150+ Bunny Captions For All Social Media

Rabbits are springtime creatures that symbolize fruitfulness and renewal. The season of spring is characterized by a number of things, and bunnies are one of them. Here are some bunny captions for social media!

Short Bunny Captions

Will you be my Bunny rabbit?

Whatever is in this house belongs to the Bunny.

The Bunny is funny, but only when it sees the money.

Have you ever seen a Bunny that’s depressed?

If you don’t like bunnies or chocolate eggs, don’t count me as a friend.

It takes one Bunny to understand another.

Ideas are exactly like bunnies. They multiply too fast. #multiply

The Bunny in the house is loved by everyone.

It is Easter, and I am the Easter Bunny.

There is a special place in my heart for every Bunny.

Ask an owner, and he’ll tell you how funny bunnies really are.

Bunnies are an absolute laugh riot.

Let’s go and cuddle like bunnies.

It’s spring. Time to let the bunnies out.

Making these bunnies puts a smile on your face.

Some humans I like bunnies absolutely lovable little devils.

Are you really as dumb as a Bunny? #dumb

Go ahead and have this Bunny as a pet.

My bunnies will definitely make you smile.

This is the best Easter treat I’ve ever had.

Our Bunny loves cookies.

Wishing you all a fantastic spring holiday.

I’ve always wanted a Bunny all my life.

Funny Bunny Captions

Just hop in and see which eggs are yours.

It’s Easter weekend and time for the bunnies. #easter

What’s so special about Easter? Eggs and bunnies.

The Bunny sticking out his chocolate eggs.

Fresh Bunnies are always available only during Easter.

Here’s a new Bunny for you.

I’m sure no man is fast enough to catch a Bunny.

I’m sure you can keep these bunnies as your pets.

Eggs are just delicious, whether they are chocolate or fresh.

Don’t let these bunnies run away with the show.

You are one lovely Bunny I’ll never forget. #bunny

Chocolate eggs and bunnies are a magical experience truly.

That pink Bunny is truly beautiful, don’t you think?

You’re bound to fall in love with this Bunny.

A Bunny really knows to try new things out.

How cute this Bunny is! I simply love him.

Do you know that Ambani could have said these five times fast?

Can you catch the Bunny hiding in that Bramble patch?

My Bunny and I keep going in circles.

Dancing like red Indians around the egg is a family tradition.

This baby Bunny is simply adorable. #adorable

Bunny Captions for Facebook

I love that warm, soft fur as my Bunny has.

Cuddling your Bunny is a fantastic feeling.

A day without my Bunny is a day completely wasted.

These bunnies are so soft.

The look in my bunny’s eyes shows that he couldn’t care less.

I love the friendliness of every rabbit.

Hello Bunny, you are so lovable and soft.

It’s amusing to see my Bunny play with those toys.

Care to be a proud owner of these bunnies? #bunnies

Be tender and loving with your Bunny.

Spring means a full garden and my Bunnies playing around.

Love your Bunny, and it’ll love you back.

A home is incomplete without a Bunny.

I love watching my bunnies when they sleep.

This is one Bunny that isn’t afraid at all.

Definitely, there is some Bunny that loves you too.

Are you some Bunny I used to know?

My Bunny has a truly strong personality.

Everyone says my bunnies are the cutest of all. #cutest

Rabbits and human beings are alike in many ways.

Just go ahead and take care of those rabbits.

Spring had just come, and the bunnies sprang up from God knows where.

Bunny Captions for Instagram

I just can’t seem to have enough of bunnies.

Just a glimpse of those bunnies isn’t enough.

Try catching two rabbits, and you’ll catch none.

I bet you need some bunny to be there for you.

Remember the time you followed that Bunny?

My bunnies just love celery and carrots. #carrots

You said bunnies are bullies? That just can’t be true.

Are you actually scared of bunnies?

That Bunny and I have been staring at each other for more than an hour.

I love to see my bunnies in those cute little T-shirts I made for them.

Here are the bunnies I was telling you about.

Let’s make some Bunny captions for those photos.

Rabbit’s foot? Not for me, please.

Bugs Bunny is one of my favorite characters ever.

My Bunny has been quiet for a long time now. #spring

Dear Bunny, let’s go out and do something fun today.

Take care of your Bunny, and you’ll be happy forever.

Spring is all about beautiful flowers, chocolate eggs, and Easter bunnies.

I love watching my pooch run after those bunnies all day long?

I always dream of beautiful pink bunnies.

Bunny Captions for Twitter

I have always wanted a Bunny for keeps.

I remember how it taught my Bunny to use the litter box.

I just don’t know how bunnies and owls make such good friends.

My Bunny is so clean, and I can’t imagine anything cleaner. #clean

It is fascinating how quickly humans and rabbits make friends with each other.

I hate people who go out hunting rabbits.

You love to watch my dog play around with my bunnies.

Whenever I see a Bunny, my heart just melts.

In short, I find everybody to be cute, lovely, and soft.

I can never live without a Bunny as a pet.

Bunnies always make my day.

Time flies when you are with your money and Bunny.

Have you ever heard a Bunny scream?

I am emotionally deeply attached to my bunnies. #emotional

My first Bunny made me realize that bunnies will be a part of my life forever.

Keep a pet Bunny and watch your life become better.

My bunnies made me understand what gratitude and loyalty are.

It is only humane to take a Bunny for a pet.

My bunnies speak through their eyes.

I will never give up my bunnies for the whole world.

Do you love bunnies? We’ll make best friends then. #friends

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