19+ Tips to Build Hosiery Brand from Scratch

Hosiery products are part of the necessity for every human being. With the continuously evolving fashion trends throughout the world, the new and more comfortable hosiery products are being launched in the market every day. Hosiery products being an essential part of any wardrobe, irrespective of men or women are nowadays going through many fashionable experiments so that they can be made more attractive and appealing to the customers.

In this continuously enlarging market of hosiery products starting a brand from seed can be a very profitable affair. In order to build a hosiery brand from the starting point below are some very useful tips So come on, let us find out.

Here are Best Tips to Build Hosiery Brand from Scratch


First Major Tip: 

Across the globe, many reputed hosiery brands have brought different innovative designer hosiery products in the market. A rising brand needs to be aware that the designs of the products do not become copies or duplicate products of some other hosiery brands. Copying exact designs from other brands can give rise to legal issues.

The brand must also remain very cautious about the raw materials that are to be used in order to maintain the standard as well as the quality of the hosiery products up to the mark so that the products can capture the market. 

branding tips build hosiery brand

Draft Your Business Plan: 

Drafting a proper plan for conducting a hosiery business is very necessary. A business plan can be very useful and essential in understanding the demands as well as the preferences of the customers.

It also helps a brand to design the products that are to be launched at the initial stage and the products that can be launched later.

Diversification of the products can be done through a proper business plan where different ranges of hosiery products can be considered and the brand can decide on the styles, designs, materials, fabric quality, and fabric colours and so on. 


Select Your Niche Carefully: 

Choosing the correct and profitable categories in order to extend the business is crucially necessary. Directing the business without choosing or planning the products that can bring extra profit to the brand can make the business face downfall. The brand needs to put emphasis on products such as:

  • Tube Socks
  • Hold-Ups
  • Bodystockings
  • Toe Socks
  • Pantyhose
  • Compression Stockings 
  • Legwarmers 
  • Knee highs 
  • Leggings  
  • Nightwear pyjamas

It is very crucial to understand what the customers are asking for. The demands and the choice of the buyers are very necessary for a start-up brand to know in order to put the correct focus on the right kind of product. 


Know Your Market: 

It is important for a new hosiery brand to build a strong customer base. For doing that, the company needs to chart the locations where the brand can extend its market. The preferences of the consumers need to be considered so that the brand can design products that can suit the taste and the choice of the buyers.

The brand can design new trendy toe stockings or leggings for women as women are observed to be more fashion-conscious with respect to men. The new product design can appeal to a lot more customers and can facilitate the growth of a potential market.  


Important Questions to Ask Yourself: 

  • What are the focal products that you think can bring the most profit?
  • Where are your products different from hosiery products from other brands? 
  • How will you retain your consumers? 
  • What are your unique strategies for promoting your brand?
  • Who are the customers whom you will target at the initial stage of the business? 

The above-listed questions will help the start-up hosiery brand to make out or chart out the direction in which the business can be extended. Answers to these questions can provide the brand with the correct path to follow so that the business can be set up on the firm ground and gradually a ripe market can be created.


store branding tips build hosiery brand

Know The Numbers: 

A start-up brand needs to know very well the amount of investment that is needed to initiate a proper flow of work. The company at the beginning needs to plan a proper budget. This is a very crucial part in case of starting a business because without a properly planned budget the entire business can collapse.

The proper procedures of investment must be judged and the numbers need to be set as well as calculated cautiously so that the company can formulate the paths of future business extension carefully and successfully. 


Web Presence: 

In today’s world, every business company needs to create and maintain a proper and user-friendly website. The start-up hosiery brand needs to develop a website through which the digital marketing options for the company can be explored better. As a brand at its initial stage, the major motto of the brand will be to build a strong base of consumers.

With more and more people now opting for online shopping, the brand needs to design online stores as well as easily navigable mobile applications so that the range of products launched by the brand can be visible to a large number of customers. 


Sales and Marketing Strategies: 

The brand needs to formulate effective marketing and sales strategies that can help the company to gain a heightened level of competitive advantage. L’eggs an American hosiery brand had gained immense popularity by innovating a new kind of packaging. They used to pack the products in a container that was shaped like an egg.

This unique packaging strategy appealed to customers. The start-up brand can go for such innovative sales tactics. The brand can make use of experiential marketing strategies by keeping the price range quite affordable so the customers from all social sectors can buy the products. 

product tips build hosiery brand

Customer Preference: 

In the case of conducting a business, the most important factor is the customers. The taste, choice and preferences of the target customers’ needs to be paid good attention to the company so that they can design hosiery products that will have a good demand in the market.

The customers want quality products in affordable price range so it will be necessary for the start-up brand to price the products in a way so that the customers can be retained and the quality of the products must not be compromised. 


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Brand Identity, colours, logos and taglines: 

Any product especially in the case of apparels the colours play a crucial role. An attractive logo of the brand, as well as a catchy tagline, can play a pivotal role in making the brand popular in the market. The company needs to create a logo that can attract the eyes of the buyers.

The tagline must be relatable and appealing to the consumers, which can initially create a strong positive impression in their minds. The tagline needs to represent the vision and mission of the brand whereas the colours of the products are required to be chosen according to the demands of the buyers. 


Brand Stories and Brand Messages: 

Brand messages and brand stories must be used in a way so that the start-up brand can make a stronghold in the market. The brand must wisely use customer feedback to attract more customers and to create a good business reputation.

The brand messages need to be delivered to the customers from a varied class of people. The brand messages are required to be created properly so that the receivers can get a good impression and can have an impression that buying from this particular brand will be profitable for them. 


Online Store Branding Tips: 

The online website of the start-up brand must expose a wide range as well as a variety of products varying in fabric materials, colours, designs and so on. The online store needs to provide the customers with effective customer support or query solution option. The online store must highlight the newly launched products, special discounts on the products, seasonal offers and so on.

The online store must never show the customers products that are not available in stock or cannot be manufactured for certain reasons. The website needs to share the vision, mission, customer feedbacks and the brand messages effectively. 


networking tips build hosiery brand

Social Media Branding Tips: 

Today social media is a platform where the start-up brands and their products get discussed the most. In order to create awareness among the buyers, the brand can create their own social media pages in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

The brand can post the pictures or videos of their newly launched products or specially designed products so that the customers can get to know about them. Some very useful tips that the company can follow are:

  • Exposing a diverse range of products.
  • Creating web ads.
  • Innovative picture advertisements. 
  • Polling Events
  • Initiating Discussion Forum 
  • Inviting Feedback messages 


Product Packaging, Label and Message: 

The packaging of the products matters to almost all buyers. Therefore, the brand must take careful steps in order to make the packaging quality and even the design of the packages unique. The products need to be packed in a way so that the customers have a positive feeling about the items inside the package.

Originality needs to be maintained properly in case of labelling of the products. The brand message needs to be conveyed to the exclusive customers of the start-up brand so that the vision, as well as the mission of the company, can be made clear to them.


Inside Store Marketing: 

The inside store marketing exposes and portrays a diverse range as well as a variety of the products that are manufactured and sold by a company. The example of the brand Hanes can be cited in this case. This brand has launched many innovative varieties of hosiery products for men and women.

This brand has diversified the products differentiating them based on designs, seasonal wears, sports category, and daily wear products and so on. 


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Pricing Strategies: 

The profitability of a business lies greatly on the pricing tactics of the products. The start-up company needs to keep the price structures enough affordable and reasonable so that the customers from all socio-economic strata can afford to buy from the brand.

Lowering the price range can help the brand to attract the attention of the potential customer group. Applying wise pricing tactics can facilitate the brand to earn a high level of profit. 



For any brand, advertising properly is directly proportional to the profit earned by the company. The start-up brand needs to find out innovative ways of advertising so that the attention of the customers can be directed and manipulated towards it. The brand needs to advertise through offline as well as online media.

Newspaper ads, magazine ads, TV ads, Social media ads, video ads need to be circulated among the buyers to gain more attention. Catchy advertisements will make people discuss the brand and that will enhance the customer footfalls.  


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Promotional programmes are very necessary for a start-up brand to arrange because providing useful information to the customers regarding the company and its products can ensure the growth in the sales.

The company needs to arrange different promotional campaigns, such as outdoor campaigns, video campaigns, radio promotions, Television promotions so that people get more curious to know about the brand. 

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Extending Your Brand and Growing Big:       

The brand needs to aim at expanding its market. The company needs to research and understand the markets where the business can be extended profitably. The brand can conduct customer surveys to comprehend the nature of the market that can be explored.

The brand must enhance and widen the customer pool by understanding their diverse choice and taste of the products. When the brand will get a good reputation in the local market, it can aim at gaining global recognition with the passage of time. 

The business tips that have been discussed above are well applicable in the case of building a hosiery brand from scratch. The brand can gain reputation applying for the research and development programs, aligning the vision and mission of the brand with the marketing strategies applied by the brand, designing and developing an online store, arranging promotional programmes and advertisements. The branding strategies are required to be innovative so that the brand can gain goodwill within a short period of time. 

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