100+ Chick Captions For All Social Media

Chicks are cute little creatures that we all love. They are so innocent and compliment the theme of spring. Here are some chick captions for your social media posts to help them chirp just like little chicks. 

Short Chick Captions

Chicks are practically the best food I have.

I have chicks chirping rather than chickens waking me up.

There is always a chick in my cup.

Chickpeas are practically the best for both chicks and me.

A whole new backyard of chicks.

Lots of chicks here but no litter at all.

If you love chicks, we can be very good friends. #friends

I wait for these chicks to grow up before I eat them.

Easter bunnies and Easter chicks are what I love.

Oh my, we have chicks visiting us.

That coop, I mean for the chicks, is quite cozy.

I love the color of the chicks.

Just think of a world without chicks.

A whole range of chicks and chickens.

Just watch those chicks playfully running about.

There are simply too many memes of chicks everywhere. 

Talk of the chicks, and here they come. #chick

Eggs, chicks, chickens, and everything about them is lovely.

Imagine the life of a chick.

Caption those pics of me with the chicks.

Ever wondered what would happen if the chicks attacked us?

I just can’t seem to get enough of chicks. 

Spring is all about chicks and chickens.

Funny Chick Captions

Chicks and I feel weird standing next to each other.

Find me where the chicks are.

These chicks definitely need a nap now. #nap

Chickens can be our best friends.

Chickens cannot stay quiet when they’re together.

These chicks are simply sweet and innocent.

I love to watch these chicks playing.

You can find me where the chicks are.

If it’s anything to do with chicks, you can count me in.

That was chicken little. This is chick little.

I find chickens to be a little weird.

Wow! Now that’s what I call the Super chick. #super

A morning cackle from the chickens is truly powerful.

Chickens are absolutely oblivious to the world around them.

My chicken eyes are hurting in the morning sun.

What did you grow on? Chicken feed?

That’s chicken chow mein with honey grape sauce.

Anything that has chicken is bound to be good.

I simply love chicken.

If it’s chicken, you can serve me or platter.

Those chickens really need uniforms now.

I’m just dressing my chickens. #dressing

Just include a chicken dish at your party.

I just can’t wait to dig into the dish of chicken.

My favorite food is chicken casserole.

Chick Captions for Facebook

Anything that has chicken in it is good enough for me.

I always use chicken flavor to garnish my dishes.

One of the cutest creatures is the chick.

Babies will be babies, be the puppy, a calf, or even a chick.

A day without chicken is a day completely wasted.

I just can’t find my chick in this whole crowd of chicks. #chick

Does that chick remind you of someone you know?

A chick is my soul animal.

Here I am writing captions for my chicken photos.

This is a book of chicken quotes.

If you make fun of chickens, I won’t talk to you.

My meals have to have eggs and chicken in them.

A meal is incomplete without a dish of chicken.

These chicken Nuggets are simply magical.

A chicken burger and some soft drinks make a fantastic snack.

Think of anything to do with the chicken. #think

There’s nothing foul about chicken and fowl.

This chick and I look like twins.

A bull tree is simply incomplete without chicks in it.

Any soup will do as long it has chicken in it.

Chick Captions for Instagram

One of God’s greatest gifts is the chicken.

I love watching the chicks run about.

These golden chicks are really lovely.

Life is all about chickens and eggs.

I saw a chicken in my dream. #dream

The last night was great simply because we had chicken macaroni.

Can you think of anything but chicks?

If I don’t think of chickens, it’s an insult to them.

I love chicken wings. I’d love to try some other items, though.

Chicken run isn’t my kind of game.

I wished for a dinosaur on my birthday but got a chick instead.

Wine and chicken is my favorite combination.

It’s not every day that I look for chickens.

It’s so beautiful to watch these chicks peck at their food.

I’m supporting the national chicken lover day. #support

All the chickens in my coop are well-behaved.

The flavor of chicken popcorn is truly mesmerizing.

Any food that has chicken is most appealing to me.

That isn’t a chicken, and it’s a duck.

I’m only a chicken trying to play basketball.

Don’t let those chicks trick you in any way at all.

Today’s chicken day. So enjoy all the chicken you can today.

It’s only chicken, chicken, chicken, and even more chicken.

I’m simply never getting bored with chicken. #chicken

Chick Captions for Twitter

My heart goes out to all the chicks and chickens.

Shush! The chicks are all asleep.

These chicks just don’t want to click any selfies.

This is the little culprit. He just pecks around all day.

A nice chicken dinner must be followed by a good night’s sleep.

I love those chicken Nuggets. I’ve finished the whole bucket.

That is me in my chicken selfie.

Don’t allow gorgeous in that little chicken outfit?

This little chick it’s really funny. #funny

Chickens are the best people around.

Fried chicken is absolutely lip-smacking.

Chicks are only chicks, small and cute.

I finally found the chick that ran away.

Don’t lose sight of this chick. It is my favorite.

No, that’s what I call a true chicken dinner.

Chickens are the best things to have happened to mankind.

I just love the craziest things that these chicks do.

Life is so much better when you’re having a chicken meal. #meal

Spring is a time when the place is bursting with chicks all around.

Chicken is an addiction I’m will never quit.

You can find me where the chicks are.

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