List of 71+ Best Clinique Brand Slogans

Clinique Laboratories LLC is basically an American company that manufactures skin care products, cosmetics, fragrances as well as toiletries. Estée Lauder Companies is the parent organisation of this brand.

This company is headquartered in New York, United States. This company was founded in 1968 by Carol Phillips along with Estée Lauder Companies. 


Taglines of Clinique brand 

How to shoot Clinique style photography 

Works on dark circles 

You were born to wear 

Fact. Eating antioxidants may not be enough to save your skin. 

High powered couple 

See the cleanest, freshest, healthiest version of your skin. 

Allergy tested. 100% fragrance free 

The difference maker 

Power couple 

For healthy looking skin. Just add water 

If you love facials, DIY. 

New. Foaming Sonic Facial Soap. 

If you have dry skin. Meet a life changer. 

A new future for skin – plumped, strong and supple 

It’s got depth. 

Up to 72 hours of refreshing hydration for thirsty skins. 

More moisture, and what a relief sane addictive feel. 

Moisture surge extended thirst relief 

Try moisture surge intense now – Free 

Thirsty summer skin? Drink up. 

Your skin will love our moisture marvel. 

Kill them with kindness 

15 years in the making. Results you can see. 

Be the picture of health. 

Life’s a balancing act. 

Feel naked, yet covered to perfection. Control oil, yet hydrate. 

Discover the foundation you were born to wear. 

Make up that virtually erases the need for make up. 

The power to even skin tone. 

Meet even better make up and serum. 

Imagine erasing the look of past damage to create a more even looking skin tone. 

Meet new. Even better. Skin tone corrector. 

A second chance for every skin. 

Best selling world wide. 

For a more even skin tone, reach for a specialist. 

A new White is born. 

Skin that is clear, skin – toned, translucent. 

New dermatologist developed brightening essence. 

A revolution in how you moisturise. 

The grown up solution to acne 

Make visibly clearer skin a way of life. 

Why waste time? Give blemishes the boot. 

Proven in the lab. Now prove it in the mirror. 

Even toned skin looks younger. New even better critical dark spot corrector. 

Power couple for dark spots 

Find out why the world is taking about this serum. 

Our light bulb moment. 

Improves skin’s appearance to smooth wrinkles. Even skin tone. Lift. Brighten. 

If a woman can do at least four things at once her skin care should too. 

Moisturiser + Serum. Your skins support group. 

Find the support group that’s right for you. 

New, Clinique Smart Custom – Repair Serum, so smart it can change your skin’s future. 

One serum that visibly addresses uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles, or firming. 

Always evolving. Intuitive. You. 

We call that smart. Clinique Smart. 

Fans agree. It’s brilliant. 

The does it all serum. 

As dark spots fade skin grows more even toned and luminous. 

Visibly brighter skin. Replenished from deep within. 

Take your skin to brighter places. 

Three step skin care. 

The greatest skin kit that’s custom fit. 

93% reduction in black heads in 6 weeks. 

We put the heat on black heads literally. 

Unless you are in some hurry to see 40. 

It’s a race against time. We say, lose graciously. 

More than minerals. 

Create your custom blend hydrator. 

Have a bottle of happiness. 

What’s your happy? 

Clinique My Happy 

Twice a day. 

Allergy tested 7200 times. Trusted by millions. 

What does a water balloon tell us about strong, healthy skin? Everything. 

Helps skin hold on to moisture and the glowing look of youth. 

New Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ 

A limited edition collection of chubby stick for lips 

A pop of gloss. A splash of hydration. 

Just arrived. Black Friday gift sets. 

Clinically formulated cleansing. 

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