201+ Chocolate Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

The word chocolate comes from the Spanish word chocolate, etymologizing successively from the Classical Nahuatl word xocolātl. Chocolate is a food made of cocoa beans. It is used in several desserts like pudding, cakes, candy, ice cream, and Easter eggs. Dark chocolate has less sugar and an additional bitter taste. It was originally accustomed to make drinking chocolate. Chocolate can even be used to make S’mores.

To make big sales in this then here are some captions of chocolate for the social media posts below which can help in increasing the number of customers.

Chocolate Captions for Instagram

Who cares what the question is when chocolate is the answer. #Chocolateistheanswer

Chocolate in both hands should be known as a balanced diet. #Chocolatediet

Chocolate is actually a salad as it comes from cocoa which is a type of flowering tree. #Chocolatesalad

When life knocks you down, then chocolate is there to help you up. #Chocolatehelps

All you need is chocolate sprinkled with a little love. #Chocolatelove

There is no “we” in chocolate, just like there is no “I” in a team. #Chocolate #allmine

The best way to say sorry is by offering a chocolate bar. #Chocolatebar

Forget about love. I’d rather fall deep in Chocolate. #fallinginchocolate

Please save the Earth. It is the only planet that has chocolate on it. #SaveEarth #Chocolateplanet

The greatest tragedies ever written were by the Greeks and by Shakespeare. Neither of them knew about chocolate. #Knowledgeofchocolate #Greeks #Shakespeare

Yes, I could give up chocolate but I wasn’t born a quitter. #Noquitting

Nature’s way of making up for Mondays is by producing Cocoa. #Mondaycocoa

When life gives you lemons, give them back and exchange it for chocolate. #Lemonexchangeforchocolate #Life

Chocolate is way cheaper than therapy, and the best part is that you don’t need an appointment for it. #Chocolatecheaperthantherapy #Noappointment 

There is nothing better than a true friend. Unless it’s a true friend with a lot of chocolate. #Truefriend #Chocolate

We create our own happiness, so I choose to eat chocolate. #Happinessischocolate

Chocolate is a very delicious cure for a really bad day. #Chocolatecure 

I am never going to trust anyone who doesn’t like chocolate. #Notrust #Chocolate 

Don’t panic, Chocolate is organic. #Organicchocolate 

I am a person of many moods and they all require chocolate. #Moodsrequirechocolate

If your girl is angry then feed her lots of chocolate. #Feedchocolate

A day without chocolate is like a day full of sadness. #Nochocolate #sad 

A little bit of chocolate can drown a whole lot of sadness. #Chocolatedrowningsadness 

Keep calm and eat a lot of chocolate. #Keepcalm

How can I keep calm around chocolate? #Calmaroundchocolate

Nothing more exciting than having a bar of chocolate in your hand. #Chocolateinhand

All you need is love. Or maybe a lot of chocolates. #Love #Chocolates

Nine out of ten people prefer chocolate. The tenth has a habit of lying. #Everyoneloveschocolate

Chocolate fixes every problem. #Chocolatefixes

They say money doesn’t buy happiness. I guess they never bought chocolates. #Moneybuyschocolates #Chocolateequalstohappiness

All I need in life is peace of mind, understanding, love, and a whole lot of chocolate. #Ineedchocolate

You know someone cares about you when they share their chocolate with you. #Sharingchocolate

Always be happy and eat chocolates. #Happyeatingchocolates

It is never too late for chocolate. Especially when it’s being given by someone. #Nevertoolate #Chocolate

May all the mountains that you climb in life, be made of chocolate. #Chocolatemountains

Chocolate is really the world’s most perfect food, chemically speaking. #Chocolateisperfect

Dark chocolate is pure indulgence. It’s bitter yet so sweet. #Darkchocolate #bitteryetsweet

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like chocolate. #Welikechocolate

I cannot walk by chocolate without eating it first. #Eatingchocolate

It is a scientific fact that women need chocolate more than men. #Womenneedchocolate

Chocolate is a poor man’s champagne. #Chocolateischampagne

You’re my favorite, besides chocolate. #Chocolateismyfavorite

Fuuny Chocolate Captions

Good memories are like chocolates. You can’t survive on them alone because they are not very filling but they do make life so much sweeter. #Chocolatemakeslifesweeter

Chocolate is like happiness that you can eat all you wanted to. #Eatallthechocolate

Chocolate is grounded from the beans of joy and happiness. #Joyandhappiness

Life is like chocolate. Enjoy it piece by piece and let it melt slowly in your tongue. #Enjoylife #Enjoychocolate

Life is like a big box of mixed chocolates. You will never know what you’re going to get. #Lifelikechocolatebox 

Nothing in the world is as seductive as a piece of chocolate which you can’t have. #Chocolateisseductive

Chocolate is just a form of comfort without using words. #Chocolateiscomfort

Chocolate is not a substitute for love. Love is a substitute for chocolate. #Chocolateislove

Don’t bite more than you can actually chew. Unless it’s chocolate. #Bitethechocolate

It’s not breakfast if there is no chocolate. #Chocolatebreakfast

I’m not going to heaven unless there’s a lot of chocolate there. #Chocolateinheaven

chocolate captions for instagram

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