130+ Caterpillar Captions For All Social Media

A caterpillar is a stage just before the creature turns into a butterfly. A butterfly is one of the key elements in the Spring season and is often associated with prosperity and bliss. Here are some captions for your social media posts to give them wings to fly like a butterfly. 

Short Caterpillar Captions

We only need a muse to help us change into butterflies.

Remember that the butterfly was once a Caterpillar.

It takes a truly humble Caterpillar to become a truly majestic butterfly.

Help a person’s dream to come true and fly like a butterfly.

The passing of a Caterpillar is the advent of the butterfly.

Everyone needs a metamorphosis to transform into a butterfly.

Life gives everyone, even a Caterpillar, a second call to grow. #life

Have faith and fly high like a butterfly.

Be the Caterpillar first, to grow into a butterfly.

See beyond your present, and transform into a butterfly.

Liquify yourself like a Caterpillar, and then turn into a butterfly.

Imagine a Caterpillar. Now imagine a butterfly.

We shun the Caterpillar and yet dignified butterfly.

Why do we loathe one awful form creature but love the other?

Calm down and let the butterflies settle upon you.

Do not shun the Caterpillar, for it will spring into a butterfly one day. #spring

If the Caterpillar did not know itself, it would never become a butterfly.

Love that is shunned is the Caterpillar.

One day this Caterpillar will become a butterfly.

A Caterpillar is always on its way to beauty finally.

Funny Caterpillar Captions

How can you become a butterfly if you do not know what pain is?

I collect all the caterpillars I can so that I don’t miss any butterflies.

I have a garden full of caterpillars today. Come back tomorrow.

Play is the metamorphosis of a Caterpillar.

A Caterpillar is nature’s way of testing us. #nature

A butterfly emerges from the cocoon of meditation awful Caterpillar.

Everyone has to transform a Caterpillar.

Where a Caterpillar ends, a butterfly begins.

Just when the Caterpillar thought it would die, it became a butterfly.

A Caterpillar doesn’t know that like a butterfly, and it will be attracted by flames.

Does the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly hurt?

We all love a transformed Caterpillar.

That mustache looks more like a Caterpillar on your face.

To be a butterfly, you must always be a Caterpillar first. #butterfly

You must be willing to give up your Caterpillar form to be able to fly.

EEKS! That’s a Caterpillar in my lettuce.

OMG! You got two caterpillars for eyebrows.

I love that Caterpillar mustache you have.

There is no metamorphosis, except for a Caterpillar.

Caterpillar Captions for Facebook

The right kind of bad and the wrong kind of goodwill always create a situation for maggots.

Why is your mustache whisking like a Caterpillar?

You will be you. Metamorphosis is only meant for caterpillars. #caterpillar

Hardly will you ever find the butterfly remembering what it was like to be a Caterpillar.

Imagine Human children to be caterpillars and human adults to be butterflies.

I always believed greens are meant only for caterpillars.

I’m a Caterpillar by day and a butterfly by night.

A Caterpillar seems like it’s always comfortable.

Unlimited joy and happiness come when you change from a Caterpillar into a butterfly.

Don’t live like a Caterpillar in its chrysalis.

Be free, and be a butterfly, rather than be of Caterpillar.

Of Caterpillar burst from its cocoon and just flies.

Your comfort zone is your cocoon. Break it to fly away. #cocoon

Forget being a Caterpillar. Remember to be a butterfly.

Be the butterfly that grows out of a Caterpillar.

Be one who sees the butterfly, not the Caterpillar in the cocoon.

What we call the butterfly is the caterpillar’s end.

Always look forward and higher. You will outgrow from being a Caterpillar.

Be the butterfly that sees a flying Caterpillar in the mirror.

Be glad to be the Caterpillar. You will be the butterfly one day.

Caterpillar Captions for Instagram

Be the Caterpillar that grows into a butterfly, not the one in the cabbage leaf.

Metamorphosis is truly a magical thing to happen. #metamorphosis

YouTube will become a butterfly one day.

Books are the caterpillars; knowledge is the butterfly.

A Caterpillar just never can look like a butterfly.

Float in the air like a butterfly but forget note you wear a Caterpillar.

Just like a Caterpillar, give yourself time to transform.

There is always a butterfly in every Caterpillar.

When a Caterpillar stops moving, it becomes a butterfly.

A Caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly soars into the sky.

Embrace a season of isolation to become the majestic butterfly.

Ask the caterpillar how uncomfortable the transformation process is. #transformation

The butterfly never stops to explain. Life’s too short.

I am the Caterpillar that you loved also have become the butterfly, of course.

Allow the Caterpillar time to transform into a butterfly.

Shed your skin and let the butterfly out.

You have wings now. Fly like the butterfly.

A Caterpillar never sees that it will become a butterfly.

Caterpillar Captions for Twitter

Only a butterfly knows what it felt like to be a Caterpillar.

I am a caterpillar, not a butterfly. #butterfly

Observe the Caterpillar finishing one blade of grass and climbing onto another.

I love to watch you eat. Your mouse moves like a Caterpillar.

A butterfly comes from a Caterpillar, not the other way around.

Once you become a butterfly, you’ll have to lose your Caterpillar life.

I dream of transforming from a Caterpillar into a butterfly.

Imagine the butterfly turning back into a Caterpillar.

Your extreme want to fly will make you a butterfly.

Isn’t it astonishing that both butterfly and a Caterpillar shared the same DNA?

Always remember life can make you both a Caterpillar and a butterfly.

You just cannot guess that the Caterpillar will become a butterfly. #caterpillar

Be the Caterpillar the Works from the ground up into a butterfly.

First, crawl like a Caterpillar, then fly like a butterfly.

Break the cocoon to let out the butterfly.

Don’t step on a Caterpillar. Let it grow.

A Caterpillar has 228 muscles in its head, believe it or not.

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