine_bright

 Why worry about sticky hair oils when coconut oil is here!

The more you rub, the better you absorb! #massage_it

Up for healthier hair? Switch to coconut oil.

Like your body, your hair needs nutrients too; switch to coconut oil now.

Swing them healthy hair and slay like a queen! #healthy_hair

The healthier your hair shines, the brighter you smile.

We promise good health.

Switch to coconut oil and feel the change in weeks!

Craving healthy hair on summer days? Come down in favour of coconut oil! 

Say no to hair loss in the rains! opt for coconut oil now.

Worried about winter hair care routine? Coconut oil got it all covered under its rein! #winter #rough_hair #hairfall

Hassle free Soft and shiny hair only with coconut oil in hand.

Let your hair shine bright like a diamond and soft like cotton!

Ditch the regular sticky hair oils and switch to authentic coconut oils! #authentic_coconut_oil #non_sicky

No long hours of kneading pungent oils; just an easy application with guaranteed results!

Is hair loss adding to your worry list? Strike it out by switching to coconut oil!

Packed with all the essential nutrients, ready to treat your hair!

The elixir for your hair- Coconut oil!

Let the natural essential oils nourish your hair elegantly. #elegance #natural

Coconut oil captions for Instagram

Your hair adds to your beauty, let us take care of them.

Admire Rapunzel? Be one!

Keep your body healthy and hair healthier!

Constant nutrition is important; be it for the body or your hair! #nutrition_for_hair #body_care

Looking for a perfect hair oil? Coconut oil is the way out.

Think smart and get the best!#coconut_oil #best_choice

Your hair’s health, our responsibility.

Hair doesn’t grow on trees, but oils do!

I like to party and by party, I mean diffuse oil in my hair and sleep.

Never underestimate the power of good hair oil massage on a bad day!

Only if you could remember rolling coconut oil as often as you roll your eyes.#pourit_rollit

When one door closes, open another bottle of coconut oil.#ultimae_solution

A coconut oil meal a day, keep the doc away!

The healthier you eat, the better you preach.

Jam packed with essential nutrients for your body and heart.

Say goodbye to cholesterol!#health_conscious

Coconut oil- oil the doctors recommend! #recommended_by_doc

Looking for the best quality cooking oil? Coconut oil tops the list!

Take care of your health like a mother.

Carrying generations of trust and quality.#legacy #trust

Nothing tastes better than the finest coconut oil!

Coconut oil captions for Twitter

Eat what your heart desires!

Avoid oily food until it’s fried in coconut oil!

Get a flavour of Kerala in every bite you take!

When health and taste join ways, coconut oil takes the driver’s seat!#healthy_and_tasty

The healthier you eat, the brighter your skin glows!

From our family to yours. #tradition #legacy 

Coconut oil-A token of health and prosperity.

Don’t let saturated fats oil saturate your fun level; switch to unsaturated coconut oil!

Eat like a king! #royal_meal

99 problems? Coconut oil solves 86 of them.

Spill the gossip, not the oil!

Coconut oil captions for Pinterest

Be a queen crowned in your coconut curls! #curls #strong_curls

You can’t buy happiness but you can surely buy coconut oil and let your hair do the talking!

No keta! No diet! Just healthy oil meals.

Keep the hair hydrated and glowing! #strong_hair

The ultimate kick start to your skincare- coconut oil!

In dire need of glowing skin? 2 dabs of coconut oil are all you need!

Squeeze it, dab it, rub it- makeup off glow on!#makeuo_remover

It is never too late to start; start your skin care today exclusively with coconut oil!

Say yes to radiant skin with silky soft hair!#coconut_oil

Worried about the dust and heat? 2 drops every night, makes it easier to set your skin right!#routine #skin_care

Let the blood flow on your face stimulate with coconut oil.#radiannt_skin

Get rid of dull, lifeless, congested skin! Switch to coconut oil!

Coconut oil- a layer of natural protection!

From refining the texture to improving the elasticity, coconut oil got it all covered! #healthy_skin #glow #texture

coconut oil captions

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