List of 101+ Best Cigna Brand Slogans

Cigna is basically an American Brand that serves worldwide with its health services. This company is headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, United States.

This health insurance company provides coverage for all dental, life, disability as well as accidents. Express Scripts, Healthspring Inc., CareAllies LLC and so on are it’s subsidiary companies. 


Taglines of Cigna Brand 

You will prioritise your new job over your old one. 

Health hai to Life hai. 

Committed to improving the health, well being and peace of mind of you and your family. 

As we come together to safe guard you and your family dreams. 

Committed to safeguarding your long term financial goals. 

Committed to helping you and your family live a healthier life. 

You will hold her hand even if she doesn’t know it’s you. 

Additional protection for the unexpected. 

Together all the way. 

Does being healthy mean I pay less premium?  

Give lifetime access to quality health care. 

Unite over a healthy spread. 

Key to lifelong security. 

Ye jo public hai. Sab sahi chunti hai. 

Befriend health for life. 

Meditation aapko hypertension se bacha sakta hai… lekin Dengue se nahi. Isiliye, Health ke saath, Health Insurance zaroori hai. 

Going for routine check up? 

Life hai par health nahi

Enjoy a healthier life. 

Committed to giving you and your family easy and lifetime access to quality health care. 

Introducing ManipalCigna Health Insurance, your trusted partner in stress and wellness. 

A policy you can sell. A brand you can trust. 

Cigna global individual plans. 

The TV doctors of America are here. 

Home to the next generation of cake. 

Home to doctors who take your health personally. 

Home to high tech selfies. 

Home to health care that focuses on you. 

Hey America It’s time to say Ahhh…. 

The best time for your employees to reach us is any time. 

You will put the world on hold till her fever breaks 

You have always prioritised the health of your family. Now you have a partner. 

Now it’s easy to take the first step towards securing the health of your family. 

Comfort in illness. Coach in wellness. 

Lullaby in illness. Wake up call in wellness. 

Bimaari mein Haath thaame. Sehat mein kadam milaaye. 

Pillow in illness. Punching bag in wellness. 

Bimaari mein muskaan laaye. Sehat mein udaan. 

Cigna Health spring puts you first. 

Home to quality care. You can trust. 

Your health we care. 

Ready. Set. Launch. 

Working together. Works better. 

We can help you with that. 

A plan that covers your mind, body and soul. 

A plan designed to protect your mind, body, and soul. 

New and improved pro health plan. 

India’s most trusted Brand. 

Deep inside you there’s a person who refuses to be kept deep inside you. 

Save the big nose. 

Save the scars. 

Spend less money on health care by spending more time. 

Technology is good for business. Turns out, it’s also good for health. 

New Med Supp. Same great service. 

Extra opportunities to earn more cash. 

You take care of yourself. We will take care of the rest. 

She’s up. You’re up. We are up. 

Out of pocket. Out of patience. And almost out of Time. 

Maximum coverage. Minimum deductible. No brainer. 


Lace up. Your trainers. 

A year in the life of a Champion Network. 

Yes, let’s celebrate health. 

Can I stay protected in illness and celebrate wellness? 

Champion Network. Champion Recruitment. 

Let’s stay together. 

90 day prescription fills. 

Preventing childhood tooth decay. 

Looking ahead : Cancer and heart attack and stroke insurance. 

Cigna close care customer. 

#Say Yes to investing in good health. 

Your love for your family is endless 

Upgrading your health insurance cover by lakhs costs as little as a new shirt. 

Health insurance falling short of your health needs? Just upgrade. 

Insufficient savings doesn’t mean incomplete treatment. 

Employer’s coverage not sufficient? For your family? Just Upgrade. 

Triple your existing health insurance 

Be alert, not anxious. 

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