22 Tips to Build a Stationery Brand from a Scratch

One will hardly find any person who hasn’t used stationeries in life. Stationery is a collective form of all materials used in an office for writing and making notes and also by students and anybody for official purposes. The items include papers, envelopes, files folders, writing pads, scribbling pads, spiral diaries, pens, pencils, erasers, plastic folders, any other such office supplies et all. 

Tips to Build a Stationery Brand

Today even papers meant for computer printout and rolled papers for computers are also termed as stationeries. Even today when many organizations are going in for paperless offices as the dependence on soft copies has increased manifold, one cannot ignore the office stationeries. 


Classification of stationeries


  • Office and business – letterheads, visiting cards, invoices, receipts, staplers,  pencils, erasers, pens, markers, highlighters, tapes, envelopes, paper cutters, office scissors, scribbling pads, notebooks, spiral pads, annual corporate diaries. 
  • Drawing equipment – painting brushes, coloured pencils, crayons, watercolours.
  • Files and folders – arch files, plastic folders, flat files, hole punch
  • Computer stationeries – laser printer, ink cartridge, ink ribbon, CDs, pen drives, chips, Xerox papers, papers for computer printout, toner.
  • School stationeries – geometry boxes, lunch boxes, rulers and scales, photo ID card holder


Target audience – 

  • Corporate offices
  • Government organisations
  • Trading houses and merchant offices
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Self-employed persons like CAs, advocates, 
  • Hospitality and healthcare sectors
  • NGOs.


Brand nomenclature – 

  • Logo The items of office stationery can well be justified being called as a fast-moving consumer goods. The target audience as is understood are educated class with a definite level of intelligence. Therefore to come up to their expectations so that they can relate themselves with the stationery company the logo need to be very sleek and professional with excellent branding 
  • Brand name and tagline The brand name chosen should be a class apart from the usual ones in the market. The brand name must be simple and create an impression in the minds of the target audience and at the same time must be ensconced in the mind of the target audience. 
  • Logo colour – Choosing the right colour for the logo especially in stationery products is extremely important as logo and logo colour gives the first impression about the brand and how sleek it is. Normally only two colours need to be used. The common colours chosen are navy blue, red, black, white and black. The two colours will give a professional touch to the brand. 
  • Pricing strategy – There can be two pricing objectives, one is to have prices lower than the usual operating price so that it can make deep inroads in the market, and, to price the items higher than the market price so that it will give an impression of a high premium product. 
  • Positioning strategy To develop the positioning strategy, first one has to see what is the strategy of the competitors and how they are faring. The positioning has to be value-based and should prove its exclusivity and specialisation clearly.


Procurement of raw materials

The quality of raw materials has to be Aclass keeping in mind the profile of the target audience. Every quality of the papers, computer stationeries and other materials should be procured from the best of vendors. Strict and proper quality control must be ensured. Procurement prices are also very important as better the procurement price better will be the market offered price.


Packaging designs

Keeping in mind the profile, tastes and preferences and the lifestyles of the target audience, the packaging design has to be classy and the packaging materials too need to be first class. In the case of paper material ideally imported art paper should be used. 


Competitor’s activities

Analysis and interpretation of competitor’s activities is very important in this sector. The following points need to be taken care of –

  • To track retail counter wise whose shelf presence is more prominent 
  • Trade schemes being offered by the competitors
  • To track the packaging design illustrations of the competitors
  • Convenience in packaging design
  • Publicity items being used
  • Quality and materials supplied by the competitors
  • Whether the competitors have any arrangements for bulk sales?


Advertisements and promotional activities – 

  • Coloured newspaper ads in mainline newspapers and magazines
  • Point of sales signage at retail outlets
  • Shelf life presence in the retail outlets
  • Wall wrappings near educational institutes
  • Sponsoring of events at reputed educational institutions.
  • Social media advertisements
  • Promotional gifts to important buyers.


Brand message

A suitable brand message for stationery brands is very significant. The product portfolio and the target group is such that a very powerful is required. Almost the majority chunk of the target audience have a quite high psychographic profile with higher socio-economic status.

The brand message, therefore, should be smart, suave, sophisticated so that the potential customer can immediately feel that this brand of stationery is meant for them.


Brand Voice

As the product category is sophisticated and upmarket so also is the target group the tone of the brand voice has to be likewise. The customers should be impressed that the company is serious about the product and leaves no stone unturned to make the product better than the best. Casual approach in the voice should be avoided at all cost because in that case the seriousness of the product will be diluted.


Brand Personality

The creation of the brand personality of the stationery brand should be a combination of sincerity, sophistication, professionalism and competence. The brand should be a personification of reliability, down to earth, competent and success coupled with friendliness. 


Brand integration – 

Office and retail/trade environment –

  • Personal interaction with the client during visits
  • Visiting cards
  • Promotional gifts to clients like diaries and calendars
  • Office interior design and dispensers
  • Signage at the retail point
  • Innovative packaging design
  • Product designs 

Social Media –

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Corporate WhatsApp group
  • Google plus
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Website –

  • Easy to navigate
  • Should have all detailed information about area wise agents and distributors
  • Can be used in mobile and tabs also
  • Should have links to prominent e-commerce sites
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Design should reflect professionalism and sophistication

The office stationery market, despite the growing presence of computers in our everyday life, will tend to grow because at any one point of time the demand for the items will always be there. Even with stagnation setting in, the market is expected to grow considerably because of the rise in the number of educational institutes, students and in the corporate sector. 

It is expected that more and more innovative ideas will come in for better items and more sophisticated and sleek items. It is also expected that big corporate houses will rope in and throw in their hats as a result of which this particular sector will prosper. More and more business collaborations are in the offing as a result of which the ultimate consumer stands to gain. 

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