6 Reasons why brands should use Monochrome logos

In this article, we will discuss why brands should be using monochrome logos. As a matter of fact, your logo’s monochrome versions are quite useful besides just completing the prevailing logo package, and they also have various uses at present.

Once, monochrome logos were extremely popular with printed products. They were being used to save money for ink by printing black-and-white products rather than color. 

Currently, the costs of color printing have decreased considerably, and an increasing number of individuals are interacting in other ways, such as websites, digital stationery products, and social networks.

Moreover, the paper does not appear to be a headache anymore. Now the question is, why should you go for a monochrome version of your logo? Below, we have mentioned several reasons for that.

What is a monochrome logo?

A monochrome logo happens to be the black and white version of the logo. It is comprised of only one color without tints or percentages. However, one must not mistake monochrome for greyscale. If the colors are desaturated in a full-color image, the outcome is grayscale (black and white plus all the gray tones in between). A genuine monochrome logo will not consist of any shades or tones other than 100% black.


Creating a monochrome logo can be tricky, particularly with adjacent color gradients, spaces, and other complicated design elements.

For this reason, it will be the best practice to design a logo first in black-and-white and then include color if required. In case the logo is designed in color without any regard for future simplification to black-and-white, unwanted complications might arise, and it might be imperative for the original logo to be redesigned. This might frustrate the designers and the clients alike.

Reasons why brands should use monochrome logos

  1. Printing special products

At times you can use logos in non-conventional ways such as embroidery, engravings, textile printing, as well as 3-D printing. Specialized machines are used by all these products, and these do not support ordinary colored files. This is exactly where black-and-white formats become very useful.

  1. Faxing and scanning

Perhaps you have either faxed or scanned a document that has come out absolutely faded. However, you need not worry about this with a black-and-white logo. In fact, the machine might not support colors while you are either faxing or scanning a document. In this case, a monochrome version of the logo becomes extremely handy. It will be possible to reinforce contrast as well as shades on the documents by making use of a black-and-white logo, and this will help to make the logo stand out.

  1. Collaborations and partnerships

At times, you might become interested in partnership and marketing deals with some other businesses somewhere along the road. These partnerships often incorporate appending your unique logo design on someone else’s products or websites. They will ask for a monochrome logo in most cases. Most brands prefer black-and-white logos so that their product or page does not appear cluttered with many different colors.

Summing Up

Always make it a point to provide your partners with your personal monochrome logo format. It will always be recommended to supply your personal file, whether it is for scanning, printing, or partnerships, instead of allowing someone else to convert a colored logo into monochrome.

You will never know who is going to play around on the other end with your files. These people might not be experienced, or they might not convert the files properly and you might end up getting an inferior-quality monochrome logo.

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