130+ Funny Christmas Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Christmas is a time to celebrate Christ’s birth. It is a time for celebrating all things happy. In this season of revelry and joy, you will surely be prone to posting and uploading pics of how you are celebrating.

The following list of captions has been immaculately crafted for you to use with your posts and pics across your social media accounts. Use it and get a deluge of likes and followers.

Christmas Captions for Instagram

Snowfall on Christmas day is a truly magical experience. #xmas

Being in the warmth and coziness of home is just so lovely. #christmas

Doesn’t it all look like Christmas now? #tistheseason

Santa seems real however much we grow up. #santaishere

Turkey’s up. #joyful

Christmas savories are what I wait for. #feelingblessed

So more Scrooge here. #xmaspics

Christmas is God’s blessings of hope and love. #seasonoflove

A star at the top of the Christmas tree is what completes the Christmas decorations. #thanksgiving

A time for happiness, joy, and laughter. #happiness

It feels so much like Christmas now. #xmasfeels

Santa’s brought the ‘ho, ho, ho” happiness again.

Mary’s boy-child, Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas day!

December makes us remember Christmas. #santaishere

Time for binging happily. #christmas

Christmas spirit – both in the heart and in the bottle. #tistheseason

Time for wining and dining. #xmas

Whether white or not it is still Christmas.

Goodwill to both men and women. #joyful

Being good just like that never motivated anyone. #santaishere

I am the first to rise and shine only on Christmas morning. #christmas

Feel the joy of Christmas from the heart, not the head. #tistheseason

Make everyone smile today, and you will smile all year. #feelingblessed

Sparkle all around, and wherever you are. #xmas

If a kiss was a flake of snow, I would send you a snowstorm.

Merry and bright days wished for you, today and forever. #christmas

There are many things which we cannot see, and yet they are so real. #tistheseason

Each night is filled with the lights from the fairies’ wands.

May Santa have all your wishes and dreams come true.

Snow itself has some happiness in it. #feelingblessed

Home is where I love being for Christmas. #santaishere

My home is my igloo for Christmas. #christmas

Jingle bells all the way. #xmas

Hot coffee and hot chocolate only. #tistheseason

Waiting for those stockings to be hung. #joyful

Friends make Christmas so much more wonderful.

A special day to be spent with special people.

Silent Night. Holy Night. #santaishere

A time when we relate heart to heart. #christmas

It is the season of forgiveness, thanksgiving, joy, and love.

Be merry and enjoy Christmas. #tistheseason

Christmas is when your heart is warmed up for the rest of the year.

The best way to spread love is through Christmas cheer.

Time to let all enmity wane. #joyful

Sleighing and praying. #xmas

Change your mode to ‘feasting and drinking’ only.

Even Rudolph disagrees to be sad. #tistheseason

Peace is on earth. #christmas

Christmas is when we forget the past with the present. #santaishere

The bills feel like Christmas is finally here.

Enjoy Christmas as an imagination. #tistheseason

How much you spend today is nothing compared to the way you spend it.

Mistletoe is what makes it so special. #tistheseason

Every Christmas seems better than the previous. #joyful

A time when it is worth that your heart melts. #xmas

Christmas twinkles are my favorite. #christmas

The air is filled with the magic of Christmas. #santaishere

Wishing you a season of sparkle and shine, and everything fine. #feelingblessed

Funny Christmas Captions

Shovel in hand, be it snow or sand. #christmas

Snow changes the whole look and feel. #tistheseason

Wakey wakey! It’s Christmas.

It can’t be Christmas without a Christmas tree.

Winter is like a wonderland. #santaishere

Time for that wonderful turkey. #xmas

Today is for family only. #joyful

Values and traditions are celebrated today.

A blessed Christmas to you all. #christmas

A time to stand hand in hand. #tistheseason

It feels so calm and bright even with so much revelry around. #feelingblessed

Winter is here; and so is Christmas.

Bask in the divine light of Christmas. #santaishere

Sing those carols loud and clear. #tistheseason

Take a selfie with the star on the tree, and see who shines brighter.

Why be the Grinch when you can be the angel. #xmas

Loving every minute of the happiness I am seeing all around me.

The only gift I needed was being related to you. #christmas

You are my Santa. That’s all that matters. #joyful

I love Christmas – more so the presents.

If a day holds all time together, it must be Christmas day. #christmas

If every day had been Christmas we would have peace and joy forever. #feelingblessed

Christmas isn’t complete without friends and family. #xmas

Peppermint and gingerbread are the 2 things you can’t miss at this time.

Christmas is all about opening our hearts to each other. #tistheseason

Kindness is the sparkle that needs to be sprinkled everywhere. And it is inexpensive as well.

Time to share the love and spread joy all around. #joyful

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