51+ Best Cadbury slogans 

Cadbury was initially known as Cadbury’s. This multinational giant is basically a British company. John Cadbury founded this giant. This confectionery company was established way back in the year 1824. This company is fully owned by its parent organization called, Mondelez International. 

Cadbury Brand slogans

New tastes even more chocolatey 

What’s your love story 

Say it with silk 

It’s hunting season 

Find joy inside

Wahi swaad wahi mithaas 

Too good to be true 

Free the joy 

Just as irresistible 

Tastes like this feels 

Discover the joy of silk 

What to bring when you’re told not to bring a thing

Move over Naomi there’s a new diva in town 

A chocolaty feast 

The chunky marvellous creations 

Every bite it’s a party 

Joyfully sponsors the X factor 

Make it personal 

Cadbury hampers 

The perfect year end raffle solution! 

New Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Flavours 

Which best describes you? 

Vote for your favourite candidate. Then eat him. 

Welcome to the home of Cadbury 

Free coffee treat at Café coffee day 

For all your gifting needs 

Kuch meetha ho jaaye! 

Is Eid, kuch achha ho jaaye, kuch meetha ho jaaye! 

New Maha Pack 

A classic expression of Cadbury’s 70 Sweet years in India 

Jab Eid ka Chand chhaaye, tab kuch meetha ho jaaye! 

Joyful Eid 

Silk. One chocolate. Many flavours. 

Have you felt silk lately? 

Saying I love you. Saying it with Silk. 

I have a joke on silk. But everyone’s busy having it. 

Lick. Sip. Slurp. 

#How Do You Silk

Silk now with whole nuts 

This festive season. Say it with silk. 

This boyfriend’s day.  Say it with silk. 

The sinful new Silk Oreo Red Velvet. 

Silk with whole Turkish hazelnuts. 

Pop your heart out. Say it with silk. 

Silk is on a flight to delight. 

Bite. Pop. Pout. 

Silk on her lips. Silk on her mind. 

Melt. Smear. Savour. 

Let every heart beat for love. 

New silk home treats. For bite sized indulgence. 

A sweet delight for every game night.

There’s something new about silk. 

Press and hold to reveal a heartfelt surprise. 

Try the new mocha caramello 

Stay tuned for a sweet surprise. 

New silk feels like a lot more. 

Silk now with a crunch. 

This season of love. Say it with silk. 

Silk fairy tale. 

Bubbles up for joy. 

Bite into your favourite silk Caramello 

Lick your Caramello 

Slurp your Caramello

Sip your Caramello 

Take a shot of the new silk Caramello 

This Diwali, Indulge in your favourite chocolate. 

Dig in the gooey cube of Caramello

Some secrets are best kept between us. 

You give me butterflies 

Your are my special someone 

Sunsets are never the same without you

I have been thinking about us 

Kiss me. Close your eyes and lick me. Delicate bites of Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousses now bursting with Raspberry coulis 

Everyone sets their favourites 

Creamy because of the milk. 

Bite into the delight of chocolate and almonds

What flavour? Do you favour? 

There’s a glass and a half in everyone 

Say crispy creamy Cadbury’s quickly 

Enjoy Easter fun 

Your Cadbury now in a Cookie 

Enjoy the Crunch, savour the sweet! That’s Cadbury Bytes for you!

Jo khaaye, Masti chha Jaaye! 

Men want me. Women want to eat me. 

What’s your favourite? 

Diwali ho, toh family wali! 

Iss Diwali Khushiyan le chalo! 

Deliver joy to your employees and business partners this Diwali 

May joy and prosperity light up your life 

This Diwali, celebrate those who light up your life. The silk gifting range 

Make this Rakhi a memorable one 

This festive season take Celebrations along

Send your sister the sweetest Rakhi gift 

Make it a Rakhi to remember 

This Rakhi treat your loved ones to a free salon experience 

Celebrate the bond of love with a special gift 

There’s a Cadbury for every occasion 

Toh iss Diwali aap kisey khush karenge? 

Personalised Corporate Diwali gift by Cadbury 

Masti ka daily dose 

A mast ful weekend combo! 

Jiyo lightum light! 

Bunk for a movie 

Har ek Prank zaroori hota hai 

This Chocolate day, have some xtra chocolaty masti

Try kijiye mast lagega 

Lickables with lots of exciting toys 

Smooth and chocolaty now with a crunch 

Jitna crunchy, utna chocolaty 

A meeting of two greats 

Give you the power to be the best 

A match made in heaven 

Chocolaty cookie. Chocolaty crème 

Eat more milk 

Dairy milk marble. An old favourite is back 

Jitney colours utni masti 

Raho Umarless 

Equal love for every colour 

Take a monster bite 

Jitne sweet secrets utni masti

Be surprised by the layers of yumminess 

The purple army is ready to conquer the play-offs 

The lions have charged to the play offs

Cheer for your favorite team 

Which colour jeetega? 

It’s raining gems! 

Eat 5 star. Do nothing. 

Introducing the naya softer 5 star 

Crunchy. Chewy. Chocolaty. 

5 star ANDAR. Seriousness Bahar. 

It goes well with everything. 

5 star pe full cashback. 

Penuh Coklat, Kenyal and Rangup. 

Jo khaaye, Extra kho jaaye. 

₹20 ki 5 star khaao, Myntra pe offers paao. 

Hey Chocoholics + Shopaholics. 

Save more. Share more. 

To the one you can watch all day. Say it with silk. 

How far will you go for love? 

Discover joy of a new kind. 

Take a tasty bite of Bournvita Pro health vitamins goodness 

Badhaye Doodh ki Shakti. 

Tyaari jeet ki 

Building India’s Tann aur Mann ki Shakti. 

Richer, Creamier. 

New Bournvita for women 

Subah ka Biscuit. Bournvita Biscuit. 

The world awards those who are strong from within 

Strengthen bones reduce fatigue 

What a crunchy catch 

A sweet bite for a sweet score. 

Naashtey ke liye itni khushi kaise. 

Badhao Andar ki Taakat

Almonds made me. The Bournvita I am. The Champ Pack 

Inner strength formula. Bournvita. 

Kicking is a motor skill that ensures real growth. 

Confidence kuch kar dikhaane ka 

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