115+ Catchy Cemetery Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

A cemetery is a place where the dead is buried. The theme of Halloween captures the spirit and celebrates death in a more jovial way. Here are some captions that will boost your social media reach. 

Cemetery Captions for Instagram

We say that the spirits of a cemetery come to haunt us. It is the other way around. We go to the cemetery to haunt them for peace and quiet.

It is only at the cemetery that you can find true equality among humans. And then you know the purpose of your own life.

A tree at the cemetery must be more appreciated than the largest of forests.

Walking through a cemetery can be one of the best and most peaceful things to do. It helps you keep your sanity and serenity intact.

Sports helped. Otherwise, I had only two other avenues – one was to prison, and the other was to the cemetery.

Every man, however sane or otherwise, finishes at the cemetery. #finish

We are talent scouting at the cemetery for a real good scare on Halloween.

More than the inventions, science holds a huge cen=metary of dead ideas.

At a cemetery, it doesn’t matter how rich you are. No one here is interested in any worldly business at all.

Cemeteries are packed with those who thought they were infallible or indispensable.

For any settlement to happen, three units of land, irrespective of size, are invariably allotted to food production, a prison, and a cemetery.

Never bury your talents and create a cemetery of them. Let them live and erupt in ecstasy for as long as possible. #bury

One place in this world where progress isn’t accepted is the cemetery.

A cemetery creates a melancholy within us because it is only then that we are reminded that we cannot meet our loved ones, that they are dead.

Our limited faculties and extreme imagination have allowed many creatures and spirits to be celebrated on Halloween.

Cemeteries are filled with many who want to live. I guess they got what they prayed for in their afterlife. #cemetery

The man seems to love the notion that sunset suits a cemetery more than sunrise – especially on Halloween.

Last Halloween, we found a body in the cemetery. It was above ground and much alive.

The cemetery feels like a really quiet and peaceful neighborhood where each grave has neighbors on all sides, where everyone within is living in the loveliest peace and quiet.

Whatever it is, whoever we become, however big or small, we all meet each other finally at the gateway to the afterlife, the gateway that is better known as the cemetery.

I feel something at the cemetery. Nothing mortal, but speaking in a quiet language that I don’t know but can understand.

We would always meet at the cemetery and use the raised granite slab of a departed general as a table for drinks.

What we learn over a lifetime can be learned over a few hours just by walking through a cemetery in reflection. #learn

I am rich enough to be placed in a cemetery in the country, somewhere with lots of fresh air.

It is funny why some cemeteries aren’t used anymore. What is it that plagues them?

The cemetery is all but empty. We are the ones who go there to haunt the denizens of all the peace and quiet that they now need.

I find a cemetery to be a great place to meditate.

In the meadow is a place with many stones. Some large, some small. Most know of the place but aren’t afraid. It is a place known more for beauty, peace, and quiet.

Cemeteries are great places to gain a true sense of perspective. #cemetery

Why forget the ones within and yet place flowers on their graves, publicizing remembrance.

There are just too many people in a cemetery who thought of changing something tomorrow.

I cannot see why we must approve the glamorization of those slabs and the tombstones as if it were something to celebrate.

On Halloween nights, the twin guardians of the cemetery face away, and the scrolls in their hands remain broken and open. Only for this single night. #guardians

Funny Cemetery Captions

Halloween is the night that when every grave within the cemetery stirs within, opens up, and lets out the spirits to play.

Have you been to a cemetery that has a grave that makes you want to be somewhere else? That’s only a ghoul-gate.

If the name on the gravestone be illegible, and it has a statue without a head, hold back the curiosity that erupts within you.

Every cemetery has to have a grave that belongs to a ghoulish spirit, one who isn’t at peace even in death.

If you find a grave to have a colder feeling about it than the rest, please leave. The one within isn’t at rest. #grave

Within the gates of a cemetery lie both the virtuous and the sinners, but see the harmony among them? 

After watching Pet Cemetery, I have never again found the courage to visit another cemetery.

One of the most peaceful places to be in is a cemetery. The peace and quiet of solitude are truly beautiful.

The beautiful open space that a cemetery is in and with all the flowers there, I rather die and be at peace here.

Within each of us is a cemetery of the ones we loved and lost.

The epitaphs and the gravestones in the cemetery begin to tremble on the night of Halloween.

However, a true story begins; it must always end in the cemetery. #story

It’s easier to miss one in the cemetery rather than in other places when they were alive.

Fencing a cemetery is one of the most foolish things to do, I feel. None on the inside will ever come out, and none on the outside will want to go in.

Under the Halloween moon, I am an unblessed cemetery of gloom.

Only those within a cemetery have no problems anymore.

When we die, they fix us up and bind us to the cemetery. #die

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