Potato Chips Brand: 21+ Tips to Build a Brand from Scratch

Have you always loved grabbing a packet of potato chips and satisfying your hunger? Well, guess what? Potato chips are of the most frequently used edible commodities in the US market and the global market as well.

Powerful Tips To Build a Potato Chips Brand

Potato chips are available at the grocery and roadside shops. Before grabbing another packet of chips, let’s dive deep into the branding techniques required to build a potato chips brand from scratch.

The flavor of the potato chips

Deciding on the flavor is a crucial aspect of a potato chip brand. Come up with a mouthwatering recipe through several recipe books and papers. Always remember that the flavor of your edible food, like potato chips or any other, will determine the product’s sale and market preference.

If the flavor turns out to be good and different from the others, then be assured that your product will flourish across the markets.

Write up a great brand story.

Here is a secret that is about to get revealed. Customers fall for the brand story. Many such brands in the market have attained substantial success just because their brand stories are worth the customer’s attention and time.

Remember that a good and solid brand story can attract customers and ultimately boost the brand’s sales. Tell them how the brand kickstarted and why the brand was initially formed. A great brand story with a tincture of emotion is a sure-shot success recipe.

The niche markets

There is a huge demand for packaged chips in the US market. You must target your customer group. Segment the customer group based on parameters like age and frequency of buying. Why is this required? 

To produce and supply the products, you first need to know about the demographics and the demand across the regions. Also, segregating based on age will help model the product and cater to the targeted groups. Analyzing the niche markets also gives us information related to pricing, packaging, the needs of the customers, expectations, and the demand for the specific type of products.

Availability in retail markets

You have produced the product and have invested in an advertisement very efficiently. Now the question arises from where the packets of potato chips are to be bought by the customers. Here comes the availability factor of your brand.

It is time to make your product available across retailers and wholesalers. You must take a look into the supply chain and ensure that the products reach the destinations that cater to your target markets.

Make your product available at the groceries, small retail outlets, roadside shops, countryside retail shops, and supermarkets. This is how the customers can buy your product in the first place without going for an alternative in case of unavailability.

Brand mission and goals

A brand’s mission and goals define a brand completely. Draft a mission statement and clearly mention what your brand is offering and at what cost. Tell your customers why this brand exists and to whom the potato chips are being catered.

Both brand statement and mission statement will define your brand and speak everything about it. Remember, defining your USP plays a major role in this segment, and it will add an edge to the branding paradigm of your potato chips brand.

Stand out among the competitors with your unique statements, and this will attract the crowd towards you. There are hundreds of registered potato chip brands in the market. But this is your weapon to break in and stand out.

The competition and competitors

This segment is perhaps the toughest segment to penetrate. But once your brand is at it, then it will be a streamlined movement. As of today, there are numerous brands in the market producing potato chips.

It is safe to assume that they have figured a way in the market and profitably stood out in the crowd. But to do that for your brand, what are the things required?

Know your market

This is important because before launching your potato hips in the market, you need to know your market scenario first. Know about the competitors and other players in the market and look out for their strategies. Focus on the potato chip brands as it will help you navigate across their strategies more precisely. 

Once you have studied the market and gained substantial knowledge about your competitors, you have to come up with a unique idea for market penetration and product visibility. The success of your brand will be dependent on this only. Take the example of Pringles. It is being manufactured in Malaysia and has come up with an elongated cylindrical hardboard packaging which is unique and catchy.

Brand voice and logo

Brand voice is the way you communicate with your audience and the customer base. Many brands often overlook this aspect. Remember, this is one of the biggest mistakes brands make in their brand foundation process. 

Here is how you can define your brand voice: 

  • Define the core values of your potato chips brand. You cannot compromise on things you follow when it comes to manufacturing the best potato chips to be mentioned, along with why your brand differs from the others.
  • You must understand touch points such as blogs, social media, packaging, and print media. These are places where your customer communicates with the brand, and through the kind of content you post here, the brand voice can be built. 
  • To choose the tone of your brand, personify your potato chips brand. Think how it would have communicated if it were a person. This will lead you to a suitable brand voice for use. Maintain if forever as brand voice and messages aren’t likely to keep changing.

Potato Chips Brand Logo

Logo plays an important part in branding. Logo helps to identify a brand instantly, and it is a picturized definition of a brand. Logos can be designed in such a way that it can deliver a hidden message to the customers. 

Most importantly, during logo creation, keep in mind the color scheme and the color combination as these two are the decisive factors in attracting customers’ attention.

Online stores

Online stores and offline stores are essential for active marketing and branding purpose. To get along with the contemporary branding strategies, setting up online stores is the first thing you should do to increase the sales and brand visibility of your potato chips brand. 

Venturing into online marketing can lead to successful branding. Create a portal online and join hands with other eCommerce companies. Make your potato chips available to online customers and see your sales go up.

Here are some tips using which you can set up the online marketing strategy:

  • Provide high-quality photos of your potato chip packaging.
  • Show your customers what’s inside the packets.
  • List the ingredients used in making your potato chips.
  • Provide the testimonials you received from the clients.
  • Decent pricing.
  • Availability to almost all locations.

Viral branding

Marketing is crucial during a product launch. Now for a potato chips brand, it becomes a hectic task to invest a lump sum in traditional marketing such as television ads, display advertisements, and hoardings. Instead, you can follow a different type of strategy, such as viral marketing. 

Viral brandings are cost-effective and easy to implement. The major advantage of viral branding is that you can promote your potato chips brand uniquely and reach many people without making much of an investment.

Lay’s as an example

We have seen Lay’s doing such viral branding during football games in various parts of the UK. It has been estimated that football fans eat around 12 million pounds of chips during football games. Lay’s used its viral branding campaigns and earned a massive amount from it.

The building blocks

The building blocks, or we should say the backbone of the product, needs the greatest amount of focus than any other segment. Your product will stand in the market based on these blocks, and the major budding blocks for potato chips brand are as follows:

Chips shape: The shape of the chips is a determining factor. As soon as the customer opens the packet, the shape of the chips plays a physiological trick in determining the chips’ quality.

The texture and taste: Yes, the texture is important. Taste is the obvious and basic parameter that will define your potato chips brand. The better it tastes, the better will be your position in the market. Be it salted or crispy, the choice is yours to make.

Packaging: In the potato chips industry, packaging needs to be designed and done with utmost care. Think and come up with a design that is different from the other brands and unique as well. Include that attractive factor in the packets so that the customer’s attention goes to your brand when your chips packets reach the stores.

Freebies: Freebies can be the game changer in such types of businesses. Children always fall for cartoon character merchandise and they force their parents to buy those. If you can provide such freebies inside the chip’s packets, then children will convince their parents to buy those packets for the freebies. Pringles has used this strategy many times and offered gift vouchers inside the packets.

Well confident enough to open a potato chips brand now? Stay true to the brand and follow the steps mentioned above. To attain success, be unique in your approach and stand out among the other players in the ever-changing and competitive world.

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