List of 95+ Best CitiBank Brand Slogans

Citibank is basically a company of financial services. This multinational company was founded back in the year 1812. This company is headquartered in the same place where it was first established, in New York, United States.

Mary McNiff is currently the CEO of this company. The parent organization of this company is Citigroup. 


Taglines of Citibank Brand 

The value of time. 

Citibank was the first to say ‘Save Time’

Citibank. Live richly. 

People make money. Not the other way around. 

He who dies with the most toys is still dead. 

Delight in extraordinary travel moments together. 

Festive offers on Citi cards at leading brands. 

Who needs a working ATM card? It’s not the money remember? 

For you don’t like to waste time. Citi now close to you. 

Sometimes wealth is buying the 6$ popcorn and not obsessing over the fact that you just paid 6$ for popcorn 

You remember your PIN. How about your anniversary. 

If you gave up your morning coffee for a year, you could make an extra mortgage payment. But man, you’d be grumpy. 

A new partnership. A new world. 

The only excuse for squeezing mom and dad should be a hug. 

Sure, shopping can be therapy. But so can financial stability. 

Your budget allows for living expenses. But does it allow for living? 

No worries, the war will come home. 

Do you ever feel guilty pumping gas? 

Your income and your lifestyle. Spooning. 

While you are here, pick up something from the market. 

Save for a sunny day. 

Two ways to earn cash back. 

If you are made of money, you couldn’t walk outside in more than a light breeze. 

Our IRAs have no fees. And no carbs. 

Save on taxes. Open our fund an IRA. 

Don’t let your wallet double as your day planner. 

The best table in the city is the one with your family around it. 

Net worth. Self worth. Two very different things. 

If you can’t always get what you want, then you are doing it right. 

Get your finance in a row. The ducks can wait. 

If it costs an arm and a leg don’t but two. 

Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy marshmallows, which are kinda the same thing. 

Open a cravings account. 

The best blue chips to buy are the ones you dip in salsa. 

My kind of ethnic. My kind of Diyas. 

My kind of sweets. 

Jumbo mortgage savings for you. 

Citibank Ready credit. 

Great gateways with star cruises. 

New card. New rules. Powered by Citi. 

Make your wish. $1000 to be won each week. 

Get connected to greater savings. 

Let Citi take care of you. 

Perfect Christmas treats.

Best Gadget deals. Powered by Citi. 

Happiness begins with sharing. 

Celebrate the festive season. 

Recharge prepaid mobile or DTH instantly with Citibank easy recharge. 

Let the journey begin. 

The best debt is one of gratitude. 

What if a bank could help you feel a little more of this? 

Entering the sweet side of business. 

Don’t wait until someone says “your money or your life”, to remember they are two separate things. 

We look at credit cards from every angle. 

Soon we will all have a key to the city. 

Unlock NYC. The bikes are on their way. 

The future of Corporate treasury. 

Tell your sense of adventure to rest up. 

Let Citibike be your express bus. 

Pay how you want, where ever you want. 

Unlock a bike. 

For others, getting the best seals can be a sticky wicket. 

You don’t need a lift to get where you want to go. 

Let someone else have the front row. You are going back stage. 

Some mornings, anticipation is your wake up call. 

Broaden your horizons. And, quite possibly, your palate. 

The object of your affection? Anything on four wheels. 

You love to drive. So why not get rewarded for it. 

It’s time to start over. Apply now and get an unlimited offer. 

Do less. Earn more interest. 

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