101+ Catchy Cocktail Captions For All Social Media

A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink, either a combination of spirits or two or more spirits blended with other things such as flavored syrup, cream, or fruit juice. There are various types of cocktails based on the kind of ingredients added.

The origins of the cocktail are still highly debatable, but it still remains a must at every party or occasion. If u r willing to add the Beauty of cocktails to your menu and sell it out, then here are some ready-to-go captions for your social media posts to attract more customers.

Cocktail Instagram Captions

Always hit u up with the best shot. #bestshot

No working hours during the drinking hour. #drinkinghour

Drink cocktails, and save water. #save water

Cocktails always get high on girls. #highongirls

I prefer my Cocktail to the old style. #vintagecocktail

Friday nights are incomplete without the cocktail. #fridaycocktail

Taste the healing power of a cocktail. #healingcocktail

Cocktails bring u the best taste swings. #tasteswings

Keep calm and give yourself a cocktail. #keepcalm

When life throws lemon, catch them and make a cocktail. #lemoncocktail

It’s time to bring the mojito. #mojitococktail

Make your own devil blend of spirits. #blendedcocktail

There is nothing that a glass of cocktail cannot solve. #carefreecocktail

Have a cocktail and get on the dance floor. #cocktaildance

You can never resist the charm of a cocktail. #cocktailcharm

Let the fire shot run through your veins. #fireshotcocktail

Do you want to know the best thing about the cocktail?.. It’s Intoxication. #bestthingaboutcocktail

The inner soul of every girl out there Demands a glass of bloody Mary. #bloodymarycocktail

Every party animal demands the best Cocktail. #partyanimalcoctail

Every gentleman chooses Irish coffee. #gentlemancocktail

Give your taste buds a burst of sweet and sour mix #sweetandsourmojito

When your tongue demands something wild, order Dry Martini. #drymartinicocktail

Cravings for cocktails seem to be a never-ending cycle of needs. #cocktailcraving

If u visit New York someday, don’t ever forget to try the Manhattan delight. #manhattencocktail

Nothing can be better than a fire shot on a cold night. . #loveforfireshot

You don’t need a recipe for your cocktail, just blend every spirit out there, and the best cocktail is already ready. #mixupeveryspirit

Freeze your brain cell with the strongest cocktail in town. #strongestcocktail

I like fruits better when they r mixed up in my glass of cocktail. #fruitjuicecocktail

Political party? NO, cocktail party? YES. #cocktailparty

Confused about your feelings? , Have a blended shot to clear it out. #blendshotcocktail

Drenched in the rain? Have a Hurricane. #hurricanecocktail

Funny Cocktail Captions

Start your day with tequila Sunrise. #sunrisecocktail

Happy hour or better call it a cocktail hour. #cocktailhour

When life screws u up, get yourself a screwdriver. #screwdrivercocktail

The 2 best things about Russia? It’s vodka and a Moscow mule. #mosckowmulecocktail

I prefer Tom Collins over Tom cruise. #Tomcollinscocktail

Margarita over senorita, any time. #margaritacocktail

Say no to marijuana and yes to a martini. #martinicocktail

At times illusion is better than reality; at least u r getting unlimited cocktails over there. #loveforcocktail

Chase your drinks like how u chase your dreams. #chasecocktail

I need therapy, cocktail therapy. #cocktailtherapy

Feeling down? , Have bottoms up. #buttomsupcocktail

U can have 24 different cocktails for every hour of your day. #24hourcocktail

Life is better at the bar. #barlife

If u want to hear the tale, go first and grab a glass of cocktail. #cocktailtale

Bring me a glass of cocktail at my farewell. #farewellcocktail

Nothing tastes better than a shot of Pina Colada. #pinacoladacocktail

Cocktail acts as my bay. #baycocktail

Bring me the best cocktail in town. #bestcocktail

Dim light and a glass of cocktail bring me a better duo than this. #glassofcocktail

The more I think about u, the more I need to fill my empty glass of cocktail. #bringupmorecocktail

I prefer staying intoxicated rather than being sober and silly. #cocktailintoxication

As endless as the sea and strong as the spirit. #spiritcocktail

Cocktails are more loyal than anyone else.. at least they never let u down. #lifeisbetterwithcocktails

A slice of lemon and a glass of cocktail tell me a better love story than this?. #cocktailfun

The cocktail is my new anesthesia; it makes me numb to my problems. #makeitnumb

You are the Pina Colada of my eye. #loveforpinacolada

See you on the next side of the cocktail wave. #cocktailwave

I wish I could wake up with a glass of cocktail #morningcocktail

When the cocktail calls u, never ever say no to it. #cocktailcall

Girls often prefer cocktails over, Ahem, I guess u already know it. #girlslovecocktail

A Lady with a glass of cosmopolitan defines Beauty with class. #cosmopilitancocktail

U want to be healthy while drinking? Then grab a sangria. #sangriacocktail

A sunset with long Island iced tea typically makes the best tropical combination. #Islandicedteacocktail

cocktail captions

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