24 Tips to Build a Web Hosting Brand from scratch

Interested in hosting webpages and websites of companies in the internet? Well if yes, then building a web hosting company should be your thing to go for. Now what exactly is web hosting? What are the types of web hosting?

Build a Web Hosting Brand

Web hosting is nothing but a service that allows hosting of web pages. It is kind of business that provides all the necessary tools and requisites to the individuals and organizations so that they can host web pages in the internet. 

There are several types of web hosting. The major types are listed below:

  • Website Builders
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

Let us dive deep into the fundamentals of web hosting and go through the steps for creating a web hosting company.


Defining your web hosting brand

Your web hosting brand should have a unique brand story for customers to fall for. There are many such web hosting brands in the market which have attained substantial success just because their brand stories are worth the customer’s attention and time. 

Remember that a good and solid brand story can attract customers and ultimately boost up the sales of the brand. Tell them how the brand kickstarted and why was the brand initially formed. A great brand story with a tincture of emotion is a sure shot success recipe.


The niche markets

There is a huge demand for web hosting companies in the US market. It is important that you target your customer group. Segment the customer group based on parameters like the size of the company and the type of work they do. Why is this required? 

Organizations and individuals are in need of web hosting companies for hosting web pages. It has been seen that there are large web hosts who does not have a target market and that is the reason they do not get enough clients. 

It is advisable that your web hosting company starts small and have a target market set beforehand. This will help in propagation and will help in gaining substantial clients.


Brand name

It is quite hard to get a domain of your desired name available as most of them are taken. DO your research and come up with a company name and search for the availability of the domain name.

Remember, the domain name will be a permanent one and you have to purchase the domain for your work. Do your domain name research carefully.


Brand mission and goals

A brand’s mission and goals define a brand completely. Draft a mission statement and clearly mention what your brand is offering and at what cost. Tell your customers why this brand exists and to whom the web hosting services are being catered to.

Both brand statement and mission statement will define your brand and speak everything about it. Remember, defining your USP plays a major role in this segment and it will add an edge to the branding paradigm of your web hosting brand.

Stand out among the competitors with your unique statements and this will attract the crowd towards you. There are hundreds of registered web hosting brands in the market. But this is your weapon to break in and stand out.


The competition and competitors

This segment is perhaps the toughest segment to penetrate. But once your brand is at it, then it will be a streamlined movement. As of today, there are numerous web hosting brands in the market.

It is safe to assume that they have figured a way in the market and profitably stood out in the crowd. But in order to do that for your brand, what are the things required?


Know your market

This is important because before launching your web hosting brand in the market, you need to know your market scenario first. Know about the competitors and other players in the market and look out for their strategies. 

Once you have studied the market and gained substantial knowledge about your competitors, you have to come up with a unique idea for market penetration and brand visibility. The success of your brand will be dependent on this only. 


The types of hosting services

As listed earlier about the types of domain name services, it is time for your company to decide on the type of hosting services you are willing to offer. According the recent trends, shared hosting seems to be the most beneficial and economical to start with. Look out for your strengths and make it your company’s strength as well.


Brand voice is the way you communicate with your audience and the customer base. Many brands often overlook this aspect. Remember, this is one of the biggest mistakes that brands make in their brand foundation process. 

Here is how you can define your brand voice: 

  • Define the core values of your web hosting brand. Things that you follow and you cannot compromise on when it comes to providing the best web hosting services to be mentioned along with the fact why is your brand different from the others.
  • You must understand touch points such as blogs, social media and print media. These are places where your customer communicates with the brand and through the kind of content you post here, the brand voice can be built.
  • To choose the tone of your brand, personify your web hosting brand. Think how it would have communicated if it were a person. This will lead you to a suitable brand voice for use. Maintain if forever as brand voice and messages aren’t likely to keep changing.


Brand logo plays an important part in branding. Logo helps to identify a brand instantly and it is a picturized definition of a brand. Logos can be designed in such a way that it can deliver a hidden message to the customers. 

Most importantly, during logo creation, keep in mind the color scheme and the color combination as these two are the decisive factors in attracting the attention of the customers.


Viral branding

Marketing is crucial during a product launch. Now for a web hosting brand, it can be done by simple word of mouth strategy. Call in your friends and relatives and ask them to promote your brand.

In order to find customers both offline and online, you can try out the facilities provided by Facebook ads, Google AdWords, local print and media. This will help you gain substantial number of clients within a short span of time.

Viral brandings are cost effective and easy to implement. The major advantage of viral branding is that you can promote your web hosting brand very uniquely and can reach a large number of people without making much of an investment.


The building blocks

A brand’s building blocks, or we should say the backbone of the product needs the greatest amount of focus than any other segments. Your product/service will stand in the market based on these blocks and the major building blocks for web hosting brand are as follows:

Setting up your website

Website/websites are the face of the brands and businesses and so it is obvious that websites need the utmost care during the creation. The clients will be going to your website and by the first impression of your website, they will be judging the brand and its level of expertise. 

No client will be liking a website which does not have an attractive landing page and has a poor navigation system. So, in order to create and tailor a professional website, keep it simple et eye catching and use professional tools to tailor the brand website.


Branding through Facebook page

This segment is one the crucial segments in web hosting. You have set up the websites and the services you are willing to offer. But how can others know about your website and your company? How to increase your visibility?

Facebook is one of the most and widely used social media sites in the world. Facebook comes loaded with features and facilities for new businesses to help them penetrate the market and reach new audiences.

Simply create a page in Facebook with the brand logo. Put in all the details about your company and regularly post updates regarding the services you provide. 

The best part of Facebook is your page can be shared across the platform and within a span of few days, you can see a rise in engagements.


Branding through Google AdWords

Google AdWords is undoubtedly a powerful tool when it comes to online business. You web hosting company is a typical online business and you need to join hands with Google AdWords to bring out the maximum benefit. Now what does AdWords do?

Branding though Google AdWords has various benefits. As per reports, every online business gets $ 2 for spending $ 1 in AdWords. That’s double the amount you invest. A perfect tool for branding, Google AdWords helps your business to reach the epitome of success in a short duration of time.


Branding through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the Facebook for the professionals. All the professionals from across the globe are active on LinkedIn and are looking for such dynamic business startups. Here is why branding through LinkedIn is a good idea.

Branding through LinkedIn will help your brand reach across the professionals in the platform and by the time it reaches a large number of audiences, you will likely start getting your clients from it. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s immense hold of the market and utilize it to convert various professionals into your permanent clients.

So, are you ready to launch your first ever web hosting company? Well, it is not a hard task as all. Just follow and keep in mind the above-mentioned points and be confident enough with your idea. Be honest and holistic in your approach. Good luck!


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