187+ Catchy Champagne Captions For All Social Media

It’s finally that time of the year when it’s only about celebration and loads of happiness. Thus, to create a memory of a lifetime, here are a few “Champagne” captions that will surely add to the party mood this year. Do tag us on your social media handles.

Champagne Instagram Captions

Weights and planks are too boring; running out of champagne is my new cardio. #newest

Get set, and shoot some champagne. #shoot

I wish you were my cup of coffee, but now it’s only about champagne. #wished

If you are not happy with the love you are with, be with champagne. #happy

Champagne is good for your sour mood. #good

Let’s say cheese. Finally, it’s champagne. #cheese

No pain, no gain, only champagne. #nopain

The memories you will be of a lifetime. Thus champagne is a must. #must

Life is going to change, but champagne remains constant. #constant

We know exactly how to emerge cham-page-non after a week’s drudgery. #champion

You can sip champagne with us, but at your own risk. #ownrisk

My wife is my favorite partner in champagne. # favorite

Every shortcoming of this year is bottled up in that glass of champagne; let’s gulp it down. #gulped

If you don’t like champagne, I pity your choices. #pity

I like my sarcasm like I like my champagne: wet

I am full-fledged champagne, master crafted and aged to perfection. #perfection

Put a cork on your mouth, as it is making my champagne bitter. #shutup

I heard it through the grapevine that champagne is never enough for anyone. #neverenough

Let him be on champagne for this weekend. #weekend

Home, party, and party glasses for champagne. #party

Live to the fullest, and drink champagne till the brim of your neck. #intoxicated

Take a weekend to yourself, to have a good sunbath and a glass of champagne. #weekend

Cheers to a new beginning, cheers to a new bottle of champagne. #newbeginning

Best in class and best in glass, all you need to know about champagne. #knowabout

You can have a sip of champagne, yet again, for a bitter finish. #bitterfinish

Loved the champagne that you brought; I love anything that comes for free. #free

I swear that my glass of champagne this year will be great for you all. #swear

Take your time to stop, and smell the champagne. #smell

Raise your glass, and shake your champagne. #shakeit

Champagne gets better with time; the older it becomes, the better I like it. #liking

Champagne always gets me winning. #winning

You surely can’t buy happiness, but you can buy champagne, and that’s more like it. #like

Sip champagne, sip, hooray. #hooray

Shit happens in life, but you can sip champagne whenever you want to in your life. #shit

Give me champagne, or should I leave? #left

Everyone looks bottle full of champagne in New Year, draped in sequins. #bottlefull

New Year’s forecast: 99% of champagne forecast. #forecast

I may not be French, but I can speak champagne frequently. #frequently

Adulting makes me champagne. #champagne

Do you want another glass of champagne? #question

Give me back the glass of champagne, and it’s not midnight yet. #givemeback

Let’s do fizzical. Pass me the prosecco. #passme

I am on cloud champagne. #cloudnine

Champagne a little, laugh a lot. #laugh

I often prefer to have an evening walk down the champagne aisle. #aisle

Red are roses, but not my champagne, refill my glass; I will be fine. #beingfine

Let’s order a pizza together, and I will bring a bottle of champagne. #together

Our library society only issues champagne cards. #society

The hardest decision on New Year is Champagne or wine. #champagne

On Fridays, we drink chilled champagne. #chilled

Exercise makes you glamorous. Champagne does it, too; now it’s your choice. #glamarous

Loved the champagne I had already left behind. #left

Cinnamon tea always makes me go until it’s unacceptable to drink champagne. #unacceptable

There is the only thing that is best of all; a bottle of champagne. #best

Anything gets better with a bit of red lipstick and a glass of champagne. #anything

At New Year’s party, every girl seems to be glittery like sequin and bubbly like champagne. #party

I am a champagne girl with a touch of sass and class. #champagnegirl

Funny Champagne Captions

Too much of any addiction is bad, but too much champagne is always right. #right

Everyone should come quickly to the New Year’s party, time for tasting champagne. #champagne

On New Year’s, all we need is a bit of sunshine and lots of champagne. #sunshine

Let’s pop a champagne bottle to mark the New Year’s celebration. #celebration

If you think champagne is an addiction, sorry, we can’t be friends. #sorry

Shine like glitter and sparkle like champagne. #champagne

Alcohol later, let’s do the champagne first. #later

Fat-free, gluten-free, I love this champagne meal of mine. #champagnemeal

Champagne is like the guffer type, and it has the ability to fix everything. #fixed

I drink champagne on two occasions, when I fall in love and when I go through a heartbreak. #twooccasions

I will be there, in a few champagnes. #willbethere

Don’t ever tell me you miss me; just tell me you want to have champagne. #majormissing

There comes a moment in every man’s life when champagne becomes the only resort. #resort

I hope that I can be late in death, full of love and with a bottle of champagne. #hope

Sorry! It was a mistake on my part to bring champagne instead of milk. #mistake

I always keep champagne in the fridge for special occasions so that I am not late. #notbeinglate

Let’s raise a toast and pop some champagne, and it’s finally New Year. #final

Champagnes are worth melting for because it’s finally that time of the year. #worth

I always meant to go back to December, the best time to relish some champagne. #goback

Champagne is the final countdown to 2022. #finalcountdown

I love to vibe with some pop music and a glass of chilled champagne. #vibing

Let’s raise a toast to the most wonderful year of my life. #wonderful

In this universe, champagne is the constant. #beingaconstant

Champagne clouds are now covering me up. #covered

It’s officially time to go to champagne wonderland. #wonderland.

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