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21 Tips to Build a Packaged Food Brand from Scratch

Packaged foods are one of the hottest markets in the world right now. It has dominated the US retail market with its abundance demand and the companies are making the highest profits. Well, these facts are going to entice anyone to open their own packaged food brand. Are you willing to launch such a brand and earn a big amount of profit? Then this is for you.


Choose your product category

For a packaged food company, it is essential that you choose the product category during the initial stage. This is segmentation in simpler words. There are various types of packaged foods in the market. Starting from packaged ready to eat noodles to packaged chicken, the number is a continuous one.

Before branding, you need to specify the area of your work and the type of products you are about to produce. This will help the customers in knowing your brand properly and eliminate any confusion if any.


Draft a brand story

A solid brand story is an essential these days. Customers are willing to know about the brand in and out. A well drafted brand story can work as a magnet and attract the customers towards the brand.

The reason why brand stories are required is that every brand starts from an idea. The customers are willing to know the real reason behind the launch of your brand. Give them apt answers to their questions such as ‘why the brand exists’ and ‘what is the brand launched for’.

Always remember that a gripping brand story can surely attract and retain loyal customers who will be making purchases on a regular basis.


Market segmentation : Target customer group

Who are your target customers? If not decided, then it is high time that you decide on it. Targeting the right customers is an important segment in market segmentation. Now the question arises why is this required?

Your packaged foods are being catered to a specific set of customers who prefer eating packaged foods.This will definitely exclude those who believe in eating foods made out of daily groceries. So, the working class and the people with time constraints are your target customers.

This sort of segregation is required so that you can brand your product according to the requirements of your target customers.


Availability of products

Your products should be available at various outlets and then only you can start branding. Now how to make products available in the market? What markets to begin with?

The contemporary markets are of two types – Online and Offline market.

Online market

This is ecommerce basically. Join hands with various online market companies and make your product available in their websites. Make sure you produce abundantly to as to cater all the regions covered by the online companies. Many customers prefer online marketing these days.

Offline market

This is basically the brick and mortar stores. The traditional grocery stores and the retail outlets like supermarkets fall into this category. These are for people who do not prefer online marketing. Make sure you make your products available in the retail stores across the country.


Mission and objective

Your packaged food brand has a brand mission and brand objectives. You might ask what are these and how are these essential for branding?

Brand mission and brand objectives specify a brand. It makes the base stronger. Imagine a life with out goals. That is exactly a brand without objectives and mission. Your brand objectives and mission will enable the customers to understand your brand more and create a transparency between the brand and the customers.

Your customers will understand the purpose of your brand’s existence and these objectives will justify the work your brand will do.


The market and the players

The market plays a very important role in branding. Now this will completely depend on your analysis and experience with the market scenario. Knowing the surroundings is very important for survival. In this case, knowing the market and the changes in the market in crucial for development of your packaged food business.

Now comes the competitors. During your market analysis, you will come across players who are in the same industry as you are. That means, you will find many other brands who are producing packaged foods just like your brand.

Know their strategies and their market hold. Understanding these parameters will help you shape an effective strategy formarket penetration.


Brand voice

Your brand voice is your brand’s identity. Your communication with your customer base and the quality of communication is considered as the brand’s voice. Obviously, your brand needs to have a positive brand voice.

Now how brand voice is essential for branding?How can you optimize your communication channel with your audience? Here are some parameters to keep in mind :

  • Start by giving out the brand mission and goals.Customers are willing to hear about the brand story and the core values your brand possesses.
  • Communicate with your audience though blogs and other social media platforms. This type of communication is trending these days and are very effective.
  • Personify your brand. Give your brand the magic touch. Put life in it and let it mix with the audience. The audience would love to see such a type of strategy.


Branding strategies

Your brand has been built from scratch and in order to promote your brand, branding is essential. But how to brand? There has to several branding strategies. Let us start with few of the major branding strategies which can help your brand reach the top of the ladder.

Viral branding strategy

Viral branding is the latest kind of branding in the contemporary markets. Many brands have come up with viral branding techniques due to several facilities this kind of branding has to offer.

There is not much capital investment associated with viral branding. This kind of branding depends on the unique market ideas you can come up with and advertise your product. Be it on social media or be it on real life scenarios, viral branding is situation-based advertising.

The effectiveness of viral branding is the reach is quite higher compared to normal branding and the customer engagement is substantially higher than the traditional branding strategies.

Tailor a branding strategy depending on the nature of your packaged food brand and the current market scenario.


The brand website

Your brand should have a strong online presence. By this we mean to say that your packaged food brand should have a dedicated website where the customers have engaged with the brand and have a deeper perspective.

Give out the information about your product lines and take them to a journey into the brand activities.Ask and answer to the queries raised by the customers and this will promote your brand in a positive way.


The fundamentals of branding

Here are some of the fundamental building blocks of branding of your packaged foods brand and these are crucial steps which needs to be followed for successful branding. They are as follows:

  1. The packaging: The packaging of the packaged foods is very important when it comes to branding. This is the first thing the customers will notice when they will go to stores to buy the product. There will be other packaged foods from other brands as well.

You packaging has to be attractive and unique so that the customers notice your brand and make the purchase.So,packaging plays a huge role in branding.

  1. The ingredients: People today are health conscious and it has become a challenge for brands to come up with healthy packaged foods. Earlier companies used to add preservatives and added colors which were harmful for the health as well as the environment. 

So, grab the attention of the health concerned customers, brands need to mention the list of ingredients they have used in the product and in case of packaged foods, the mentioning of added preservatives is a must.

  1. The freshness: Packaged foods have the tendency to lose the taste with time. It is a challenge for the brands to maintain the efficacy and freshness of the product. It can easily be done by adding preservatives, but the challenge is doing that by adding the less amount of preservatives possible.

Customers after buying thepackaged foods will not be happy if they find the product to be rotten or tasteless. The freshness of your packaged foods has to be the strength of your brand.

  1. Brand logo: Not needed to say but brand logo plays an important role in identification of a brand. Logos are created to uniquely identify brands. A smartly tailored logo with proper color usage can speak a thousand words.

Logos should be designed in such a way that it tells a story. Make it unique so that your brand stands out in the crowd. Your logo will help the customers get familiar with the brand.

  1. Material used in packaging: The world is focusing on environment friendlyproducts and the packages and packings have contributed to the pollution in the recent years.

As a brand, it is important that your brand comes up with environment friendly packaging so as to promote green initiate across the platforms.

Ready with your packaged food brand ideas? It is time to gear up with the assets and keep in mind the above-mentioned points to strategize a branding strategy. Remember that a good branding strategy has no formula. Only the right action in the situation is the only decisive factor for branding.

Also keep in mind that branding needs to be done based on the current analysis of the market and so do your homework well. All the best then!

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