Hotel Branding: 26+ Tips to Build A Brand from Scratch

When establishing a business, there are many things to keep in mind. Especially when it is about a start-up business for a hotel, there are various branding ideas out there that can make your business reach the top.

So, if you are up for creating your branding strategies with your hotel, you must keep in mind that your branding ideas must be creative and unique.

For any business to succeed, it is important to make a brand stand out. And To outshine the crowd, your brand must be unique and full of innovations.

Powerful Tips To Build A Hotel Branding Strategies

Create a strong narrative for your hotel:

Storytelling has become the most important feature of branding. You can edit your hotel’s story and add some insights into the history of your efforts and hard work. Adding a section on your business website that narrates your hotel’s story might seem quite interesting to your potential customers.

There are various types of research and studies that have shown that humans are designed for stories, and stories lead to better understanding and trust.

Treat your guests as your brand itself:

The brand you want to have is directly related to the type of guest you want to target and attract to your hotel. Research what your target guest segments need and let your findings trickle down into every brand activity you undertake.

It is of vital importance to be consistent and authentic. Customers have brains, so they will quickly realize when you are trying to fool them or when you can’t deliver on promises.

Hotel Pennsylvania is an example of following this rule.

Leverage technology for hotel marketing:

Technology and its advanced aspects are available today more than ever. As technology and its fields are abundant to mankind, using them most efficiently is also very important.

One must remember that even though the basic workflow is to book a room – stay at the hotel – leave a positive review; customers want more out of their hotel stay. With all the available options, it is a great idea to leverage technology. One of the best things you can do is create a virtual tour of your hotel.

The Peninsula Chicago is an expert at leveraging the technologies.

Consider taking a holistic approach:

This is where consistency becomes important. Your hotel’s brand ‘image’ needs to be reflected in everything associated with your business, including:

  • Name and logo
  • Typography
  • Stationery
  • Marketing activities
  • Social media and any other content you present to the public

It all depends on how you want travelers to see you. If you want to be recognized as a relaxed, serene hotel, you need to promote this in all material and probably take a less formal approach to content.

Keep the competition in mind:

Keep the cut-throat competition in mind before you take any steps towards branding. Always remember that to shine the competition out there and leave your competitors behind, you must know how they operate.

Thus it is always wise to keep a watchful eye on the competition of the market. You can do it by conducting thorough research about the market and businesses with the same niche industry as yours.

Fairfield inn and suits always manage to tackle the competition.

Create a strong visual identity:

Visuals matter. The way you design your website, your posts, and banners, and your logo create an overall impression of your brand.

When building a good brand reputation for your hotel is being talked about, you can showcase all the amenities and all the means of comfort you provide to your clients. 

Remember that your brand identity should carry from your logo to your stationery, online ads, and other branded material. Your visuals should reflect your hotel and its unique story.

Make the most of social media and make your brand exciting:

Everyone wants to lead the race in this new era of advanced technologies and competition. To leave behind your competition, you must learn how to make the most of social media.

Apart from the website of your business, social media is the one that always keeps you ahead of the competition by promoting your brand and creating excitement within the traveler market across the world. Instagram and Facebook can be the best medium for reaching your potential clients.

Reward the loyalty of your guests:

If you want to retain your customers, you can consider implementing some loyalty programs. If you already use it, you can also consider going the extra mile.

Show the guests that there’s more to the loyalty program than just awarding them points for staying with you. This can mean offering upgrades or gifts more often or taking the time to randomly reward an individual customer with dinner, tickets to a show, or anything that suits your hotel’s brand.

Write suitable blogs for SEO:

Not many hotels have blogs, but that does not mean that content marketing is not surprisingly effective even in the hospitality industry. The major goal of producing content is to inform your customers.

And when it comes to hotels, there are a lot of things that you can do. You can also keep your guests updated on local events, special promotions, or travel-related topics. You can use your customer data to curate a better content experience for them.

White Stallion Ranch writes awesome SEO blogs.

Try connecting to your audience emotionally:

As a hotel owner, you must remember that your property is more than four walls and a bed. If you connect with a consumer’s need for romance, adventure, or another emotion, you can build a longer-lasting brand, and even demand a premium.

So, you must clearly communicate your business to your customers to get a greater response. Also, keep in mind the area where your hotel conveys the right emotional message.

Friday harbor house can be a very good example.

Try some smart marketing strategies:

Not everyone in the industry has the same pockets. Be selective about how you market your brand – to whom and where. A targeted approach is not just efficient; it is more effective. You may reach fewer people and at a higher cost.

But certainly, the conversion will be much higher. Brand building is not for a select few with deep pockets. If you create your unique story and sell it to a smaller, targeted travel market, sustainable profitability will be.

Keep your focus on SEO and brand awareness:

Not many hotels have blogs, but that does not mean that content marketing is not surprisingly effective even in the hospitality industry.

The main goal of producing content is informing your customers, and when it comes to hotels, there are many things you can do. You can keep your guests updated on local events, special promotions, or travel-related topics. You can use your customer data to curate a better content experience for them.

Faena Hotel Miami is a great example that focuses on SEO and brand awareness.

Mind the people behind the hotel:

There is nothing more important than building your brand in hotel marketing. And showing the people who are doing the work and making the guests feel incredible can go a long way toward brand awareness.

People communicate with people, so emphasize the human aspect of staying at your hotel. Let your guests get to know your employees – especially if you’re running a small business. Share their stories, and create a “team” section on your website.

Create experiences for your customers:

Turn your guests’ stays into wholesome experiences that will not only have them returning but returning with their friends, as well. You can offer things randomly, host events, accommodate travel guides, create guides yourself, and implement seasonal promotions.

This can all tie in with your overall hotel marketing strategy, as you can use these materials on your social media, blogs, and advertising. It’s also an excellent referral generator.

Doubletree by Hilton can be a great example here.

Improve the style of your advertising:

Partner with influencers and people who are well-known in your primary guest types’ niches to create content that will attract an uncountable number of new guests. Another thing to keep in mind is user-generated content that will help you get the social proof needed for marketing success.

Encourage your guests to share snippets of their stays at your hotel, and converse with them as though they are friends. Consider different advertising approaches if you want different marketing results in the upcoming years.

Make sure that your technology supports your guest experience:

Go over your website to identify any points where users may drop off. It perhaps can be a long process of booking a room or an unclear way of getting in touch with your hotel. Consider the importance of the mobile experience.

Fewer people are booking through desktop today, so keep that in mind when optimizing your website. After all, there is nothing more important than creating an incredible experience for your guests.

The technology of Lord and Moris Hotel is in place and supports the mission.

Turn your hotel’s website into a lead-generating machine:

When your hotel is being talked about, and when it comes to what you have to offer your customers, your website often creates the first impression. This one impression is going to last for a potential customer, and this is what he or she will have with your brand.

A good website should be an efficient machine designed to generate new leads. Many newly invested advanced technologies and tools have excellent free e-books detailing how to get started.

Try running a digital ad campaign:

If you are a smaller hotel without the resources of a national advertising budget, you can go all in on digital advertising. Running ad campaigns on social media is extremely underpriced for its effectiveness.

You can get started by diving into your customer relationship manager and looking at your existing data about your past customers. Use that information as a basis for your initial target audience. You will get more data as the campaign progresses.

Hyatt Place hotel is a great example of a digital ad campaign.

Answer all your customers’ questions:

Content marketing is considered one of the best and most effective ways of increasing the rate of hotel bookings. You can find out all the questions or problems your target audience has about your hotel.

There you can create detailed content to solve those problems. This will help build the trust of your hotel or brand’s audience and increase the chances of converting them into customers. You can just create content about these topics on your website, and you are done.

Strategies to build a Hotel Brand from scratch:

  • Creating a powerful narrative about your hotel brand is a great thing to start with.
  • Use technology to visualize your hotel/hotels in the online market. For example, you can use the 360-degree view camera to show the interior of your hotels.
  • Define your hotel brand and design a solid marketing model.
  • Look out for competition in the market you are dealing in.
  • Enable rewards for the customers.
  • Create feedback campaigns and analyze the feedback.
  • Create a digital presence for your brand.

What is the main purpose of a guide for creating a hotel brand from scratch?

  • A hotel branding guide conveys information about various areas of your business.
  • It helps you learn about your brand’s assets and their appropriate uses.
  • It is a useful resource for rebranding, brand repositioning, and starting up a new hotel.

How to respond to a start-up branding guide?

  • With the help of a potential branding guide for a Hotel, you can properly set your standard rules.
  • It is a useful resource to understand how to represent your brand.

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