5 Reasons Why Choose Pink color in your logo

It might be the fact that you are planning to design a pink logo. Or, you might simply want to know why they are so much popular at present. If it is so, then go through the following article.

The pink shade which is related to fun, femininity, and frivolity has emerged once again as a desirable shade that is applied with some restraint at all times. In the earlier years prior to Millennial pink was highlighted to a great degree in restaurants, films, as well as social media Rose Quartz had been set aside by Pantone (a color expert) as a shade to look back in 2018 and it has become increasingly popular ever since.

What is there in the color pink which is able to capture an entire generation’s color imagination? What is signified by it when it comes to branding? Why should it be considered while designing your logo?

Color psychology of pink

It is thought that pink represents the feelings of romanticism, intimacy, and femininity. Pink can also be a shade representing power, and it can also evoke a feeling of youthful fun and optimism in the case of Millennial pink.

Historically, a strong link has been created by the Western countries between the pink shade and the culturally-constructed concepts of femininity; however, the pink shade has got lots of depth as well. Try to take into consideration the difference between the baby pink signifying sweetness in the form of cupcakes, baby showers, cakes, and candy and the shocking pink signified by the beanies punctuating the 2018 women’s march.

Pink logo design tips

In case you would like to make use of the pink color in your logo, we have provided several design tips for you to consider.

What kind of pink would you like to use?

One essential aspect to take into consideration will be the kind of pink you’d like to incorporate into the logo. Are you trying to go for something that conveys energy and vitality? In that case, it will be sensible to go for magenta. In case your brand conveys more of a soft edge or a sweet and feminine feeling then dusty pink or baby pink might be your best option.

Make use of the color sensibly since being has the ability to pack a punch and also soften client opinions regarding you.

Is a pink logo appropriate for your brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines will be one significant element of any business irrespective of whether you already have a well-established business or are launching a company from the scratch. A color scheme or a color palette is going to be one of the important elements when it comes to a brand kit.

In case you’d like to opt for a pink logo, ensure that it is properly aligned to the color palette of your brand, or your color palette might also be updated for looking better with a pink logo.

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