197+ Catchy Cedar Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Cedar trees are beautiful and make for great Christmas trees all over the world. Mostly found in colder climate locations, cedar trees are beautiful, and you might want to show off your cedar tree to the world on social media for that very reason, here is a list of curated captions to increase your social media reach. 

Cedar Captions for Instagram

Love is like a cedar. And lovers are like its shade. #shade

The cedars are beckoning, and I must go.

As tall and slender as a cedar, the saying goes.

These cedars seem to know me. And I feel I know them from long ago.

Cedar trees have a very lovely unique smell.

Just as no two leaves are alike, no two journeys of life are alike either.

Water from a cedar bucket always tastes better than otherwise. #water

Can you imagine an earth void of all trees?

God is impartial to a cedar that resists and reeds that bends.

When cedars rustle in the wind, it feels beautiful.

Quietude is what the cedar forest will teach you.

Poems written by the earth upon the skies are called trees.

I only stand by the cedar and keep wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Cutting down a tree is the same as cutting down your future. #cutting

When a tree loses a branch, all its parts pool in to make another branch grow in its place.

This cedar is my sanctuary. It is my place to meditate, my happy place.

Cedars are like natural harps with the wind playing through their boughs.

Why fell the cedar? Why not celebrate underneath it?

Cedars can be sensitive too. It depends on the time.

Plant a cedar, and you will plant hope.

As it snowed, the blackbird sat on the cedar branch. #snow

How much can we learn from trees? A lot more than we actually think.

The sun shines equally on cedar and a flower. So does spirituality in every soul.

I find all my poems in this cedar tree, as all my prayers as well.

Even a 2-feet high cedar is good as a Christmas tree.

The cedar tree is my temple, my mantra, my meditation.

The fragrant breath of the cedars is rejuvenating.

I am most happy by a cedar tree. #cedar

When the snow falls on cedars, it is such a lovely feeling.

This tree is my church. This is where I find solace. #solace

We are beautiful because we go in different directions. #beautiful

The cedar taught me how to be as resilient as it is.

I just cannot live without trees around me.

We need to dream as big as cedar trees.

This is my happy place. This is where I belong.

I am most alive among cedar trees.

I just lose myself whenever I visit the cedar forest. #forest

You can find me wherever there is a cedar tree.

Life is so much better with cedars around you.

It’s always Christmas in a cedar forest.

This is where the adventure begins.

In our house: no cedar, no Christmas.

Let your heart be your compass when you are in a cedar forest.

First, we decorate the cedar. Then we talk about other things. #decorate

The silhouettes of cedar trees in the sunset are just magical.

I just can’t seem to get enough of these cedar trees.

I am never lost in the woods. I am only exploring new places.

This great cedar forest makes me realize how minuscule we truly are.

The great, wild place is in the cedar forest.

Only after I get lost in the cedar forest, I find myself.

Cedars are so relaxing; I become refreshed and reconnect with them. #cedar

There is a cedar forest stretching into the horizon.

I love hugging all the cedar trees. I just can’t explain why.

Just decorating the cedar in our front garden.

Who thought that a tiny seed could bear a tree the size of a cedar?

We don’t need to cut a Christmas tree. We have a huge cedar tree in our house.

Tree cheers for Christmas. We can decorate those trees.

There just cannot be a Christmas without a cedar in the living room. #christmas

The view from atop a cedar is just tree-mendous.

These cedars simply frame the view.

You are punished by cedars only when you commit treeson.

The branches of the cedar have such a sweet smell. #sweet

Funny Cedar Captions

Cedars are so awe-inspiring. And so peaceful as well. #peaceful

You can always find me where the cedars are.

When banks close, the cedars open a new branch.

Where there is cedar, there simply has to be beauty.

Stop de-leafing. You may always be-leaf, though.

I love to lie down under the great cedar tree.

A joke on cedar is never too sappy. #sappy

Be strong and resilient in faith, just like a cedar.

The sunrises and sunsets over cedar forests are simply mesmerizing.  

Listen to the winds playing softly through the cedar branches.

I always feel that the cedars are whispering and calling me to them.

I planted the cedar under which you are playing.

Growing in a cedar forest makes you strong and patient.

Life is so much better when you have some cedars around. #cedar

You will find happiness under any cedar tree.

Pine, cedar, and balsam fir, all make great Christmas trees.

Chasing cedar trees is all we do.

I love my cedar tree decorated and illuminated on Christmas.

Without cedar trees, there is no life for me.

Santa’s coming over the mountains and through the cedar woods.

Living my dream under the cedar. 

In a cedar forest, you are always lost in the right direction.

Silence is golden. You appreciate the sounds of nature and the winds blowing through the cedar trees.

Let us all be wild and natural. Let us all become cedar trees.

Thank god that trees don’t retaliate irrespective of how indiscriminately we cut them down.

Come and get lost in nature, with cedars all around you.

This solitary cedar has grown tall, strong, and patient.

Time spent in a cedar forest is never wasted. #time

Burning trees always leave a smell of heartbreak in the air.

Growing in all directions makes us different. #directions

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