201+ Catchy Cheer Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Social media is a great place to share love and celebration all over the world. It is an easy way to share your precious moments with your loved ones, no matter how far or near they are. Here are some cheer captions that will help your posts reach more people during the season. 

Cheer Captions for Instagram

Let’s go sleigh this Christmas.

If the white of Christmas runs out, I will drink the red.

Whisking everyone a merry Christmas.

Let us all sing Christmas carols now.

Find me at home all Christmas. #home

Getting my fat pants on for the Christmas party.

If the thought matters more, I will gift you my thought rather than gifts.

I am a morning person only on Christmas morning.

Put your hands up in the air, and jingle all the way.

It’s Christmas! Never care about the snowy hair. #snowy

Today is when the whole world must be merry and joyous.

These are merry Christmas captions that we all love.

Wishing everyone all over the world all the best on Christmas.

We all have spirit animals. Mine is Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer.

Let us remain warm in love. #love

Oh, you said Christmas cheer. Sorry, I thought of Christmas beer.

Merry Christmas! We just need each other for Christmas.

Once the tree is lit, so are our hearts and souls.

Whoever is reading this, I pray you are loved and remain happy forever.

You can find me under the Christmas tree. #christmas

Bow your heads in thanks, not to see what’s on your mobiles.

If I am sweet but twisted, won’t that make me a candy cane?

What matters most is the family that’s gathered around the Christmas tree.

Drown your sorrow and party like there’s no tomorrow.

How cold it is hardly matters when we are all happy. #happy

Let’s jingle all the way and laugh all day.

All paths lead to a home for Christmas.

Raising my glass to your gingerbread hugs and peppermint kisses.

When everyone’s happy, everything’s well.

What I love more than the present is the giver. #present

Peace be with us all now and forever.

Truly perfect for snuggles and cuddles.

Unconditional love is what we get from God, whether or not it is Christmas.

I am waiting for one of the reindeer to eat the ‘naughty list. #reindeer

Want warmth on Christmas? Wrap yourself in a blanket.

When you have an empty wallet but a full heart, you know it is Christmas.

The cold never bothers me.

I seem to gain weight with every jolly occasion.

It’s Christmas! That’s why I invited the grinches to the party as well. #grinch

Sugar and spice make every holiday nice.

Come to all ye faithful, joyful, and triumphant. I am throwing you all a Christmas party.

Christmas is simply joyful, merry, and blessed.

I am excited. I get to give everyone my opinion instead of gifts this year.

See? Those are good tiding – of cheer and glee. #glee

Christmas really boosts the economy once a year.

Let’s keep making spirits bright and all heads light.

I was naughty all year, but it was worth it. I will enjoy Christmas too.

Well, here I am – the Christmas miracle.

Christmas is truly a wonder. Savings seem to disappear easily. #savings

I am sure calories on Christmas don’t count.

You are just too sweet, just like a Christmas cookie.

Shower all blessings, peace, and love.

Sprinkle kindness everywhere. It is free both ways.

I only wish you won’t regift this year again. #regift

Jingle all the way because half-jingles mean nothing.

That? That’s my Grinch face resting.

What I need most is money, rather than turtle doves and French hens.

Come on, let’s take those elfies.

Donating in your name to my bank account this Christmas. #christmas

See that? Their snuggle is for real.

The spirit of Christmas is simply too real to ignore at all.

I know it has to be mistletoe, sunshine, and a truly good time.

Love will keep us alive. Let’s make the moments right.

If you want warmth on the inside, just drink hot chocolate. #warmth

Funny Cheer Captions

Christmas memories are all so precious.

Here goes. Christmas wishes, and mistletoe kisses to you all.

The best of Christmas is everything in it.

The war this Christmas is between carbs and me. #carbs

Christmas is so cold, but so happy too.

Why is it ho ho ho? It should be, hahaha!

Drink up your grinches.

Choose your gift – either a snug chokehold or a warm hug.

Ho ho ho….. and a bottle of rum. #hohoho

All I want for Christmas is good food and drinks, and family and friends.

Let’s sing loud and have everyone hear the praises for Jesus.

This season has only Jesus as the reason.

I wish every day was like Christmas – just eat, drink, and sleep.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. #christmas

It definitely costs like Christmas.

I love living each day as if it were Christmas.

I want you for Christmas – and some cookies and cakes.

The best happiness is the ones made at home.

I am always on the naughty list. Just can’t be without it. #naughty

Let’s all eat, drink, and be merry.

Hey Santa. Wait! I can explain it all.

I come alive whenever Christmas is in the air.

Never lose the receipts of your purchases.

All is bright, and all is calm. #bright

I never was motivated by being good, for goodness’ sake.

Well, isn’t that the son of a nutcracker?

When Christmas is over, tell yourself that Christmas is coming.

Can you smell presents in the living room?

Captioning Christmas party pics is a problem when you don’t remember it.

The weather’s apt for hot chocolate. #hotchocolate

I wrote to Santa and asked him to define ‘nice’ for me.

I believe in my elf.

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