51+ Cartoonist day Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Each year on 5th May, the national cartoonist day is observed. This day was created to celebrate the longest cartoon strip created by female cartoonist Mons Selvam. The aim of the cartoonist is to make us laugh. Besides television, these days, internet and social media provides the cartoonist a greater platform for spreading their works and becoming successful.

List of Cartoonist day Captions for Social Media

-Becoming cartoonist is the special ability to express all the feelings of life.

– Express happiness, sorrow, peace, regret in a humorous way – let’s celebrate the cartoonist day. #humorous

-Cartoonist day comes to remind us those great people whose efforts put smile on our face & make us happy – a very happy cartoonist day.

-Cartoonists create the characters to draw and express our own life styles in a nice way – have a happy cartoonist day. #nice

-With just an ink-stained process, cartoonist touches our heart deeply and gifts us fun – let’s celebrate cartoonist day. #fun

-By creating funny memes cartoonist wins our heart – they bring smile on our face in our stressful days. #smile

-Cartoonist gifts us fun by their comic strips – they make our moments joyful – let’s thank them. #joyful

-Cartoonists are like magician having power to make our mood happy in a minute –have a happy cartoonist day. #magician

-Cartoonists are such great artist who says a lot without making words audible– only by drawing cartoons – a very happy cartoonist day. #artist

-The way, the cartoonists express the emotions is really amazing – let’s appreciate & celebrate cartoonist day. #amazing

-If there wasn’t any cartoonist left in the world then the children would become adamant, rough instead of being cute & adorable – have a very happy cartoonist day.

-Let’s thank the cartoonist for gifting us enjoyment in our busy life style – let’s celebrate the cartoonist day. #enjoyment

-When we become sad cartoonists make us happy by making us laugh – a very happy cartoonist day. #laugh

-Cartoonists possess the amazing ideas to make us smile – let’s celebrate cartoonist day. #amazing

-Cartoonist spends days and nights to draw a series of cartoons to make us feel entertained – let’s cheer for them celebrating cartoonist day. #entertained

-Cartoonists are as lovely as their creativity – let’s thank them for entertaining us. #lovely

-Cartoonists are people who connect reality with the imagination – let’s appreciate which they deserve – have a lovely cartoonist day.

-Cartooning is an art spreading color of humor on the blank canvas – let’s celebrate the cartoonist day. #color

-They draw to make us happy – they are the cartoonist – let’s make them feel special on this cartoonist day. 

-A day to appreciate those who make us happy – a day to celebrate the talent of cartoonists.

-Not everyone can make you laugh – not everyone can make you happy but cartoonists can – so, appreciate them from the bottom of your heart. #laugh

-Where the imagination meets the reality and a cartoonist makes it happen. 

-Let us show gratitude towards their creativity – let us show some respect for cartoonists – their talent is precious. #precious

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