183+ Catchy Cherub Captions for All Social Media

A cherub is one of the most popular angels that are associated with the emotion of love all over the world. Since it’s the season of love, you will want to share it with the rest of the world on social media. Here are some cherub captions to make your social media posts bloom with hearts.

Cherub Captions for Instagram

You were a little cherub. It’s such a lovely smile.

Be a cherub and make everyone else happy.

You have a Halo around you which proves that you are a divine cherub.

To be my friend, you really have to believe in those cherubs up there.

I only pray that you have a cherub out there protecting you.

Cherubs have the heart to help them to be brave.

If you’re a cherub, you just won’t be scared to fly.

Troubles stay away from you because you have a guardian cherub around.

It took the heavens to create the cherub that you are.

You are simply too unique to be a human being.

I have always believed in angels and cherubs all my life.

You are truly a cherub packed with mercy and grace.

Cherubs are usually trained to be more humane.

You’re the sheriff that taught me to be kind and generous to everyone.

Of course, you can be an Angel or a witch to someone else.

You have the potential, so why won’t you be a cherub?

I always knew I loved you. Some cherub just made you see that now.

Some people are so kind that they seem like angels and cherubs.

You are the cherub who makes my life happier than ever.

The cherub is actually a normal human being who is excited to be a better person.

A cherub is all sunshine and no shadow at all.

Cherubs bring us mercy and love from high above.

Why are you trying to tempt them at all? They are too divine.

Always be kind to everyone. You never know who among them is a cherub.

There has to be a divine compliment here on earth for every cherub in heaven.

You have something divine within you, only waiting to be awakened.

No wonder that heaven took such a long time to make you. You’re simply so nice.

We never wish to believe it, but cherubs are flying all around us.

To see your guardian cherub, you need to have eyes within your heart.

Do more when you wear your wings.

You are my cherub in disguise. I know that for sure.

If you want to find the cherub, you need to trust your heart completely.

It is only in your mind’s eyes to be able to see a cherub at all.

To have a divine being like a cherub to protect you means a lot.

If cherubs and angels are communicating with you, it means you’re special.

Be transparent and crystal clear from within, like a Cherub. 

You are my superstar. You are my cherub. You are the Angel I love so much.

You’re always there when I need you most.

I thank my guardian cherub for the life I have now.

Every day my Cherub and I spend time together in the morning and at night.

I always take the advice that my cherub has to give me.

How can you still remain an Angel after kissing my lips?

He is only a little cherub looking for that little Angel to love.

Whether you’re good or bad, you definitely have a cherub to take care of you.

I can only thank you from deep within for having been my cherub.

A cherub’s smile is the most mesmerizing.

With the cherub around, you can expect a lot of magic to happen.

It is high time we kept a separate room for our family’s cherub.

Do you say I’m a cherub? I say you’re the cherub to have accepted me.

Ever since you came into my life, all my demons have left.

When there are cherubs around, you can see feathers lying about.

It’s the cosmic energy in a cherub that I’m more fascinated by.

Funny Cherub Captions

Do all cherubs wear white?

In my eyes, you are a cherub but without wings.

To be a cherub is a privilege that the heavens have bestowed on you.

You can never see how much you mean to everyone else.

You are my Angel. You are my cherub. You are my love.

It’s a cherub called Cupid who made us come together.

In my eyes, you are a cherub with the grooviest attitude.

You’re just too cute a cherub to be able to do anything naughty at all.

Only cherubs are as pretty as you are.

Be a cherub and give light to all.

You can be the spark in my life. You can be my cherub.

I would love to have you as my personal cherub.

To be regarded as an Angel or a cherub is the most heavenly feeling of all.

My cherub let’s me see the light within others.

You’ll find your children trying to make the light within you shine bright.

There are just too many cherubs around for us to ignore at all.

If you wish to see me, you need to become a cherub too.

I thank my Guardian Angel and my cherub for being my best friends.

The more you believe in angels and cherubs, the more they will bless you.

You are right that your best friend is the cherub in your life.

Cherubs aren’t weird. It’s just that they love me.

You do something special every day. I only realize that once in a while.

I can feel your presence in every season.

Only if you are another cherub can you see me.

I always hear you saying that you brought just a little love from heaven.

It was the cherubs who lined the way that I had to walk to reach here.

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