187+ Catchy Buffet Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Almost everyone likes to have a Thanksgiving buffet where one would like to eat their heart out. And if you plan to flaunt your buffet pics on social media, here are some captions that will boost your social media posts! 

Buffet Captions for Instagram

Build a gargantuan appetite, and eat like a polished hog at the buffet.

The table is packed with all that I love and more. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

It’s that time of the year again when I get invitations to all those buffets and dinners.

Give thanks, and then enjoy the buffet. It’s the best way to enjoy the season.

A buffet party means that there will be only one meal on that day. #meal

The buffet is open, and we have been invited. So let’s make the most of it.

A buffet is all about stuffing yourself the best you can.

A buffet is where every foodie loves to be.

You deserve a buffet. So we seriously had you in mind when we organized this party.

Food is galore, wine galore. Could anyone ask for anything more? #foodandwine

Keeping it healthy at the buffet means going to it on an empty stomach.

I keep waiting all year for this one day at your buffet. And I love it every year.

Why have just a party when we can have a great buffet party?

Just join us at the buffet table and let the food take away all your worries.

A buffet is always a great adventure for food lovers. #foodlovers

Every item has been prepared with impeccable taste. Thanksgiving couldn’t be more enjoyable.

We ought to have buffets more often. And with other varieties of food.

This party has been a buffet of pleasures and satisfaction.

Let’s see what you have in store for us at your buffet today.

Once you attend our buffet, you just won’t want to be at any other again, but ours. #attend

This buffet is for you to have a treat and celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

After eating at our buffet, your cravings will only be expounded.

It is just a perfect evening for that buffet party. So let’s just enjoy.

You will be satisfied completely at the buffet, only that your heart will yearn for more.

It’s always good to warm up at any thanksgiving buffet before the actual Christmas dinner. #dinner

The grand buffet table is what attracts us at any buffet party.

This buffet is our way of giving thanks this festive season.

Buffets are meant for us to attack all the tables and all the items.

A spread as grand as ours is not heard of at any other buffet.

I already failed my resolution at today’s buffet. #buffet

The most blissful buffet you can ever have attended. Every time.

After a buffet, there are so many leftovers to enjoy the next day as well.

Just enjoy all that we have prepared for you at our thanksgiving buffet.

There is so much to choose from at any buffet party.

Our thanksgiving buffets are the most sought items of the season. #season

A buffet makes me happy as it allows me to pick and choose only what I like.

Caption that photo of me playing host at the thanksgiving buffet.

I just love buffets, especially the ones held during festivals.

Every dish at our buffet is a special delicacy.

If it is thanksgiving without a buffet, I will be badly hurt. #thanksgiving

It’s a delectable pleasure to be at this thanksgiving buffet party.

Thanksgiving buffet dinners are the most innovative of all.

At our buffet, you will eat, drink, and be merry.

We organized this buffet for you all only.

Let us pamper your palate with our buffet spread. #spread

A buffet spread for our friends and family on Thanksgiving.

Every item at the buffet is packed with health and taste.

All your favorites are available at our buffets.

Our buffet will spoil you for choice.

Hold on to your regime for now. Visit our buffet party first. #regime

Funny Buffet Captions

Buffets are places where you can best relish your favorite cuisines.

You will be glad you decided to come to our buffet.

I just adore those who throw a buffet on Thanksgiving.

A buffet is every gourmet’s delight.

Our buffet will keep you enthralled long after the party is over. #enthralled

Chill in the warmth of our lavish spread at our buffet.

You just cannot stop after the first bite.

Every buffet is a date between us and the food.

Pick your favorite dish, and relish it.

I wish someone would look at me the way I look at food at a buffet. #food

My wife makes every meal a buffet to cherish.

All the weight I lost I gained again at the buffet.

Party hard this Thanksgiving at the buffet that we have organized.

Every buffet strives to fill your belly and your heart.

After a buffet, I always regret to know that I could have eaten more. #eat

If you have a problem with any Chinese buffet, just use the forks instead.

Come and have unbelievable dishes at my buffet.

I love Indian buffets because of the serve naan of the Indian pieces of bread.

If you don’t like buffets, how can you expect us to become good friends?

I can always get over my fear of buffets once I begin helping myself. #buffet

I bet everyone will live it up at the buffet.

I took all the crab legs home and only ate the rest at the buffet.

Let’s organize a buffet Thanksgiving dinner this year.

My Chinese buffet is called ‘All You Can eat And Dim Sum.’

Go for a buffet before you start your resolution of staying trim. #resolution

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