210+ Catchy Candle Captions For All Social Media

Candles are those objects that stand for hope and warmth in the darkest of times. During the Christmas season, everyone wants to feel that ray of hope, no matter if they are happy or sad. Here are some candle captions to make your social media posts appear brighter than ever. 

Candle Captions for Instagram

We became good friends after we found out about a common interest – candle-making.

These candles are amazing and apt for Christmas.

I keep crafting creative candles for Christmas and new year celebrations.

Love the candle; spread the love. Enjoy Christmas.

Beautiful candles always create the best of memories.

Celebrate Christmas over a candlelight dinner with family and friends.

I love the natural aroma of these candles.

Life gets a whole lot brighter with your candles.

Providing that soft and bright light that Christmas deserves.

Candles that are perfect for your Christmas party. #candle

Why have a dark Christmas when you can light it up far better?

For that happy feeling of love and joy during Christmas.

Lighting up the candles is so much fun.

These candles are a pleasant addition to the festivities.

The guarantee of love comes from the candlelight on Christmas.

These candles have always brought us closer.

I just make my Christmas stylish and bright.

Light the candles to see the bright side of Christmas.

Hold a candle on Christmas and let the warmth and light of christ enter you.

These candles will brighten up your soul. #soul

These Christmas candles are the most affordable and stay lit longer too.

Light up these candles to create many memories to cherish.

Let us make this night brighter than ever.

Lighten up your evening, brighten up your Christmas.

These are candles I trust to burn longer.

These candles just amaze everyone on every occasion.

My candles take longer to melt, actually.

Light them in a row and see the delightful faces all around.

Celebrating the love that’s Christmas with candles crafted with love.

Candles that can make Christmas so much more meaningful. #meaningful

Keep it mellow and happy.

Illuminate your Christmas in the mellow light of candles.

The best way to celebrate is by candlelight.

We light candles that are the most enlightening of all.

Imagine a Christmas without candles.

Keeping the world joyous in the light of our candles.

These are more than just mere candles.

These are the candles that were the talk of the town last year.

So many shapes, so many colors, so many fragrances. #candle

Enhance the mood and light up those scented candles.

These candles are simply extraordinary.

Time to light up the candles and sing beautiful carols.

Light up the candles and enjoy yourselves.

Christmas seems to make even the most ordinary things seem special.

Everything about Christmas is special. Even the candles.

Bask in the glow of those candles.

Want to have a fragrant Christmas? Light the aromatic candles.

Candles that celebrate the essence of Christmas. #christmas

The fragrance in these candles makes the atmosphere a happy one.

These candles will surely warm your heart with love.

I have candles in store for every occasion.

Welcome to a much brighter Christmas.

Colorful candles are a pleasant sight.

It is the love that goes into making those candles that mean so much.

Buy candles to celebrate Christmas.

The light of the candles will shine like stars.

Be the candle in other people’s lives.

Crafting the best candles for Christmas every year. #candle

Burn your candle so that others can see.

Quality couldn’t be better than this.

In a world full of darkness, a candle is what can light it up.

Just enjoying the Christmas light from the candles.

Share the brightness, share the light, and be a candle to others.

The soft and soothing brightness of Christmas candles.

I buy Christmas-designed candles.

Celebrating Christmas by candlelight expresses your unity with the babe in Bethlehem.

The best candles are always for Christmas.

Christmas is ever so mellow when you light up the candles. #mellow

To be like a candle means a lot and says a lot about you.

Let me light up your world this Christmas.

Funny Candle Captions

Christmas is illuminated with these candles.

These are special aromatic candles that I made for Christmas.

Give your warmth and light to others, even if it burns you up like a candle.

I crafted these candles to spread light perfectly.

Being a candle in a world of electric bulbs is what we need to be.

All my candle designs are up for grabs.

A candle needs to be appreciated for the job it does. #appreciated

Candles can keep the whole world lit up.

If you don’t have a candle, close your eyes and light up one within your mind.

The feeling of a lit candle is absolutely fantastic.

A teacher is meant to be like a candle, showing us the right path.

The candle’s soft hues can spread warmth that nothing else can.

Every good deed shines bright like a candle.

Candles can serve well in all seasons and on all occasions.

Light these candles and fade out the darkness.

I only light stylish candles. Nothing else will do for Christmas.

Let these candles light up your Christmas. #candle

I love those candles in the wind.

Just one candle can guide you through.

So fragrant, so beautiful, so bright.

Always choose candles that will brighten up the mood.

These candles are cheaper but much brighter.

A candle serves many purposes and is symbolic of love, light, warmth, and guidance.

A candle that lasts longers gives light longer.

Every wick is lit up, but the warmth of the fire is within our hearts.

Aromatic candles are the best bet on Christmas.

The light of my candles is to make your Christmas special. #christmas

Scented candles disperse the smell of happiness.

Spend your Christmas with these candles.

A candle has nothing to lose when it lights another candle.

The safest candles to light are those within your heart.

Light up the candles with the freshest aroma.

The longest-lasting candles you can find are in your heart.

These are the best-loved candles for Christmas.

Lighting up the world on Christmas. #lightup

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