100+ Butterfly Captions For All Social Media

Butterflies are beautiful little creatures. The season of spring has butterflies hopping from flower to flower and spreading their wings. To help your social media posts flutter, here are some butterfly captions. 

Butterfly Captions for Instagram

What stars are to the sky, butterflies are to the Meadow. #meadow

I want to be as free as a butterfly.

I love watching those butterflies fly freely over the flowers.

A butterfly is truly a mysterious and fascinating creature.

You can only find beauty wherever there is a butterfly.

Spring means the advent of butterflies and flowers. #spring

Butterflies are like flowers that reach up to the sky.

A butterfly doesn’t even know how beautiful it is.

Some people are like butterflies, not knowing how lovely they are.

A butterfly is more like a symbol of love and beauty.

From a larva to a butterfly is a mystical and magical metamorphosis.

Butterflies I like dream creatures in reality.

I love, and butterfly achieves their exquisite selves finally.

A butterfly is both beautiful and free at the same time.

Butterflies seem to dance in the air.

That butterfly floating in the air it’s a lovely sight. #floating

Have you ever seen someone angry on a butterfly?

The most graceful creatures of nature are butterflies.

Just fly up high like a butterfly.

Magical happiness always surrounds a butterfly.

You’re like a butterfly amongst human beings.

A butterfly is but only a flying flower.

The wings of a butterfly I like a canvas splashed with colors.

Nature sends us butterflies to keep us happy and fresh.

About to fly, it’s truly a majestic creature. #majestic

You will love this garden filled with butterflies.

No changes mean no butterflies.

I think flowers and butterflies are cousins.

Be patient, and you will find happiness setting upon you like a butterfly.

If you believe that nothing ever changed, how come there are butterflies?

Gilded butterflies? Well, that’s pretty August, I guess.

Allow your love to progress in stages just like a larva transforms into a butterfly.

Chasing butterflies is taxing.

A pretty butterfly, it’s a glorious little Caterpillar.

That’s only a Caterpillar flying about. #caterpillar

Love and butterflies always try to please everything.

We’re like caterpillars. Only if you become butterflies.

Just imagine Bing free like a butterfly.

I just love these butterflies waking me up in the mornings.

These worries will always fly off like a butterfly.

In this garden of life, we are just little butterflies.

Float like a butterfly, but never sting anyone.

Where a Caterpillar ends, a butterfly begins.

The butterfly has only moments, but it makes the most of them.

We just cannot be friends if you don’t like butterflies. #friends

I just wish to be as colorful as a butterfly.

A Pretty Little butterfly will keep everyone happy.

If butterflies stung, would we love them so much?

I want to be a butterfly in my next life.

Funny Butterfly Captions

A butterfly doesn’t even know the kind of happiness it spreads all around.

A butterfly will always remind us of the happy side of life.

Even a butterfly undergoes hardships as a Caterpillar.

A butterfly reminds us of how rewarding every success is.

Even a butterfly has to lead the life of a caterpillar first.

I’ll become as stunning as a butterfly one day. #butterfly

The Caterpillar does the work; the butterfly gets the appreciation.

We always notice the butterfly, not the Caterpillar.

These butterflies are but colorful sprites of nature.

Butterflies truly feel as if they are fairies.

It must be really beautiful to become a gorgeous butterfly.

Every color suits a butterfly.

I feel butterflies are the most fashionable creatures.

Just imagine a world without butterflies.

Spring is all about colorful flowers and beautiful butterflies. #spring

Even the butterflies, which are absolutely white, are like little angels.

Even a butterfly had to undergo tremendous changes.

Butterflies flutter all happiness over us.

Happiness is a butterfly you shouldn’t chase. It will eventually come.

Butterfly has a short life, but enough to spread happiness and joy.

The fluttering wings for butterflies sound like those of fairies.

Every butterfly reminds us that there is someone waiting.

Let’s enjoy life just like butterflies do.

I yearn to fly like a butterfly in one day. #butterfly

Butterflies are actually the flowers that fly.

Give it time, and everything becomes beautiful like a butterfly.

A butterfly is truly an exquisite gift from nature to us.

Love and a butterfly are wanted wherever they go.

Let your love fly freely like a butterfly.

I want to be free, exactly like a butterfly.

A butterfly spreads all kinds of positivity.

What a combination of flower and butterfly make.

Butterflies are only caterpillars with wings. #wings

We shun the Caterpillar but love the butterfly.

The greatest irony is in the relation between the Caterpillar and the butterfly.

Always accept change. Even you can become like a butterfly.

Let’s all be as colorful as butterflies.

Let us all enjoy life just as butterflies do.

What a caterpillar calls the end, the butterfly calls the beginning.

A butterfly is unknowingly attracted to fire.

I simply love watching butterflies flying all around. #flying

How can a beautiful creature like a butterfly be so free?

If you love the butterfly, let it be free. 

We definitely appreciate caterpillars, but only when there are butterflies.

Earth it’s where we can all learn to transform like butterflies.

What beautiful designs a butterfly’s wings have.

I just want to be as free as a butterfly.

Is it too much to ask to be beautiful like a butterfly?

Be a beautiful butterfly on the inside.

You can find me where the butterflies are. #butterfoes

If it has anything to do with butterflies, you can count me in.

A majestic butterfly is but the glory of the Caterpillar.

A butterfly is truly a beautiful out-worldly creature.

I wish I could spread happiness all around just like a butterfly.

Butterflies are the magic that spreads happiness all around.

You’ll never guess that the Caterpillar will become the butterfly. #guess

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