List of 28+ Best Cheetos Brand Slogans

Launched in 1948, a sub-brand of Frito Lays owned by PepsiCo. Cheetos is fried cheese curl and popcorn. Initially launched in the USA, it is now abundantly available in almost half the globe.

Cheetos has received accolades for being the top-selling brand of cheese puffs earlier.


Cheetos Brand Slogans

Chee – tos. Cheese that goes crunch

Hail. Chee – Sar

It ain’t easy bein cheesy

The cheese that goes crunch

Dangerously cheesy

Take a Cheetos break with Cheetos

Win what you see

Flaming hot

Seek the heat

Cheetos Museum

New bigger size

Cheese flavoured snacks

Can you stand the heat

Keep calm and eat flaming hot cheetos

Suck your finger and eat Cheetos

Easy Doodles

Keep calm and give me some hot cheetos

Keep calm and don’t eat hot Cheetos

I am not addicted to hot Cheetos

Cheetos is a terrible thing to waste

I am craving Cheetos’ paws

Cheetos Haloween

Cheetos club plan to be kind

Cheetos karoke every Saturday

Keep calm and I have my cheetos

Are you dangerously cheesy?

Cheetos the absolute cheesiest

Free washable tattoo in every bag of Cheetos

Cheetos Curls – winter white cheddar

Flaming hot Cheetos – epic eating challenge

Happy teacher’s appreciation week

Cheetos flaming hot asteroids

Extra flaming hot crunchy

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